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Snippet #2817534

located in The Aschen Cluster, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Aschen Cluster

The star systems that are claimed by the United Aschen Empire, and operate under it's strict rule.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Leia Nash Character Portrait: Admiral Stratcona Character Portrait: Captain Kalenskov Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia Character Portrait: E.V.E.
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Admiral Nash's eyes briefly flitted to the officer that spoke common, if they were in view from beyond the screen. her ears seemed to grate at the strange dialect of Anquietas that was being spoken, so she paused a moment, and cleared her throat to speak.

"Perhaps, it is better if I speak in your words." She said in heavily accented common, the years of speaking her native language gave her speech of the common tongue a warbled effect, distorted syllables, and the odd grammatical error, but like most high ranking Imperial officers, she was required to learn the various languages of the Galaxy, and it's people. "To be fair, your Anquietas is terrible, but I appreciate the effort...?" She leaned forward slightly as if expecting the Admiral to introduce himself, the soft azure glow of the command console casting shadows across her face, she was quietly pondering her next words, before she cast a nod over towards EVE.

"I will stand our alert down." EVE replied in Anquietas, the formation of Aschen vessels loosened up, and weapon emplacements that were trained on the incoming UPC fleet had began to stand down one by one.

At that moment, the Admiral cast her gaze to a nearby bridge officer, someone standing just adjacent to her command station.

"Colonel Aurelius, prepare a conference room for our guests, first contact protocol." She ordered firmly, and the Colonel offered a crisp salute.

"Sir!" He called out, before turning to leave, while the Admiral redirected her attention back to the screen. "Our primary docking bay will be sufficient to accommodate your vessel. Maintain your present course, and disposition, I will arrange a reception so that we may formalize our first contact." Her accent made some of her words difficult to pronounce, but the gist of what she was trying to say stuck. Several CIC officers turned from their stations, and one of them offered a shrug. She watched quizzically at these humans, or so they appeared that way. They appeared to be some kind of splinter group from Terra? Or did they originate from somewhere else entirely? The Admiral pondered this for a moment as she studied the Admiral in the screen.

"You'll understand we cannot be too careful, we have many enemies, and the treachery of Xenos is without limit. I will ask that you deactivate your weapon platforms prior to docking, and you do not take any sudden actions. If you comply with this protocol during docking procedure, I assure you no one will be harmed. If you have transport craft, you are welcome to use that, but my vessel is capable of accommodating your entire ship."

"Admiral." EVE chirped. "Design parameters of Xenos vessels is not previously encountered in known space. Advise caution."

Nash wasn't going to call it in just yet, with much of the fleet spread thin, and the Emperor currently embroiled in a Quorum session back on Langara, it was up to Nash to decide if it was worth calling in. Yet something about these people seemed peculiar. They knew enough to speak Anquietas, but the dialect was off.

"His Dialect of Anquietas is pre-exodus." EVE commented, as she faced Nash once more. "Yes, I know." The Admiral replied in Anquietas once more, looking to Stratcona quizzically.