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Snippet #2817632

located in The Aschen Cluster, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Aschen Cluster

The star systems that are claimed by the United Aschen Empire, and operate under it's strict rule.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Leia Nash Character Portrait: Admiral Stratcona Character Portrait: Captain Kalenskov Character Portrait: Classis XII Sector Thraecia Character Portrait: E.V.E.
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Admiral Nash watched the exchange closely, she was unwavering in her resolve, but she was also unwavering in the execution of Imperial protocols, so she sat there and observed their exchange, she noted they were rightfully apprehensive about surrendering their weapons, but it was a crucial first step to showing that the Aschen could trust them, and it had always worked for them in the past.

Briefly, her blue-eyed gaze flitted over to the captain, her displeasure at the situation was noted as well, briefly, Nash's face twitched into a smirk, a single upturned corner of her mouth while she stood there, with her hands clasped behind her back. She watched them approach. The detail of the Aschen would be more apparent, wool uniforms carefully tailored for an almost perfect fit, with leather sam browne style belts polished in black.

"This way." Nash instructed as she turned around, one of the Adepts directly behind them took a step to the right, shouldering his massive twenty-millimeter heavy magnetron, which looked like it could put a round clean through an armored vehicle. The Adept grunted, and then let the massive weapon come to rest, barrel down on the platform below him. Nash walked past the Adept without so much as a second glance, while the rest of the Aschen in the room stared at Stratcona, and Kalensov as they walked past, some clenched their weapons, standard issue Type 53 disruptor rifles, their sleek design made their designs as energy weapons clear, but some of the Marines carried somewhat different weapons, contrasting the sleek disruptor weapons were the MC1 Kinetic Carbines, which had a silver finish, and modular design to them.

Moving through the door to the main corridor, it emanated a crystalline chime before sliding open, two engineers in dark blue jumpsuits stopped what they were doing to salute, bringing their fists to their chests and shouting 'Ad Victoriam' before quickly returning to work, they seemed to be working on a conduit of some kind, resembling a cable filled with an unusual gel like material, which seemed to be in the process of being replaced.

Nash walked past the pair without affording a second glance, as she looked up to the Anquietas sign that would lead them to the main tram hub. At the intersection, Nash took a sharp right towards a wide corridor, people coming and going on what could only be described as golf carts could be seen, just adjacent to a trio of Marines sitting on crates, intently cleaning carbon from the muzzles of their disruptor rifles, while a fourth was tossing a fusion cell into the air, and catching it. They moved across the cooridor into the next room, which was a large tram hub, designed similarly to a busy train station, with large trams coming, and going, carrying their crew to various points within the massive carrier.

Nash quietly boarded one of these trams, and turned so that Stratcona and Kalensov could follow.

The doors to the tram would close behind them with a hiss, and the tram would begin moving.

"It's a short ride to the CIC, we will meet in my ready room." Nash said, before she looked up.

"EVE, please arrange for a small meal for two guests to be sent to my Ready Room before I arrive."

There was a chirp, and a female voice over the intercom. "Of course, Admiral."

Nash finally turned to face Stratcona, and she offered a smile.

"It's not often someone seeks us out, it's normal for our neighbors to fear us, we're wary of outsiders, so I'm curious as to what made you seek us out. You seem to know much of us, yet, you claim to be from a planet that does not exist." Nash said with a slight tone of curiosity.

"Earth was destroyed eons ago." She remarked.