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located in The Tundra, a part of Impending Pursuit, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Tundra

Cold, cold, very cold


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLocation: Canisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Speaking: #919191 | Thought: #D8BFD8

"Do ya want some boy?" The smell of meat made his mouth water. Jax shook his head, looking up at the vendor. "Yes sir, two please." Meat on a stick, there was nothing like it. Earth truly was a wondorous place. The vendor handed him two sticks, Jax was going to give him three coins, but the vendor shook his head. "It's on me, ya saved me thumbs last time I nearly cut them off." Jax nodded, "You only required three stitches," the Vendor laughed, "yes, but these boys are me livelihood. If I lost me thumbs, I lose me business!" He waved Jax's coins away, the man pocketing them for later use. He walked a bit away from the vendor, finding a seat beside a warmer to eat his food at. "Did ya enter your number?" Someone at the table across from his asked, two girls, both with a set of wings larger than their bodied were talking. "Yeah, I did, but I'm nervous." One of them admitted.

The lottery was today, even now, in the Canis's snowy town square, the holo vision was playing as Overseers stood on the blue carpet, dressed in dazzling outfits. He scanned the images, hoping to spot two familiar faces, but seeing neither of them. With a sigh, he rose, tossing the sticks into an incinerator. The walk back home was devoid of anyone else, as per usual. He lived a bit away from the colony, his home built into the side of the mountain to blend in. This was how many people in the Tundra lived, in order to protect themselves from the elements when they could not afford the metal, wood, or insulation required to live out in the open.

"Oi, Jax!" A girl was waiting in front of his door. He blinked, vaguely recognizing her. "Alfia?" He inquired, a girl with razor sharp teeth and gills on the side of her neck. Her skin was blue, her mutations allowing her to live at the coldest depths in the tundra's icy waters. She had come here once before, he had treated her fin rot a year ago. "I'm surprised you remembered," she grinned, cocking a hip. "Anyhow, I need yer help," she moved aside her hand, blood leaking out. Jax nodded, opening up the door and ushering her inside. "How did this happen?" He asked, leading her to the table. "Fishermen, they just don't listen to the fishing guides anymore." Alfia shook her head, glancing at his holo screen.

"Yer watching the lottery?" She leaned forward, grinning. "Did you enter yer number?"

Jax paid her no mind, spraying the wound with numbing spray. "Yes, I did." He replied, getting to work. "Wait, you did?" Alfia blinked, panicking slightly. "But who's gonna take care of us if ya leave?" Jax looked up at her, her cheeks flushing purple when he smiled. "It is only a lottery Alfia, there is a very small chance of my number being called." Alfia nodded, turning back towards the holo screen as Jax cleaned the wound. She smelled like salt and seaweed, now mixed with antiseptic. "You might feel a pinch," Jax changed his gloves as he doused a needle in alcohol and opened up a package of sterile thread. Alfia nodded, silent as he stitched the wound.

She hissed, the numbing spray beginning to wear off. "Almost done," Jax promised, pressing a seal-badge against it, waterproof bandaging. "These are the dissolving kind, so they should be gone by the end of the week." Alfia nodded, rising slowly, as though to test the integrity of the stitches. "Stay away from the boats," Alfia grinned, "Tell the boats to stay away from my reef!" She hooked a thumb in her direction, wincing. "Oh my Mom said to give ya this," she pulled a fish, seemingly out of nowhere and slapped it down on his table. "For ya! As thanks," Jax smiled, taking off his gloves and picking up the fish, which was dangerously close to medical waste. "Thank her for me, this will go well with those beans Phen gave me."

"Phen gave you beans! That pig head told me he was all out!" Alfia stormed off, "Well, I'll see ya round!" she slammed the door behind her, the cold entering for only a moment. Jax's smile faded, he placed the fish in the fridge and carefully disposed of the waste, boiling his needle, in case another emergency came in. "Welcome everyone to the 100th Game of Pursuit!" Jax's attention turned back towards the holo vision. His ID card, where was it? Jax rifled through his belgongings, finding it in his jacket. He still did not memorize those numbers.

"This year's lucky contestants...." A girl with colorful hair began to rattle off names, a boy with dark skin standing beside her. The podium behind them began to light up with ID numbers, and faces. Jax waited, oddly tense.

"ID Number 78209450-2, ooh, this one's from the Tundra." His image flashed on the screen behind her. Jax rose abruptly, his ID falling out of his hands. What to pack? What to pack? How long did he have? He ran a hand through his hair, did he need to bring anything?

His holo pod suddenly came to life, the girl on the holo vision standing there, along with a group of others behind her.

"Welcome Competitor, to the 100th Game of Pursuit! Congratulations! Your ID number has been chosen, you're so lucky! In preparation, please bring only yourself and 1 support item of your chose to your closest shuttle. Make sure you have your ID on you, as it will be needed to confirm your identity. If you would like to back out of this year's Game, all you have to do is-"

Jax was no longer listening, he reached for his cane and his coat, stuffing his ID into his pocket. "The needles," he turned, they were still boiling. Turning the burner off, Jax headed outside, locking the door behind him. Outside, the lanterns began to flicker as the sun set. Where was the closest shuttle station? Jax bit his lip, it was in the next colony over. He would have to take a bike there. "Jax! Need a ride!" He looked up, having just reached the entrance of Canis. "Yes, that would be appreciated," he smiled, relieved to see Lew. "I heard the announcement, we've gotta get you to Ursus."