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located in Camp Athens, a part of Camp Athens II, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Athens



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Character Portrait: Sylas Astor Character Portrait: Ethan Knox Character Portrait: Heath Taylor Character Portrait: Iliana Remington-Taylor Character Portrait: Liv Pfeiffer Character Portrait: Penelope Givens
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xEthan Knox ~ Hestia ~ #8B4513


xHeath Taylor ~ Athena ~ #808000


xxIliana Remington-Taylor ~ Demeter


xxxxPenelope Givens ~ Hermes ~

"Hey, you okay?" Ethan found himself asking Nelly right after she returned to her seat.

"Oh I am just peachy! What do you think Ethan?" Nelly asked sarcastically, taking Ethan aback a bit.

Raising his hands up, he said,"Whoa, sorry, Nelly. I was just concerned."

"Well, try to put yourself in my place before asking. I appreciate the concern though."

Ethan nodded as Sylas was called up next. Now this one had his full attention as well as Heath's. Seeing most of the campers dead was brutal, but what got Heath's attention was the figure of Eris appear. Nelly had to shake her head at the site.

"Hey, I thought Sylas said he was the son of Nemesis? Did he lie to me?

"You sound surprise. This helps answers a few questions for sure," Heath commented as mother and son communicated.

Being a son of Eris was different from being a son of Nemesis. Sylas always seem to come off as very outgoing, but something had been off. And Liam might be a big physical threat, but Heath would hope he would still need a good reason to go after someone, but who knows. What was interesting about Sylas's trial, at least from Heath's point-of-view, was they did have one thing in common, both didn't want to be a disappointment to their mothers, only Sylas went to extremes. Looked like the man was also jealous of Sloane. Heath could see that happening. Eris being the goddess of Discord, Heath wondered if she didn't mind that her offspring had a chaotic relationship between them. The real question was would Sylas be willing to go that far to please Eris. Doubtful, for their be hell to pay if he truly tried something so heinous. Eris would no doubt be in some trouble too if she ordered such a thing.

Nelly couldn't help but feel a bit of sympathy towards Sylas. Not having any siblings she knew of, well she didn't have any she grew up with, she didn't know what she would have done in Sylas's position. She never felt any jealousy at all. Seeing Sylas's state after his trial was over made her wonder what his next move would be. She would certainly be more wary of whatever he said or do now though.

Iliana felt nothing for Sylas, if she was being honest with herself. She couldn't stand those who lied or manipulated others. Of course with her own current emotional state, she was in no place to judge either. She knew she was capable of terrible acts. Still, to her knowledge, she never did anything intentionally try cause harm, she hoped.

Up next was Poseidon's daughter herself. Now for Heath, Liv was a complete enigma since he never interacted with her yet. He only recalled her during Alex's trial. He wondered how the Valises and Duke were doing at the moment. No doubt others who didn't know the trio left would have noticed their absence by now. Deciding not to think about it, Heath focused on Liv's trial.

The trial was another unique one, at least in Nelly's opinion. She had briefly interacted with Liv the other day, but not enough to get an opinion on her. She didn't know what to think of the trial. The idea that Poseidon had so many offspring over the years didn't surprise her though. She wouldn't be surprise if her own father had more. Hermes opening told her once that he had been with a lot of women, but did have his standards though. Still, the ever curious Nelly did read up on the myths of her father's exploits. She didn't a few of them, but never bothered asking since she didn't know if she could handle them. She'd like to think that a few of them were just glorified lies. Of course she had to remind herself that Hermes was considered the god of Liars also.

Iliana had the courage to look at Liv's trial. She recalled how the girl had warned her the other day. Who was this girl? Did she fear her own pride? Iliana couldn't get a good reading on her, but it was obvious the trial still affected the demigoddess. Poseidon sounded like an overbearing father, at least from Liv's perspective. Still he had a point in that trial. Iliana never thought for once she was better then anyone else. If anything she wished she didn't have the abilities she had for they seemed to do more harm then good.

Soon the trial ended and Poseidon said the next name.

"Ethan Knox, it's your turn."

Iliana and Heath looked at their friend instantly. Ethan had been secretly dreading this moment. After seeing so many trials, he had an idea of what he could be and was not looking forward to it. Looking at his two friends, he gives them an awkward smile.

"Well, let's see how I do."

Standing up, the redhead went down to the trial grounds and rubbing his hands together, he entered the portal.

A sense of dread crept up Ethan's spine as he ran. It felt like he'd been running for hours and his energy was almost spent. Oh sure, he jogged everyday, but he was no expert runner. Still he had to get away. Someone had found out he wasn't human and now he was running for his life. He tried reaching out to his mother for help, but couldn't. Surely she'd be here soon. After all, Demeter had saved Iliana at some point. For now though only he could rely on was himself. He couldn't involve Heath or Iliana. Lia had especially suffered enough. It was dark outside, Ethan might as well been running blind. He could hear shouting again. They were coming. Feeling panic set in, Ethan continued to run, even though he lungs were burning for air. He had no means of quickly getting away either. The voices seemed to get getting closer now. The fear in his heart made it feel like it was about to stop.

Staggering, Ethan could run no more. With no choice left, he turned to face his fate. Soon a group of people surrounded him with torches and other weapons. They had no faces for they were all in masks.

"I am not a monster. I have humanity in me also."

"You are a freak! A betrayer to humanity. People like you shouldn't even exist."[/color]

This whole time, Ethan kept trying to use his serenity inducement, but it failed him.

"My father loved my mother. I have every right to exist just as much as any of you."

"Aw yes your father, don't worry we already took care of that b---ard."

"WHAT?! No . . that can't be true! He would never harm a fly!"

Ethan could feel his anger rising. Someone had tried hurting his father once and paid for it.

"Need proof huh? Check this out!"[/color]

Suddenly the head of Cedric Knox was brought in. Something snapped in Ethan as he hollered in agony and he instantly physically attacked those that did this to his father. However the mob was too big and soon they attacked him. Ethan didn't have any way of fighting back and found himself on the ground as the mobbed attacked him with their feet and clubs. By the time they were done, he was bleeding and bruised from head to toe. He still still retained consciousness though and heard one of them speak again.

"Don't worry, freak. You and your father will always be together."

Everything went black after that. Soon he woke up, but something was wrong. Ethan was lying on his back and seemed to be in an enclosed space. He saw the head of his father right next to him. Something wasn't right. He tried moving but realized he couldn't move much. He manage to move his hands to the top of him and felt wood. Everywhere he felt there was wood. Panic start to sink in. He was trapped inside one of those old wooden coffins. He started screaming for help. Was he . . . buried alive?! His breath quickening, he tried drawing upon his architectural manipulation ability, but couldn't because of his mental state. He kept hollering and crying over and over, until he couldn't anymore. After that, a deathly silence.

Much like others, Ethan found himself on his back when he opened his eyes to see the ceiling of the arena. His voice was sore from screaming so much. The images from his head wouldn't leave. He had to take a few minutes for his emotions to start calming down. He did something he hadn't done on himself in awhile, used his own serenity inducement on himself. His mother had taught him that after that one time he snapped. Finally, after what felt like forever, Ethan managed to get himself up and he quietly returned to his seat. Iliana moved to sit between him and Heath and placed her head on Ethan's shoulder. Ethan pulled her tightly in. He was calm, but his mind was still not at peace.