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located in The Tundra, a part of Impending Pursuit, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Tundra

Cold, cold, very cold


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The terminal was baren, the sun having already set. Lights flickered around, a guard stationed outside wearing a heavy downcoat. "ID Number?" He asked, as Jax approached, Lew having taken Jax as far as he could go. "Here," Jax showed him the ID, a bit taller than the guard. "This way, do you have your support item?" He asked, Jax lifting up his cane. The man blinked, "I'm going to have to take that from you," he seemed a bit guilty. "It's not for medical use," Jax rectified, sliding the bottom open to reveal a blade. "Ah, alright." He tagged it, placing it in a storage compartment. "It looks like we have another competitor from the Tundra! Oh, what an interesting one you are. Would you mind telling us your name?" A fotor asked as soon as Jax stepped onto the shuttle. "Jax," he replied simply, finding an empty seat. The fotor trailed him, "Well, Jax, are you excited for this ear's Game?"

Jax gave a brief nod, he wasn't doing this for the game. "I'm sure it will be as exciting as last year." The fotor nodded, stepping away to go bug someone else. There were three competitors on the shuttle. One wandered over, close to where Jax was sitting, taking the seat opposite. He offered Jax a wrapped pastry. "Want one? They have plenty of food on this ship," Jax shook his head, the shuttle jostling a bit as it took off. "Please fasten your seatbelts!" Someone from the front called, Jax reaching behind him to buckle the cables across his chest. "I just ate, but thank you." The man leaned back, tall, with a moon on his forehead. His ears were long and pointed and his teeth sharp.

"I'm Jax," he offered a hand. The man opposite him grinned, "Fennec," they shook, falling into mutual silence once more. Jax's ears popped, his head growing dizzy. "Please hang on, we're experiencing some turbulance due to the weather." The voice above them announced, the ship jostling quite a bit more. Jax turned, they had just broken through the clouds. "This is surreal," Fennec grinned, stuffing another bun into his mouth. Jax nodded in agreement, everything floating, for just a moment, until the artificial gravity turned on. "Thank you for your patience, we should reach Father in approximately thirty minutes."

The other competitor sat alone in a corner, her horns pointed upwards, head tilted down. Was she... praying? Jax wondered. Jax unstrapped, rising to grab water. "Hey," Fennec called to him suddenly. "Why are you entering this contest?" He asked, rising. He was quite burly, Jax realized. He wore layers with different furs. Animal or mutant? Jax had to wonder. "I want to see my sisters again." Jax replied, "I have no interest in the contest, my goal was to get onto the ship." The girl in the corner suddenly looked up. "So you're not going to kill anyone?" She asked, her voice trembling. "I'm a doctor, killing others is against my moral code." Fennec laughed at this. "Good luck with that, buddy." He clapped Jax on the back, his palm heavy.

"What is your name?" Jax asked, offering the girl water. Her horns reminded Jax of a ram. "Safia," she smiled, her voice trembling. She took the offered water, practically downing it. "Why did you enter?" Jax sat down beside her, she capped the water, looking at her feet. "I have two little sisters," Safia's voice was soft, it reminded Jax of a calm river bed. "My Mom died giving birth to the second, so I've been taking care of them. I thought, that if I could enter and win, I could give them a better life."

Fennec laughed, "Adorably delusional," he grinned, his smile intentionally threatening. "Your sisters, do you think you can find them?" Safia asked, ignoring Fennec. "I'm not sure which ship they're on," Jax admitted, "but I am sure, that if they see me on the holo vision, they will come." The captain cleared his voice, "All passengers, please strap in as we arrive at Father." Jax placed the strap across his chest once more, buckling it in. The ship jostled a bit as they reached Father's landing strip. "Welcome, Competitors, to Father."

The shuttle doors opened, Jax unstrapped, rising slowly. Outside, Fotors lingered, their cameras already pointed at them. Fennec and Safia both hesitated, not used to this, but Jax knew the ways of the humans. He rose confidently, striding down the boardwalk, to where a booth was set up for processing. "ID?" A human asked, looking bored. She glanced up at Jax, then down, then back up, her eyes widening. "Well, hello there," she smiled. "Hello," Jax replied, handing her his ID. "Let's see, hmm, yup, that's you. Jax Bug, welcome." She handed him his ID back and motioned for his hand. Jax gave it to her, she scanned his wrist quickly, then fixed a metal bracelet on it. "Don't lose that, that's your key to the world." She winked, Jax looking at it.

It looked plain, silver, it dangled on his wrist, loose enough to move, but not come off. "Welcome to the Game of Pursuit, please wait over there for your manager." Jax waited for ten seconds before a man looked down at his holo tab, then up at Jax. "Are you Mr. Bug?" He asked, "Call me Jax," he held out a hand. "I'm your manager, Axel," his handshake was oddly dainty.

"Follow me please, we'll get you showered and changed before orientation. You'll be able to mingle with the contestants then."