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located in Atlas City, a part of Hadean, one of the many universes on RPG.

Atlas City

A city on the front line of innovation, science, industry, and heroism! A growing community, helping build a better future for everyone!


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Character Portrait: Devon Metzger Character Portrait: Sheri Galloway Character Portrait: Yue Bayushi Character Portrait: Akiko Bong
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Yue tensed as the other team members arrived. Her visible unease was mostly hidden by the suit and mask, though it couldn't quite disguise the subtle shift in body language that suggested she was a little more guarded. Honestly she wasn't expecting anyone else to show up after Sairyn basically told everyone that the investigation was NAHLA jurisdiction... or maybe he meant that he couldn't stop NAHLA HQ from showing up since Yue and he had more or less been reassigned?

The fact that he chose to talk in doublespeak around the rest of the team hadn't gone unnoticed by her, and it left a sour feeling in the pit of her stomach that she couldn't quite ignore. Regardless, they were there and providing input... Yue mustered up the willpower to activate her external vox and respond... supposing they weren't just thinking aloud or talking to themselves at least.

"Well... I'm pretty sure it was a machine," she said, once everyone had finished speaking. "This damage pattern isn't consistent with 'Brute' involvement," she explained as she walked carefully across the damage towards the street. "This wall was pulled free from the outside, most likely by a winch, and something heavy was parked here," she said, pointing to a spot on the asphalt. With a gesture the holographics highlighted a very slight indentation in the asphalt, like something big had shifted its weight in a trailer.

"Here," She said, highlighting a scuff mark on the street. "Industrial grade tires? Some kind of heavy equipment, though I don't know what kind of vehicle makes tracks like this," she noted, more to herself as she knelt down to take a closer look. After a long moment she highlighted the tracks with holographics. A pair of tracks, oddly spaced and not like a normal car, but like each wheel well had two or more tires in it. Yue stood and moved back towards the broken building, highlighting a handful of barely noticeable metallic scrapes in the rubble as she walked.

"Metallic residue here," she said. "Large vehicle drove through the building, and then pulled the wall down with a winch to collapse it... not necessarily in that order," she mused, tapping a gloved finger against the mask's chin. "Investigator, would you please run a search of multi-track industrial vehicles and try to match the tread pattern?" She asked, turning towards the drone, which was carefully comparing two rocks a short ways down the road.

It gave a decidedly exasperated electronic sigh and flippantly waved an appendage at her; a gesture it had clearly picked up from its creator. The similarity was enough to make her left eye twitch behind her mask. She didn't understand what it said, but the message was clear.

"Why do I have to do everything myself?"