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located in The Tundra, a part of Impending Pursuit, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Tundra

Cold, cold, very cold


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Character Portrait: Ciara
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Few dare venture deep inside the forest that Ciara had made her dwelling. Her presence and the perpetual corruption that had seeped into lands once verdant had turned the once thriving wood into a heart of tainted evil. Of course, there were ones who choose to live near her despite the danger, their mutations more prevalent as a result, but the lands were extra inhospitable to travelers, with the inhabitants also sharing a similar sentiment to these unwanted guests.

Ciara, however, didn't mind the company. While most of the forest dwellers were grumpy and unpredictable, they recognized the Ciara as a generally harmless swamp lady who wandered about and willingly listened to the plights of anyone once she had chosen a place to sit for the night. It was her peaceful drifting that allowed her to receive multiple..electronic device thingies from willing targets and essentially put herself in the running for her next prospect.

While most would be content with never being picked for the competition. Ciara had been quite literally waiting for the opportunity as soon as she heard of it. Despite the stock-pile of identification devices she had amassed, her ageless wait had spanned many years. Until the moments of motionless stay were cut through by a ringing buzz that crumpled her measured heap of electronics.

Sauntering over, she listened intently at the words. Forming a slight smile at a sight that would seemingly scare most, her type of wait had finally come to a close. Processing the words that illuminated the screen, the chipper electronic voice reconfirming the meaning as both light and sound cut through the dark and the quiet respectively.

"ID-4230911, please remain where you are. A shuttle will come to transport you up."

Crawling out from below the canopy that made up her dwelling, it did not take long for the forest to be greeted by the descent of a futuristic spacecraft. Sweeping over the swaying verdant with a wind that dissipated as soon as the shuttle landed, the side of the vehicle opened and pushed out a ramp after a few expectant moments. A march of white clad soldiers trickled out from the entrance. Spotting Ciara from the clearing, they walked up to escort her.

"ID-4230911, make your way towards the ship." Only answering with an uninterested yawn, the girl obediently followed the group of soldiers after presenting her identification device. With an almost unsettling form of calm, she walked through and sat at an open seat. Silent and not even acknowledging the other participants that came inside to fill the shuttle. Her stare remained equal parts tired and uninterested and while such a deep pondering look could only lead to theory as to what she was exactly thinking, her mind was truly blank in this moment. Her head filled with air instead of thought. She did however notice participants straying away from sitting next to her, though she also didn't seem to mind.

Traveling with the crowd, Ciara went where she was told without question. Undertaking a perpetual sleepless sway that reverted her reactions to mere nods, her daze led her to the gathering room though promptly ceasing at the smell of something buttery and sweet. Her everlasting wander brought her to the impressive refreshments table were she proceeded to gorge herself without much care for etiquette or even passable manners. Her aura from earlier was sure to sway the people who arrived with her, unknowingly acting as the guardian of the snack table as she proceeded to clean it out.

Registering the physical stimuli of being tapped on the shoulder, she turned her head over and subsequently down as her gaze met the eyes of a feminine figure. Halfway through a half-bitten scone in one hand and finger-sandwich in the other, she paused to register the figure before turning back and continuing her meal. Most likely forgetting the person that graced her sight before being tethered back by a stronger poke.

"AY! Don't f*cking ignore me!" The feminine figure yelled at Ciara with an unmatched fury. Bringing their head close for a moment of scrutinization, they finally spoke with a regular tone as soon as they were certain that they had Ciara's attention. "You're 4230911, right?"

Processing the simplistic question for a few moments, she paused for what seemed like would be a lengthy ponder before turning her attention to them and nodding. As soon as Ciara answered their question, her head craned back for the regularly scheduled programming of stuffing her face in.

Hearing a huff and sigh from her left, Ciara was quickly pushed from in front of the table until they were in more of a clearing in the room. "If that sassy child assigned me a slow one..then I'll bite her f*cking throat out.." Mumbling to themselves, the individual's anger faded now that Ciara's attention couldn't possibly find a way to distract herself. "I am your manager which means you'll follow my orders without fail. Understand?"

Making a show of considering their order, Ciara finally turned her attention back onto them before nodding.

"Good~, let's go then. First stop is a wash, you smell like a mix of raw sewage and stray chemicals." Pushing Ciara out of the room and through the hallways, they eventually led her to a futuristic booth. "Take your clothes off and stand still. No squirming."

Following their orders, Ciara stripped and walked until she was in the center, almost unwavering to the cold water spraying at her sides and the steam that coated her skin. Fortunately the temperature was not too unbearable in either direction, Ciara able to stay formed as Celty relayed more information through the intercom.

"I'll need to make you presentable, otherwise the multi-colored midget is going to have a cow. Fortunately you have a nice face, so I'm just gonna dress you in something fancy and set you on your way. You'll be able to meet others contestants if ya wish but I have a feeling you'll be booking in towards the food. Just..don't make a mess."

Allowing the scented steam to settle, Ciara's bare form walked from out of the stall. Celty looking her over before throwing her a bathrobe to cover herself with. "Put this on..and I didn't get your name."

After holding the robe for a few moments, she simply nodded and threw it over herself. "Ciara." With a soft, quiet tone, she answered their question with her first word.