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located in Olympia, a part of Gods and Monsters: Olympus Has Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Cas Chambers
Of Apollo | Brawn | Attirex|x#AA491B
Music played overhead as two bodies danced all-too closely on the dance-floor. Hormones, alcohol and the idea of their lives possibly coming to an end in the ensuing few days were a messy cocktail for anyone. Nevermind for a child of Apollo and a daughter of Aphrodite. The vibrations from the music could be felt through their very veins as they danced together. The child of Apollo felt a sudden sensation placed against their lips, which caused them to take a step back. Blinking in slight confusion for a moment. "What's wrong, Cas? Afraid of a little...temptation?" the blonde haired daughter of Aphrodite grinned, leaning in for another kiss, which Cas pulled away from, turning their head to the side. Feeling lips press against their flesh before feeling the kisses begin to trail down to their neck, which caused Cas to push the woman away. "What? No...No. Just..." Cas looked down and sighed, combing their fingers through their hair nervously as they fidgeted for a moment, trying to find the words to what they wanted to say. "Look, I like you a lot but...With the Agon...I don't want to...If anything were to happen, I wouldn't want to hurt you. Ya know? I just-" a scoff came from the other woman as she took a step back, seperating the two even more than they were moments prior.

"Oh please. As if it'd be anything more than a one night thing anyway. You're cute and real sweet, Cas. You really are. But there's nothing to go from here, with us. Things have been fun but, it'd be nothing more than a hookup. I'm sorry but, it's just not...That, with you. If that makes any sense." she gave a forced smile and nod of her head. Cas took a deep breath to keep theirself calm and collected. Nodding as they bit their bottom lip, internally cursing theirself for thinking anything was going to come from this. How stupid would they have to be, to think anything would ever come from anything. Well, anything good anyway. It was so stupid and foolish of them to have though otherwise. Cas nodded once more, digging their hands into their pants' pockets, "I..I get it, Nicole. You're just, not interested in me like that. I...I get it. It was stupid of me to have thought otherwise. I'm sorry for wasting your time as much as I have." they gave another nod, and a bitterly forced smile in the woman's direction. Nicole sighed and reached out for Cas, grabbing them by the bicep, "Look, I didn't mean anything like that. Can we just, pickup where we left off and-" Cas scoffed, pulling their arm away. "So, you just wanna hookup cuz you can, and then just move on and pretend like nothing happened? Yeah no...I...I don't swing that way." the child of Apollo said, backing away slightly.

The daughter of Aphrodite smirked and clicked her tongue as she eyed Cas up and down for a moment, "Well, that's what the rumors say about you anyway." the blonde crossed her arms for a moment. Cas bit back a forced laugh, doing their best to keep the hurt and pain from seeping out fully. Cas combed their fingers through their hair once more as they shook their head, "Fuck those rumors. Whoever started that shit can fuck off for all I care. Think what you want about me, but whatever you may have thought before? Just...Just fucking forget it. Have a good night, Nicole..." Cas shook their head once more as they stepped away and turned on their heel, headed towards the bar for a few more drinks. Maybe a few could help bury the slowly growing emotions they could feel boiling within them. They already felt nervous and scared about the Agon the next day, and wanted to come to this party to just forget about it for a little while. Enjoy their time and forget about life, or well, the possible prospect of dying in the Agon anyway. But, here they were, immediately regretting everything about this whole night. Maybe having stayed in the dorm would have been better after all..?

Riley Hayfield
Of Artemis | Brawn | Attirex|x#49AD8F
Riley forced a smile when Amy called her out for trying to escape the party, as much as she wanted to deny it, Amy had a point. This wasn't exactly her seen by any means, and being called out on it didn't exactly make the daughter of Artemis feel any better. Giving her friend a small smirk as she was nudged in the ribs playfully, before her attention got taken by Theo who commented on Amy trying to hunt Riley down. She rolled her eyes at his comment before chuckling at Amy's retort, before her eyebrows furrowed as she rolled her eyes. "Oh c'mon. I wasn't going to 'brood'." Riley retorted back quickly, "I call it...Sitting in a corner while reading a book and pretending like I don't exist." she shot Amy another forced smile, which quickly faltered when Theo brought up the teams and the Agon. Something Riley was trying to not think about.

The daughter of Artemis turned back to Amy and smirked as she raised an eyebrow, "Oh well I'm sorry. There weren't enough Hera children to pick from, my bad." she retorted back, a tone of sarcasm was evident enough. Riley sighed for a moment as she dug her hands into her pockets for a moment, looking back up when Amy brought up the Agon once again. Why couldn't anyone just avoid bringing it up? Was it too much to ask for? Like, at all? The whole entire point of this party was for them to all be able to not think about possibly dying in the next ensuing days. But here they were, bringing it up once more. Because why the absolute fuck not? Riley nodded to Amy's question about more alcohol, they could sure as hell use it, well, Riley could. By the look on Theo's face, what he needed was his dorm-room and bed. He looked like shit already.

Riley managed to catch a flash of color cross the dance floor and walk over to the bar. That stupid, bright colored mop of hair only belonged to one person in this entire damn Academy, and for once, it was a relief for Riley. But with the brief look on the person's face was enough for Riley to become concerned immediately for them. "Uhm...Drinks, yeah?" Riley started, looking at the other two for a moment. "I'll go get some more and be right back, yeah? Cool." Riley immediately swiveled on her heel and sauntered through the crowd, worming her way through the crowd before she found herself more or less almost falling into the counter of the bar itself, managing to catch herself. Giving the person that was sitting down a small smile, before she walked over and took a quick seat next to them at the bar. "You look like shit." she mused, flashing the person with multi-colored hair, a small smile. "Wow, thanks, Hayfield." a light Irish accent escaped the individual's lips as they spoke. Returning Riley's own small smile for one of their own. "The fuck you want, cousin?" they asked before taking a sip of their drink from a shot-glass that they rolled in their hands.

The brunnette chuckled at her cousin for a moment, shaking her head slightly. "Just...Noticed you looked a little down, is all...Ya know?" she gave a half smile, gently placing her hand atop their's for a moment. "I worry about you, Cas. That's all...You know that." she gave a reassuring smile. Cas slowly nodded, returning a small and genuine smile of their own. "I know, and I appreciate it, truly. But...I'm fine. You...You go and enjoy the rest of the party. I'm just gonna finish my drink here and...Probably head back to the dorm. I...I'm gonna call it an early night. All things considered." the child of Apollo said cooly, before downing the rest of the liquid in the glass. Slowly standing up as they pushed themself away from the bar counter. Riley nodded her head before she turned to the bar-keep, "I'll take three shots, please? One for me and, the other two for some friends?" the bark-keep nodded his head and went to retrieve the drinks. Riley smiled at Cas for a moment as they placed their hand on her left shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze as they exchanged goodnights, and Cas disapeared into the crowd, headed off into the direction of the dormatories. Riley collected the drinks shortly after and headed back to her friends, to hopefully enjoy the rest of the night, if she could that is.