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located in The Tundra, a part of Impending Pursuit, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Tundra

Cold, cold, very cold


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Character Portrait: Kore Character Portrait: Bandit Sephilan
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Location: 71.2 degrees N and 156 degrees W

Bandit Sephilan
Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: Ayer from Granblue Fantasy Thought Color
ImageThe Arctic Tundra was known for its cold, desert-like conditions. Warm days lasted about two months in earth time and the rest of the days were icy cold, a perfect combination for an arctic fox like Bandit. Today, the sly fox was trailing a big burly polar bear-mutant that was sniffing around for food. Bandit was not much of a fighter, but an opportunist. He knew the big mutant was capable of hunting bigger sources of meat than he could. As long as the small fox kept its distance, Bandit knew the polar bear wouldn't mind.

After miles of tracking, the bear-mutant stopped to stand on its feet. Bandit also stopped a distance apart from it. Sniffing and grunting, the polar bear locked eyes with its target, seals, more specifically baby seals. The family of a mother and three children, laid carefree on the frozen edges of the sea. Soon, the giant man-bear got down on all fours and revved up its internal engine. Bandit silently giggled, as he knew that this chase was going to be good.

The time had come for the bear to charge straight in. For a big figure, it sure moved fast. Excited, Bandit too followed, jumping over icy rocks and sliding through the ice. The bigger seal seemed to notice, as it gave a loud "urf" notifying her kids to follow her back to the waters. However, the bear struck with force. As the mother scrambled with her young to get back into the waters, one of her babies were already in the mouth of the white bear. As bandit was catching up with the bear he noticed another creature in the white snow, an Arctic Hare posing to be a snow mound. Not missing this opportunity, he lassoed it with his bandage around his hands, effectively choking the life out of it with a bit of a whimper. He pulled the prey to him, "Wow, a good catch!" he said grabbing it by the ear.

Gaining speed, he caught up to the polar bear, who was already chowing down on the seal. Quickly he snatched up the tail piece from the bear who roared in anger, clawing the small fox and clipping the hair ends of Bandit's tail. What a close one. he thought as the fox kept running. He turned to look at the mutant polar bear who didn't bother to chase him. "Thanks for the meat!" Bandit yelled, as he went back to his home.

Back to in the village, Bandit busted the door open with his feet. "Mom, dad, I'm home!" He said excitedly, as he put his gathering on the wooden table. A pregnant woman and her husband came walking down the wooden stairs. "Welcome home!" Bandit's mom said. Grinning Bandit went over to pet her belly, "And I haven't forgotten about you, lil' sis!" he exclaimed.

"Bandit, your hands are cold. You'll freeze your sister to death!" His mother teased.

"Aww come on mom. We live in the Arctic. I'm sure my sis can handle it!"

"Now, now, Bandit. Go be a good boy and wash your hands." His father said. "Seems like you brought us dinner!"

"I sure did! I snatched the seal tail from a polar bear!" Bandit exclaimed, as he went over to the kitchen sink to wash his hands.

"What did we tell you about stealing, Bandit?"

"Yes, I know, dad. But it's kind of an instinct for me."

"Well, don't go off doing those things in the real world you hear?"

"Will you two hush and give me a hand with skinning these?"

"Yes dear."

"Sure thing, mom!"

The house was warm and the kitchen room filled up with the smell of spices and meat. The wooden table was soon filled with a large black pot of stew and a plate full of meatloaf. TV played in the background as they munched down.

"Wow mom, that's some solid stew!"

"That's why I married her."


On the TV, an energetic girl spoke about the Game of Pursuit. She was drawing the lottery numbers for this year's contestants. Bandit's father looked up giving a look of disapproval.

"Those barbarians up in the sky..." He said chewing through the seal tail. "Who would risk their life to get rich anyway?"

Bandit sank in his chair.

"It's just a human thing to do." His mother said, as she got up to take the empty dishes away from them. "Let them have their game, and we'll live our lives."

"Lottery number:484742147, oh lots of fours!"

"I mean who do they think they are?"

"None of us would even dare to enter."

"Yea, about that...." Bandit said with his hands on top of his head.

"Bandit... I don't like the sound of that." His mother said in a low voice.

"Well you see... I entered into the Game...."

"Bandit! How could you!"

"Honey calm down." His father waved, "there are plenty of people that applied, he couldn't possibly be chosen."

" Yeah... the number with lots of fours... that was my number." A weary smile came across Bandit's face, as the intense stare from both parents nearly burned a hole in his skull. The house shook with screams after, and Bandit ran out of the house, his mother chasing him with a broom, while his father came out with a shotgun.

"If you want to die so badly, I'll kill you right here!"

"No! Herald."

"Mom, dad. I'm doing this for you and my little sis! I promise to win and make us rich!" He said dodging the shotgun bullets.

"Come back in the house this instant!"

"I love you too~"

With that the Arctic Fox named Bandit made his way over to the terminal.