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located in Pangaea, a part of Pangaea, one of the many universes on RPG.




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song x xx hex #2A6041
.calledby. vee
.prounouns. he/his
.location. university campus, professor’s housing

The mornings were always for Vee. He was an early riser, no matter how little sleep the other fragments might have allotted for them the night before. They started every morning with an herbal remedy, courtesy of doc Ziran - made in that same mug Arlo had thrifted when they first moved to the city. It was the perfect shape to fit in their hands, warming them up.

Their room hadn’t changed much since highschool. It always felt like they never really moved away from home, no matter how many night’s they’d spend nights elsewhere or how many of their things they moved over. Vee had laid claim to a corner of the room, surrounding his desks with stacks of bins he had fashioned into habitats for some of his snakes. None of them were in need of a feeding, but he liked to take turns pulling them out for some individual attention.

“Mornin’, Perlita.” Vee smiled, fishing out the orange snake from the aspen shavings it had burrowed itself within. Perlita sleepily coiled herself around his hand as he lifted her from the vivarium, her tongue flicking towards him. He brought the snake to his chest, she slithered around his neck, partially obscured by the mess of his curls.

“Will you be joining the morning hunt?” He asked her, grabbing his mug and a small bin tucked under his night stand as he slipped on a pair of slides.

“Vee? Is that you?” His mother called from her bedroom.

“Yes, amma.” Vee hollered back, throwing on an oversized jacket. He tucked a book under his arm, sliding his portable radio over his shoulder. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to have my tea by the grove.”

“Okay….do you want breakfast?”

“I’m not really hungry, but thank you.” Vee said, already knowing that when he’d come back his mom will have prepared an entire plate for him. His parents never missed an opportunity to be overbearing.

The actual college campus was far enough away that Vee didn’t have to worry about running into any of his classmates. On this edge of the campus it was just residential housing for the staff and their family. He kept the volume on his radio low, Tkay Maidza’s new hit playing quietly as he cut across his neighbor’s yard.They’d lived there since they were a teenager, even when they moved to the dorms it still just kind of felt like their hometown more than anything. No one even questioned when they saw Vee crossing their lawns, clad in an oversized bomber jacket, a sports bra, a pair of shorts and slides with bedhead that was out of this world - it was just part of the neighborhood charm at this point.

Before he even reached the grove he could see the grass begin to shift as the snakes slithered toward him. He didn’t know if they could just hear his footsteps or if they were just always around waiting for him, either way they never failed to greet him. He sat atop a tree stump, the garter snakes gathering around his feet.

“Okay, I know - you guys aren’t really here for me.” He pouted, opening the lid to the box and tossing out it’s contents. The crickets jumped in all different directions, the snakes following suit. Some lingered behind, their bellies full and preferring to linger by Vee’s side. He reached down, giving each one attention. Perlita slid down towards his hand, Vee frowning and placing her back around his neck. “Now, Perlita - you’ve had your turn. It’s Hattie and Frank’s turn now.”

After making sure everyone who wanted attention got it, he settled into place with his tea and book. The other fragments would often mock how he choose to spend his time in the light: mostly isolated, usually when their mind was falling asleep or waking up. It’s just when his mind lit up, there was no way of explaining it. He always enjoyed the company of snakes best. They enjoyed the stillness in his silence.

“Vee,” His mother’s voice rang clear through her telepathic link. “Your breakfast will get cold soon, come home.”

Vee sighed, debating radio silence before sending back a dutiful. “Yes, amma.”


outfit x xx song x xx hex #2A6041
.calledby. katari
.prounouns. she/hers
.location. university campus

“So - what are we wearing today?” Katari asked the other fragments as she stood in front of the mirror, holding up her favorite selections. She rarely actually took any of their suggestions into account but if she played nice enough, Tanvi wouldn’t snatch a hold of the light as a way to defuse conflict.

“We can change tonight before we go to the party, let’s just wear something comfy for school.” Pari said, making their arm twitch towards a cotton sweater.

“Come on - it’s the solstice. We have to look cute.” Katari yanked their hand back, turning back to her corner of the wardrobe. She could sense the tension in the silence, rolling her eyes as she pulled together an outfit she knew the other fragments would agree on. “What about this?”

The echoed in agreement, Katari throwing the clothes on the bed and sitting at her vanity. She supposed it was Pari’s as well - though Katari was the only one out of them who was good at make up. Opting for a simpler look to appease her other senses of self, she just put on a bit of liner and some lashes. She debated taking a stab at their hair but opted to leave it for later so it was fresh for the party, throwing it into a messy high bun instead.

She paused for a moment, sending out a few texts while she still held the light. The last text was more Pari, but Katari didn’t mind sending it on her behalf.

“I can’t believe you’re still making us go to classes today. I mean, it’s solstice day!” Katari complained to Tanvi, adjusting their clothes in the mirror debating between a cute boot or some oxford loafers. Just as she reached for the boot, Tanvi took hold opting for the loafers instead. Katari stumbled back into the under, grumbling the way down.

“If I’m going to be walking around in the shoes all day, I’m going to pick them.” Tanvi said plainly, lacing up the shoes tight.