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located in Araragi-cho, a part of Orchid Town, one of the many universes on RPG.


Smells like flowers here


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Character Portrait: Aoki Kaho Character Portrait: Himari Tsukikage Character Portrait: Akihiko Fujioka Character Portrait: Kaito Otsuba
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"I'll take care of this in a single blow," growled Himari as she held a white gloved hand aloft. The air was suddenly charged, nearly vibrating with power as she felt the magic lash against her will. Not this time! An invisible force blew her hair upward as electricity crawled out of the cement, pulled forcefully out of their underground conduits. Lights flickered and went out abruptly, and electricity arced fiercely from street signals and lamps to her body, building up tremendous power.

This was it.

She was 100% in control.

Himari's will was the strongest force; the path of least resistance. Until...

"Ruffles are always good, yeah. Nothin' to bat an eye at, a good 'ol ruffle," some stranger drawled at her from MUCH too close.

"Wh-What?!" She exclaimed, flinching away from him. All her power immediately fizzled, allowing the lights to come back on. An almost snickering crackle of thunder rippled overhead.

"Oh, this will be entertaining," chirped Quiet from Kaito's feet with a flick of her tail. "You four don't have any metal fillings or implants, do you?"

"I'll have you know-...!" The color drained from Himari's face as lightning blasted away a sizable chunk of the sidewalk at Akihiko's feet, showering them with debris. "This may have been a mistake," Himari muttered under her breath, hoping the angry bleat of thunder would cover it up.

Compounding the matter of her out of control magic was the thoughtless that was now hurtling towards them... though there wasn't much that she could do about it. She took a step to intercept the thoughtless and a rogue bolt of lightning striking the street at her feet made her leap back onto the sidewalk. Even though Himari was largely immune to the effects of electricity, the forces of being struck by a rogue bolt could still potentially injure her.

"I am your master!" She spat at the sky. "You have to do what I say!" She screamed, shaking her fist.

A peal of thunder cackled back at her.