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located in The Aschen Cluster, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Aschen Cluster

The star systems that are claimed by the United Aschen Empire, and operate under it's strict rule.


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Character Portrait: Leia Nash Character Portrait: Admiral Stratcona Character Portrait: Captain Kalenskov Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia Character Portrait: E.V.E.
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The Admiral raised her eyebrow and offered a slight huff. "Earth?" She said under her breath, but it was barely audible. "Isn't Earth a Myth?" She asked EVE in Anquietas once more.

The Holographic intelligence acknowledged the inquiry and then nodded. "The existence of a planet called Earth is unconfirmed based upon Imperial records, though records of the exodus were lost following the Great War of Magellan." The Intelligence explained, answering the Admiral's question for the moment as she focused her attention back on the screen.

"I've transmitted docking coordinates, I expect to see you soon."

With the abrupt conclusion of her sentence, she terminated the live broadcast, and turned back to EVE. "Prepare to receive our guests, notify security to stand by." She instructed, clasping her hands behind her back, and turning to leave the CIC.

With the Aschen fleet standing by, they awaited the arrival of their new guests, and it seemed, once they disembarked from their starship aboard the vessel of their choosing, the closer they came to the Aschen vessels, the larger, and more intimidating they became, the sheer size of each Imperial warship was only becoming more, and more obvious. A Docking signal was broadcast from the Reverence II, which now identified itself as the AHSC RII Absolution - Imperial Command Vessel on any IFF and tracking systems, and the names of each Aschen vessel was revealed, most noteably the three Iconoclast Battleships, the Legatus Stygies, the Inomine Veritas, and the Charon. Each Iconoclast Battleship was massive in it's own right, the light from a nearby star glinting off from it's gunmetal grey, and muted red hull while they passed them.

The closer they came, the larger the Reverence II seemed, massive armored bay doors would open up to accompany them should they proceed inward.

"Absolution LSO to Xenos vessel, proceed on designated final approach, checker's green, call the ball."

Upon docking with the Reverence II, the sheer size and scope of it's interior was made apparent, as docking clamps moved to interact with the smaller ship, and the armored doors sealed shut behind it, allowing the interior bay to pressurize, a mixture of nitrogen, and oxygen injected into the bay until it was brought up to the rough equivalent pressure of one atmosphere. They would find themselves suspended below a Hastati Class cruiser that was in the process of being retrofitted, several large armored plates missing from the ship, exposing it's frame, and internal components. Immediately to the right of the cruiser, a large unusual looking machine began firing off beams of light, printing a large hull plate from nothing, which was promptly carried through zero-gravity towards the cruiser.

On the far side of the docking jetway, Admiral Nash was waiting with a small group of Imperial Marines, each clad from head to toe in all black combat gear, clutching sleek, elegant looking disruptor rifles, immediately behind them, two towering behemoths in power armor could be seen, each clutching the equivalent of a 20mm cannon.

The Aschen were taking no chances, as they waited to see what would happen next.