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Snippet #2818729

located in Kanto Region, a part of Pokémon: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

Kanto Region

The Kanto region: filled with various pokémon and nefarious deeds.


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July 6th
Field Office #9 - Early Afternoon - Rain
Aidan Klein

Leaning back in his chair to crack the window, Aidan let out a sigh. It'd been a while, but he really needed a cigarette. Unlike a lot of smokers, though, he didn't like the smell to linger anywhere he had to be. Still, he reached into the drawer at his right hand. Little Ninja and Nero were due in his office in a bit, but he still wasn't quite sure how he was supposed to break the news to them.

Flicking his lighter, he held the far end of a new smoke to the end of it, letting it catch and flare before killing the flame. Inhaling, he held a moment, then expelled the smoke through his nose on a long sigh. It wasn't often he managed to feel totally powerless these days, but he figured that his expended social circle made it at once better and worse, somehow.

"What a drag," he muttered.

Frost, curled in the large pokémon bed against the far wall of the office, lifted her head at his tone of voice, tilting her head at him before exiting it with a swish of her fluffy tails. She sat next to his chair with all the grace of a lady, and set her head on his knee.

He rested his free hand at her ruff, petting thoughtlessly.

Nero was the first to arrive, looking about as rested as he'd been the last few days. He still had bags under his eyes, but they weren't as dark as they were the day before. He glanced in Aidan's direction, nodding as his way of acknowledging him, before finding the nearest chair to sit on.

“Cy stopped by the bathroom; she'll be here in a moment," he stated, leaning into the chair almost as if to sink into it. “Tough day?" he asked, arching a tired brow in Aidan's direction.

Aidan cracked the smallest of smiles at that. "What tipped you off?" he asked, wondering if perhaps his 'protégé's' observation talents weren't sharpening a bit. Honestly, though, with Nero it was probably more like… he noticed things when he cared. If he didn't care, he couldn't be bothered to notice. It was a pretty sensible way to go about things, really.

Nero snorted softly and tipped his head in Frost's direction. “She says you need a very long vacation," he replied, sinking further into his chair. “It's been more of a tough week, though, if anything."

Ah, of course. He forgot about that sometimes. Aidan had to admit he was a little jealous in a sense, but on the other hand he wasn't sure he'd want to know what was—or more likely wasn't—going on in Brick's head.

“Hm, but it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for she-who-shall-not-be-named," Little Ninja stated as she entered Aidan's office. “As intimidating as he is, not even Big Bro can seem to scare her off, and that's saying something about her persistence. She's like a..." she paused as if to find the word she was looking for.

“Joltik, Cy."

“That's an insult to joltik; they're cute, she isn't."

"Yeah I gotta say. My mom was a deadbeat but at least she doesn't hang around and try to act like anything else." He shook his head, running a hand back through his hair and turning to the side to expel some more smoke. He could feel himself relaxing, just a little bit, and this was the exact reason he couldn't quite kick the damn things just yet. He was getting better though. This was his first one in a couple weeks, and he didn't feel the need for a second.

"Anyway, bad news, kids. Gregorovich is staying out of it." He sighed and regarded them both with sympathy. "To be clear, he thinks this shit is stupid, but also that it's family business that has nothing to do with him. If you can make an argument it's interfering with work he might be able to do something, but she's too smart to bother you here, I'd wager."

“Hm, it was worth a shot," Nero stated, pinching the bridge of his nose. Cyrilla gave Nero a sympathetic smile and nodded her head in agreement. “Marah is too smart to interfere with work, here, though she overstepped her bounds when she tried to harass Ana."

“Wait, you didn't mention that, Ryk. She harassed Ana?" Cyrilla stated, her eyes narrowing slightly when Nero nodded his head.

“The other day, she showed up at the shelter and tried to get information or something from her. Moira wasn't sure, either, what Marah was trying to do, but it's obvious that she knows something. It's just a good thing that she hasn't figured anything out, yet." Nero seemed frustrated nonetheless.

“I swear that woman is more persistent than a magikarp trying to climb a waterfall," Cyrilla stated as she shook her head.

Aidan tapped his fingertips against the desk. "Actually, that might be the basis of an argument. If she's trying to push Ana away from you, we can always use the fact that she's technically your assignment to make her back off." He winced a little as he said it—it was a cold way to talk about things, but not untrue.

"But you know, even if Gregorovich could get her to step back on those grounds, is it going to solve your problem? Seems like she might just go after you indirectly in that case, like through Little Ninja, or anyone else she gets an inkling you care about." It was a lot easier to pin down the dynamic here if he just treated Marah more as a nemesis than a mother. Go figure.

“I told her Ana was a mission," Nero winced at the word, perhaps for the same reason Aidan had, “and that caused her to back off a bit." Nero sighed and shook his head. “It might give us more time if I tell her that right now isn't a good time to be married," he began, glancing up in Aidan's direction.

“As much as we all hate saying it, it might actually be good thing that Ana is a mission. If Ryk were married, it'd be hard to convince her that he was single," Little Ninja stated, sighing heavily.

“It'll buy us more time to figure out what to do, and it's a convincing enough argument that she'll believe it."

“Especially since we don't know how long this mission will take. We've been doing this for the better part of a year and some months, now, so... if we tell her we can't get married because of the mission... she might back off," Little Ninja added as she folded her arms.

“But Aidan is right, you know Marah will try and come after me indirectly through you, or anyone else, if we don't do what she wants," Nero stated.

“She will, but Eryk, we need to get this under control. If she tries to come after me as revenge for this, then at least we can figure something out, somehow when it happens. For now, we can see if Gregorovich can get her to step back on the grounds that you need to be single for this. Do you think he'll be able to do it?" she asked, glancing at Aidan.

Aidan shrugged. "She's a Koga, he's the boss," he says, leaning back in his chair and taking another long drag. "You said she's not even a direct blood relation to the old man, right? Gregorovich can handle her."

Stubbing out the remains of his cigarette on the glass ashtray atop his desk, he pursed his lips. "He'll interfere exactly as far as the mission goes, though, guys," he added seriously. "No further. We're going to have to handle whatever she might do after that on our own. Ana might still get some flak. So might you, Little Ninja. Or Rheinallt, or who knows who she picks, you feel me?"

Both Nero and Little Ninja nodded. “I'll do what I can to ensure Ana gets minimal exposure to that woman. Cy, you'll have to find a way to avoid her as well, but..." Nero paused and pursed his lips together before letting out a long sigh, “we both know how persistent she can get. Just do what you can."

“I will, but you know we can't avoid her forever, Ryk. For now, we'll do what Big Bro says. We'll have to handle whatever she might do the best we can," Little Ninja offered a wry smile before turning her attention towards Aidan. “Thanks for the help, we'll be counting on you a lot," she stated, offering him a small grin.

He nodded, very keenly wishing in this moment that there were more he could personally do. But the exact nature of the ties here between the work and the rest kept him pinned, and Gregorovich had been clear that for some reason NTR still needed the Kogas, overall. So there was only so far he could get the woman to step off before it was just… out of his hands.

"I'll do what I can," he said on a sigh, managing a wry smile and ruffling Frost's fur. "Keep me updated if anything changes on your end, too."