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located in Niihama, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


The homeworld and capital of the Taiyou Empire, Niihama is a polluted, sprawling world where the eastern hemisphere is covered entirely by a densely packed, massive multi-layered city.


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It seemed at first that everything was going smoothly while the strange alien anomaly was being transported to the launch facility, but that was not to last as the sound of metal ripping, groaning, and tearing reverberated throughout the convoy, drowning out the sounds of the engines, and garnering the attention of one of the tank gunners.

The man watched wide eyed as he racked the charging handle of the mounted 12.7mm heavy machine gun, an audible ‘clack-clack’ followed as a twelve millimeter armor piercing tungsten tipped projectile slid into the weapon’s chamber, attatched to a belt fed mechanism that drew it’s ammunition from a large box affixed to the side of the machinegun. The peculiar thing was that their radios weren’t working, so the men resorted to hand signals, as the gunner for the second tank swiveled his weapon to bear while the alien creature was trying to climb out of the truck.

There was a man in a truck directly in front of the transport truck who signaled for it to stop, the driver acknowledged the hand signal and depressed the brake pedal, bringing the heavy truck to an abrupt stop.

The alien creature wouldn’t have long to attain flight before the gunners opened fire, each machine gun making a rapid ‘thoom-thoom-thoom’ sound as they began to spray high powered armor piercing rounds up at the creature, there was no rationalization, only cold discipline as the abrupt escape set several protocols into place, as the sounds of gunfire filled the immediate area. The lead driver moved quickly to try and get his radio working so he could call out, whatever it was had breached the container, and was now being subjected to concentrated fire from the tank mounted machinegunners. With much of the surrounding area already evacuated ahead of time, the Military had full capabilities to move swiftly to cordon off the area, and with a bit of luck, they could get a call out to the nearby airbase, and call in close air support.