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Snippet #2817628

located in Sky's Edge, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sky's Edge

A planet with terrestrial features whose primary terrain is jungle. Unlike other planets within the system, it is superficially Terran in it's nature. Except for a few items of toxic plant life, the atmosphere is breathable and manageable for most humans


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"We're causing enough of a ruckus that they've taken notice, that we can pretty much confirm." Rei pointed out. It was intensely frustrating to be so disconnected from the additional feeds of information that Specter would have fed her with her ship's various sensor arrays, for now she was having to rely on what the Children had cobbled and cluged together over the last decade.

"A four-manner? Well.. depends on its capabilities I guess. But more than likely they're going to be pretty busy with that jungle for awhile. The stuff between here and Nueva Santiago's pretty rough, depending on where they decided to land. Even then it's going to take them awhile just to cover the ground, not... uh.. counting whatever's out there that wants a snack." She hesitated, having no idea what the Aschen had or hadn't sent. It was all guesswork and eventually someone was going to yell 'You sunk my battleship!' sooner or later; she just hoped it wasn't the Children yelling it. They had been dealt hard enough blows over the last few years, and when the Empire should have stepped in to help, all they did was rub salt in a raw wound.

"Unknown capabilities aside, I can probably get us out of this hell hole given enough time. We'll just have to be careful, probably see if we can't mimick the sensor returns for one of their ships.. or a friendly at least." That in of itself would likely require some retrofitting with newer scraps and electronic paraphenalia scavenged from the closest city. Going into the city would put a target on their back, but nothing like sitting in the jungle like fish in a barrel. At least in the city there was the potential for loosing any hostiles, especially given a lot of them weren't prepared for the maze like cities that called Sky's Edge home.

The time necessary to pull things off smoothly, however was something she wasn't sure that they had a lot of. Rei still had no idea how much time she had lost or gained stuck down in the cenote, and getting up to speed was more challenging than she had originally thought. From the way Roland had treated everything, it seemed like a lot more than just a couple of days.

"Okay let's put it this way, the odds seem pretty bad.. but might as well take a gamble?"