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located in Camp Athens, a part of Camp Athens II, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Athens



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Character Portrait: Andromeda Bolton Character Portrait: Trinity Wallace Character Portrait: Wesley Preston Character Portrait: Sloane Astor Character Portrait: Sylas Astor Character Portrait: Evelyn Masters
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xxxxxxx T R I N I T Y xx W A L L A C E
xxxx Daughter of Ares | Outfit | #461f4b


Andy sat next to her and Trinity mirrored her poor smile. Beyond that, the two didn't converse and paid attention to the illusions.

Wes and herself were undoubtedly due up at some point, but hearing his name struck a panic chord in her. She wasn't sure who squeezed who but she felt anxious and restless that he had to go through the archway that converted most peers to silence and sadness. These trials were breaking people. "I'll be right back. Ok?" Trinity did the stupid thing of letting his hand go.

In his world, Alex was a bitch, which wouldn't have been all that surprising, except even Trinity knew Wesley was in her good books and she didn't speak to him that way. Wes and Alex adored each other. She hated seeing him regarded so poorly. But whatever she wanted to do to the illusion of Alex..she wanted to do to the vision of herself worse. Trinity watched and listen to herself tear Wes apart, her face contorting between confusion and pain. It nearly drove her insane to watch. Watching his heart break, broke her own. But the final straw was when he abandoned himself to the enemies in the woods. Trinity jumped to her feet, but a sharp look from her father demanding not to cause a commotion too made her pause and jaw twitch. She sunk back down watching Wes embrace his doom with no care for himself.

She frowned when he came to, begging for him to look at her but he never did. God, this was such bullshit. In typical Trinity fashion, her sadness and stress turned to frustration. She was frustrated at the gods, frustrated at Wes...Why couldn't he just keep fighting? Why did they all have to go through this crap? Extort Sylas' and Liam's fears for them all to see. Punish them! Or better yet let Liam get it out of his system and do some pest extermination. If Alex got a free pass why couldn't he?

The reel of nightmares rolled on, Trinity watching with her arms crossed, unenthused and aching to punch something. And then finally, the one that deserved it was called upon like music to her ears. Boy did she make sure to perk up and tune in to his little slice of paradise. A mountain of familiar bodies laid as corpses causing her to arch a brow while Sylas contained the bloodied sword. Liam, Wes, her. Again, it was an odd sensation to see yourself in another's head, whether as a bitch or lifeless. But did they need more proof to evict him from camp? He just "hypothetically" killed them all to appease the goddess on top of them all. But boy did it get better when Sloane came along and stabbed him. Suffer. And the thought looped on repeat.

Of course, Trinity considered moving next to Wes. But another part of her didn't want to move because neither of them needed her lecture right now or eyes on them. Maybe he wanted to be alone anyway. Meanwhile, she needed to be alone when she was feeling so destructive and hateful. She'd be called upon sooner or later anyway.

"It won't be long now..." she heard Andy speak her mind.

xxxxxxx E V E L Y N xx M A S T E R S
xxxxxDaughter of Nemesis | Outift | #ffc300


Welsey, Cherise, Nelly. Evelyn watched them all but not with the same intrigue as before. She couldn't quite analyze, decipher and invest in others illusions when her own plagued her mind. She shot a wry glance to Nemesis now and then but her mother was trained and intent on the trials that exposed themselves. Subconsciously, she cupped her wrist where Reece had his vice grip on her.

"Sylas Astor. Step forward." Evelyn's eyes lifted from her wrist to the son of Eris. His test was one that would hold her utmost attention, since he was not only an enigma but part of the cause they were all here. Somehow she was expecting a last trick pulled from his sleeve, something to somehow distort his true demons.

But he couldn't escape it either and the illusion played crystal clear for them all to see. Sylas was blood soaked and exerted with a pile of bodies before him. Her gut churned as her eyes worked from bottom to the top to reveal significant features of the demigods and her own corpse among them, and a woman โ€“ a Goddess, standing on top of her body. To treat them as disposable insects made sense for the Goddess, but Sylas showed no flicker of emotion. Thanks to his illusion, he now demonstrated where they stood for him. They were just objects in his playground until he wanted something else. She wasn't excluded from that category, and she wouldn't let herself forget it, staring at her own lifeless body.

She winced as the one assumed to be Eris shoved her body further from the pile. Meanwhile, Eris and him discussed his failed duty to wipe everyone from camp. Then Sloane appeared and finished the job, plunging the blade through his chest. Evelyn's breath hitched in her throat. There it was. The illusion of Eris verified his insecurities. "My dear boy. It was never going to be you."

Evelyn watched him experience his life fade away all too intently. Did he have regrets? Life flashing before his eyes or was all his energy consumed on trying to grasp onto life with a family that he simply wouldn't be good enough for?

The illusion faded and like many that experienced death, Sylas was left gasping for air and clawing at reality again. Evelyn cupped her throat finding herself daring for him to look at her, even if she did find it unsettling. But he did his best to avoid everyone's eyes and return to the stands.

What was it she was feeling? Beyond the horror and shock there was...disappointment. Sylas had said he was bad and, she knew manipulative, but then there was monstrous and completely inhuman. A league of his own. Still he reacted in no way. She averted her cold judgemental gaze, not realizing how tense her whole being was until Sylas was completely seated again. Evelyn hugged herself. Then before even she could help it, she was on her feet and moved to Sloane's row.

There was no interrogation, nor silent questions or pleas for answers, fake smiles or greetings. Evelyn's only intention was a united front sitting with her. Evelyn considered some dialogue rather than sit with her in silence, but the only thing she could think to ask was how she was coping. And that answer seemed to be the same all across the board. So silent support it was. Something Evelyn didn't feel the need to justify unless asked.