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located in The Aschen Cluster, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Aschen Cluster

The star systems that are claimed by the United Aschen Empire, and operate under it's strict rule.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Leia Nash Character Portrait: Admiral Stratcona Character Portrait: Captain Kalenskov Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia Character Portrait: E.V.E.
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Inside the primary bay of the Absolution, the tension was palpable. Admiral Nash was situated just behind a stack of crates, which had been kicked over in anticipation of armed boarders. She was standing between two Imperial Marines, who were crouched behind the crates, though they didn't have their weapons pointed they were watching the thirty some marines closely, but they weren't the only ones. Dozens more positioned themselves along catwalks above, and below the jetway, training their weapons on the armed Marines, but holding fire.

The Aschen Marines didn't have an exosuit of any kind, rather they wore chest carriers with hardened plates made from an alien appearing material painted black, they had plates protecting their shoulders, calves, and thighs, worn over a dazzling fractal patterned camouflage of blacks, greys, and whites.

Nash took a single step forward, the sound of her boot muted against the plating of the jetway, which upon close observation seemed to subtly ripple with each footfall, it was barely noticeable, but a keen eye could pick up the faint, almost organic ripple of the alien material, which was comprised of elements not known to those outside of the Aschen Empire.

Nash took five steps forward before she stopped, far enough that she stood out, but not far enough that she was in any danger.

"I ask that your soldiers remain aboard your ship, and that you surrender your weapons. Xenos are not permitted to carry weapons aboard Imperial warships. You have my word that none of you will be harmed during this exchange. But these terms are non-negotiable." The Admiral stated, as she clasped her hands behind her back, and stood up straight, pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail under the peaked officer's cap, which glinted in the muted white light of the hangar bay.

She cast a brief glance at the other ship, and then bore her gaze back down to Stratcona, her visage hardened with resolve. The woman was devoid of any obvious implants, yet she appeared youthful, her face without blemishes, and like nearly every Aschen in sight, appeared perfectly healthy, without any sign of someone of her stature that should bear their share of scars.

Truly the Aschen were a vain people.