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located in Camp Athens, a part of Camp Athens II, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Athens



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son of artemis
Location: Arena
Mood: Confused
Hex: #0000BF

Theo unfurled from his wolf state back into his normal self as he broke the tree line to camp. The best part about living at the edge of camp, among the outermost forest, was being able to come and go as he pleased without anyone really knowing. Still, he had to admit to himself that he had probably been going on his wolf trips a bit too frequently lately, neglecting his duty to "watch over" the camp. Things were just so tense. Theo didn't care for the fact that people he cared for were literally clashing with one another. He certainly didn't like the idea of having to pick a side. Sometimes, it was just easier for him to get away.

Upon approaching his cabin, Theo noticed that camp was eerily quiet. The usual faint noise of mid day bustle from the heart of camp that only he would be able to hear from this distance was notably absent. It did not necessarily draw too much concern from him though. Theo opted for a much needed quick shower and a change of clothes. He stepped out on his balcony for a brief moment to look out over the camp. Hmmmm... not a person in sight. Theo scooped up his bow and quiver, slinging them over his shoulder as he set out on his way. As he made his way down the path, he started to pick up faint murmurs from the direction of the arena. Theo felt an uneasiness come over him. Having everyone gathered in one place at this time of day was uncommon unless something important was happening. Can I not come back to a normal day for once? The noises got more distinct as he came closer and closer to the arena. He was to the point where he could basically pick out certain voices. Theo slowed slightly to listen more intently.

”Wesley Preston, please step forward.”

What the hell? Was that... Poseidon? Why was he here? What in the world was going on? Theo was thoroughly confused. As he approached the arena, he chose to enter with caution. Circling around to the back, Theo peeked into the arena just in time to see Wes disappear into the archway. No one could really see him yet, so he used the moment to take in the situation. There were the gods standing around that ominous looking archway, facing Theo's fellow campers. The campers' expressions were a mix between nervous and mortified. The Valis' were nowhere to be found. They must have left for Olympus in his absence. Theo caught a glimpse of Trinity. She looked bothered, distressed even. Andy looked nervous. Then there were the gods, Theo's mother Artemis among them. They looked annoyed. For some reason, Artemis had her gaze trained on Rae with a look of disappointment that was eerily familiar to Theo. What the hell was that about?

Turning his attention to what was going on with Wes in the archway, Theo tried to figure out what was going on. This whole situation looked downright brutal. Wes was in a battle on the camp grounds. Everyone was there. It’s not like what was going on in the archway was an inaccurate representation of Wes in battle. Then, out of nowhere, Theo heard himself. He was right there, kissing Trinity. Theo felt a twinge of longing as he watched archway Trinity tell archway Theo that she loved him. That moment clearly destroyed Wes, and Theo watched as Wes succumbed to the battle around him. He wasn’t sure where it came from, but Theo actually felt bad for Wes as he appeared back in the arena. He almost came out of the shadows then. He just wasn’t really sure what was going on yet. Staying put, he watched as Cherise, Penelope, Sylas, Liv, and Ethan came in and out of the archway, each one experiencing things just as shattering as the one before.

With his hand keen on his bow, he finally stepped into view of the gathering and spoke up. "Hi... ummmm sorry I missed the memo on the camp meeting, but can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here? Theo's confusion certainly came out in his tone and body language as he glanced between the campers and the gods before setting his eyes on Artemis. "Mother?" basically shrugging the question in the direction of his mother, looking for answers.

Theo's mother smiled at him gently. "Theo dear, I was wondering where you were. Please, relax your bow hand." Artemis spoke calmly, almost too calmly for Theo's liking considering the anxious state of his friends. "Several of us on Olympus decided the drama and fighting was getting out of hand. We are simply here to set the priorities straight at this camp. That being said, we felt it necessary to put each one of you through a trial of sorts. Make you face your fears. Allow you to see the consequences should you as a group continue to put drama before training, or, in your case, not be present at all."

Theo eased up slightly, letting his right hand fall away from his bow and to his side. "Fighting? I've only been gone a day and a half..." his voice trailed off as he took another look at the campers. It was at this point that Theo noticed Mason's face. He had certainly been involved in one of these fights. Theo slowly made his way over to the group of campers. "I assume since I'm here, you have a trial prepared for me as well. Let's get on with it, I guess."

Theo took his seat right behind Trinity, leaning forward to whisper to her. "I wasn't gone that long. What the hell happened?"