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located in Olympia, a part of Gods and Monsters: Olympus Has Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.




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0000Cas0Chambers 00000000000000000|000000000000000000|Eden0 Thomas

Of Apollo | Attirex|xhex: #AA491B 0000000000000000000000000000000000 Of Hestia | Attire | xhex: #922C40



The fresh night air wafted across the child of Apollo’s skin as they walked back to the dorms, not fully paying attention to the world around them. Absentmindedly even bumping into a few other students as their mind was...elsewhere. It was only when they heard something that took them a full moment to process that their attention was being called. Cas blinked for a solid moment, shaking their head as they turned to look at who had called for them, seeing that it was only Eden. Cas blinked once more as he spoke, slowly processing what was being said, as their mind was still partially somewhere else. “Oh, hey Eden!” Cas forced out with a small smile, a small chuckle escaping their lips at their friend’s words, “Yeah uh...Party kinda...Lost my attention, I guess. Figured I’d call it early. Ya know?” the Apollo child reassured, giving a small nod of their head for a moment. Taking a deep breath as they gave a small shrug. Cas’ brown eyes scanned over the male’s face for a moment, before they began to turn as if attempting to walk, but knew full well Eden wasn’t going to let them leave.

Cas sighed softly, combing their fingers through their colorful hair for a moment as they took a deep breath, trying to think of something that they could say to get him off their back. Cas wasn’t the type to normally try to bullshit things, nor were they exactly the kind to want to come across as an asshole. That just wasn’t who they were, and anyone that knew them, well, truly knew Cas, knew they weren’t out to be an ass. “Look, Eden. It’s really nothing, okay? You don’t have to-” but they were quickly cut off as Eden immediately went from asking what was up, to telling them to try not to bullshit him. Warning how there wasn’t even a point in trying. The Apollo kid sighed as their head dipped down as their shoulder slumped forwards with a shrug, digging into the ground with the tip of their shoe for a moment. All the actions of one large, none-verbal, ‘I don’t know’, but Cas knew he wouldn’t fall for it.

Cas immediately bit their lip, an overly drawn out exhale sounded as they threw their head back with a grown, “I hate when you do this shit, ya know that?” their tone was raised, their light accent appearing for just a moment and was easily gone the next. Eden raised an eyebrow and grinned slightly at the victory.“Ya know that girl, Nicole? The one I asked to the party? The uh...The Aphrodite chick?” Cas started, looking back down as they were ashamed to verbally admit the next part aloud, “The one that uh...I kinda had a thing for? Yeah well…” Cas combed their fingers through their hair once more, pulling it back a bit as they looked around nervously, fiddling with their hands for a moment, “Safe to say she...Kinda sorta didn’t...We didn’t really vibe like I thought we would, yeah? I put myself out there again, Eden and...It blew up in my face..” Castiella bit their lip again, “I was stupid and thought something...I don’t know, maybe something would actually come from this but...Apparently that’s not how how she looked at me. Apparently she’s kinda the uhm…’One and Done’ sorta deal, if you get me.” they said with raised eyebrows, hoping Eden got it. They didn’t want to have to say it outloud.

As soon as Cas mentioned Nicole, Eden had a vague idea of where this was going, and had to stop himself from grimacing. He sighed as Cas explained everything that had happened and that things hadn’t worked out between them. It was no wonder that they looked so deflated, that wasn’t the type of thing you particularly wanted to happen right before you went into a tournament in which you’d be risking your life.

“I’m sorry Cas, that really sucks. But listen, it’s her loss. Honestly, she doesn’t even know what she’s losing out on,” he said. “And besides, you could do way better anyway, just putting that out there. Wait till we emerge from the Agon victorious, everyone will be falling at our feet and begging for our favour,” he added. But studying Cas for another second or two, he knew words weren’t going to be quite enough, and so he held his arms out for a hug. “Come here, you dumbass.”

Cas simply just nodded their head at their friend’s words, giving a small shadow of a smirk at his comments. Truth be told, Cas didn’t believe any of it. They weren’t some big hot-shot on campus like some of the other students. Sure, Cas had a reputation on campus but, it wasn’t exactly always for the best reason(s). They just wish they had done a few things differently, yet here they were. Unable to change anything.

They looked at their friend and gave a simple shrug, “Oh yeah, cuz you know all those kids will just be so floored by our impressive skills. No doubt about it.” Cas grimly joked back. The more they thought about the Agon, and what exactly could transpire during it, caused that small pit they already had in their stomach, to only get bigger and bigger the more they thought about it. And Cas knew the more they focused on it, eventually it would just end up swallowing them up inside and they’d be lost to that eternally, dark pit of anxiety and dread. It was only when Eden opened his arms and demanded that they came in for a hug, that Cas was only able to nod and walk over to their friend, returning the hug. Cas found themself burying their face into his shoulder for a moment, allowing the hug to linger on for a little bit longer than either of them may have initially intended. But Cas knew Eden well enough at this point, that he’d stay there in the embrace for however long they may have needed it.

After a few short more moments, Cas finally released Eden from the embrace, taking a few steps back as they took a deep breath. A failed attempt at trying to compose themself a little while longer. Cas fidgeted with their hands for a moment before looking back at Eden, “Uhm..I think..I think I’m gonna call it a night, Eden. We...We got shit to do tomorrow and, I think it’d be best if we got as much sleep as possible, ya know?” they gestured with a nod, “That and, I need to stop by and get something for Lex. I doubt she had dinner again. You know how she is…” Cas said with a small smirk, before taking a few more steps back, “See you bright and early, Eden? Let’s kick some arse, aye?” they gave him a small smirk, and nod of their head before they began to turn and make their way back to the dormitory.

The hug lasted a while longer than expected, but Eden also knew that Cas wasn’t the type for prolonged hugs unless they really needed one. He held them for as long as they needed, then nodded sympathetically as they stepped away. Honestly, with the Agon looming, it seemed that most people needed a hug tonight anyway, even people who were having significantly easier evenings than Cas. He could read them as they tried and failed to compose themselves; so when Cas said they were going to head back to the dorms, he nodded again.

“Cool. I should probably head back and make sure nobody makes any ridiculously dumb decisions anyway,” he said. In reality, he wanted to head back to the dorms himself as well, but he got the impression that Cas wanted to walk back up to the school by themself, and he didn’t want to intrude. “Tell Lex that I say hi. And sleep well, we need those mad archery skills at their finest tomorrow, ya hear?” He instructed with a grin.

They formed a small smile as a small chuckle escaped their lips as they looked back at Eden once more, “Oh for sure, you keep them in line, Eden.” they gave him a playful wink before nodding, “Oh, always. We’re gonna smoke those Artemis kids. Have them running for their money.” Cas grinned, before shaking their head. “Well, I’ll let you get back to all that fun party stuff. Make sure to get at least some sleep. I'll be sure to tell Lex you say hi. See you tomorrow, Eden.” Cas said with a small, but genuine smile and finally turned back around and left for the dormitory.


0000Theo0Luvgoode 00000000000000000|00000000000000000|Amelia0 May

Of Hades | Attirex|xhex: #575772 0000000000000000000000000000000000 Of Hera | Attire | xhex: #833f4d



Theo stood by awkwardly as Riley and Amy conversed, being able to detect the ever looming awkwardness by the second. Theodore was never really one for socializing either, so he could understand where Riley was coming from at least. And then of course, there was the residential, social butterfly of a friend, Amy. He simply stood by and nodded as Riley excused herself for a few drinks, watching her dart off towards the bar and then disappear into the crowd. Theo looked back at Amy when she mentioned having hit a nerve with Riley, and simply nodded his head a bit. It made sense, for all they knew that tomorrow, could be the day that they all signed their lives away just for some sick competition. Yet here they were, trying to act as normal as any other day would have been, even though they all knew deep down that they were simply bullshitting themselves. Nothing about this was normal. They were a bunch of kids, some barely even out of High School, were willing to be killed for some damn game. It sent a shiver down his spine and a pit to form in his stomach as Amy continued to speak.

He gave her a small nod as the music changed from an upbeat, dance song, to a slow-dance. He couldn’t help but awkwardly shuffle on his feet as he looked down for a moment, before looking back up and tucking a few strands of hair behind his right ear. “Oh I bet that was the case...I don’t see Erin up on the stage anymore, and I doubt she’d ever play anything this...well..Not exactly in her style of music, I guess.” he stated calmly. While he wasn’t exactly the closest with the student in question, he knew her at least well enough to know her music taste, and this sure as hell wasn’t it. Theo looked back at Amy when she joked about all the ‘shock pairings’ that could potentially happen. He couldn’t help but chuckle and roll his eyes at the thought. Young adults, alcohol, hormones, all mixed with the potential ideal of ones life ending...Wasn’t too farfetch’d.

Theo shook his head as he wrapped one of his arms loosely around Amy’s shoulder, looking out at the crowd, “I mean, I’m pretty sure I saw like...A whole group of students walking back towards the dorms and...Well...People are definitely making mistakes tonight, that much is for sure.” he said rather mockingly.

Amy laughed at the mention of Erin. She’d only met the daughter of Dionysus a handful of times, but she got the impression that this very much wasn’t Erin’s style of music. She wasn’t alone in that. Even if Amy wasn’t opposed to the odd cheesy love song, it wasn’t the right type of music for a big, dumb party like this. Parties were supposed to have music you could dance to, music that could make you feel drunker than you already were. Slow, emotional love songs just made the realisation of what they were facing worse.

She smiled at the feeling of Theo’s arm around her shoulder, before laughing at his comment about people making mistakes. “How many teams do you think are gonna be made super awkward as a result?” She asked. “Because I will be shocked if nobody fucks up and sleeps with their teammate.” But watching all of the slowly moving couples across the dance floor left Amy with a feeling of longing. It was cheesy and honestly ridiculous considering the whole idea of the party was to let loose and have fun, but that didn’t mean Amy didn’t want the teen movie moment. She straightened up and stepped in front of Theo, holding out a hand.

“Well, when in Rome, right?” She asked. “Fair warning, I will probably step on your toes, I’ll almost definitely twist my ankle in these shoes, and I will definitely get the giggles. But that might just save a few people from making monumentally terrible decisions so it might be worth it. What do you say?” She asked. She played it town as being chill and more about having fun than anything, but her heart was pounding in her chest, unsure of what was going to happen next.

Theo chuckled at the question he was asked, pondering for a moment, “I honestly don’t know.” he started, rubbing his chin for a moment as he thought, “I feel like it’d be safe to say more than enough.” he shrugged. He chuckled once more at the mention if no one fucks up and makes things awkward for the teams. He already knew a few of the other teams had people either secretly hooking up, or were already together in some fashion. But someone would for sure have to make a major fuckup, he was just somewhat curious for who it’d be.

He was snapped out of his brief train of thought when he felt Amy escape the loose grasp he had on her shoulder and stepped in front of him, hand extended. Theo blinked in confusion for a moment as he tried to figure out what was going on, but it clicked when Amy cleared the air and was only asking him to dance. He felt himself fight back an awkward chuckle, thinking she was only joking, until he realized just how serious she was at the time. He gently took her hand in his and nodded as they slowly made their way to the dance-floor, “I’m no proper dancer so...I can’t judge too hard.” he joked. “Well, as long as you don’t mind us both making proper fools out of us tonight well...Who could a single dance hurt, really?” he questioned with a small smile. He could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest as he placed on hand in Amy’s and the other around her waist, keeping them just a bit apart. Theodore wasn’t exactly the bold type, but he had his moments of being a gentleman and this was no exception. He always knew he had unspoken feelings for Amy, someone who was one of his closest and dearest friends, and the prospect of them possibly both dying, or one of them in the Agon that would follow from tomorrow on out, well...To say he was scared beyond belief for both of them, was an understatement.

Amy smiled encouragingly at Theo as they stepped out onto the dance floor and Theo rested his hand on her waist, ever the gentleman. It felt like her heart was in her throat, the distance between them at once too close and not close enough. The first few steps were slow and unsure, both of them still finding their feet. Amy knew that this was the closest thing she would get to a prom, and it was nothing like how she’d pictured it when she’d imagined her prom. Everyone was dressed all wrong, and the threat of death or injury certainly hadn’t been hanging over her in her imagination. But she was here with a person she liked and she was having fun, and at least the reality matched that much of the daydream.

And then she stumbled over her feet for the first time, and she began to laugh. From there, it was a disaster in progress. They both began fumbling over their feet and losing their footing, and Amy’s laughter was just making her coordination worse. It ended with her twisting her ankle and losing her balance, trying and failing miserably to catch herself. And then she sat on the ground, laughing enough to make her tear up slightly.

“Jesus Christ, and they want to let me loose with a sword tomorrow?” She remarked, looking at Theo and laughing. She could feel the dirty looks she was getting, but she didn’t care in the slightest. “It might be a good thing you’re not on my team, Theo dear.”

Theo couldn’t help but chuckle at the comment of letting her wield a sword, it truly was a good question if he was being honest with himself. Well, not really. Truth be told, he was genuinely impressed by Amy and her ability as a fighter. Sure, he himself had the potential to be a very combative person, being a child of Hades and everything that came with it, but he wasn’t a fighter. Not like the others. He preferred using his abilities to help the others in training or combat, he didn’t personally like being one to engage in combat. Just wasn’t his way, as well as his fear of some of his abilities. Theo shook his head as Amy spoke up again, breaking the momentary silence he felt as he thought. “I mean, there are far worse people to be teamed up with, so…” he shrugged a bit, looking to the side for a moment before looking back down at Amy, pausing for a moment before he spoke, “I know you are more than capable of taking care of yourself out there but...Please, promise to take care of yourself out there, yeah?” Theo questioned with raised eyebrows for a moment, “I just don’t want to lose anyone out there, preferably no one dying, truth be told..”

Theo’s remark about there being far less people to be paired with earned a grin out of her, but the request to take care of herself turned it into a smaller, more bashful smile. It was followed up with a comment about not wanting to lose anyone, and she just laughed.

“You’re not gonna lose me, Theo,” she said, somewhat seriously. “I’m far too stubborn for that,” she added with a grin. “Come on then, it’s not gentlemanly to leave a lady sitting on the floor, even if it is her own bloody fault that she got here,” she said, holding out both hands to him for a hand to pull her to her feet.

Theo couldn’t help but chuckle, as he in fact hadn’t yet helped Amy back to her feet in his drunken state. He reached down and gently helped Amy back up onto her own two legs, almost falling over in the process. Maybe he did have too much to drink, he thought to himself. Once he had found both of them back on stable ground, Theo let out a soft sigh as he nodded his head, “I know you’ll be fine. I just...Sorry. You’ll do fine.” he said with a tone of reassurance, nodding his head once more. “So, other than tripping over our own goddamn feet all night, what else do you want to do before tomorrow morning comes and we’re faced with endless dangers?” he said with a playful grin.

Amy got another fit of the giggles as Theo nearly fell too, and had to keep her own feet planted firmly on the ground. She just signed and grinned at him as he said she’d do fine. “You’ll do just fine too, Theo. Just gotta have a little faith.” She said softly. At the question of what she wanted to do next, she stopped to think for a second. “Well, I’ve got to say, slow dancing kinda sucks, so I’m okay with not trying that again. We should probably go find Riley and make sure she’s not sulking alone in some corner somewhere,” she said. Then she grinned at Theo, raising an eyebrow slightly. “Unless you still want me all to yourself,” she teased, raising an eyebrow slightly. Part of it was just that, teasing. Theo was especially adorable when he got flustered. But part of her also wondered. Wondered if she should take a chance given what faced them tomorrow. Wondered if it was worth potentially ruining everything for food.

Theo forced out a small smile at Amy’s comment, he was nervous but he'd try his best to play it off as well as he could anyway. The son of Hades let out a small, genuine chuckle as Amy commented on the fact that slow dancing sucked. “Yeah uh, you got a point there.” he nodded in agreement. As for finding their long lost friend, well, Gods knew where she was. If she hadn’t ditched them yet, it was only a certain amount of time until she did. Theo nodded, “Alright, let’s go find her and bring her back to have some fun before the night’s over. Or so help us, we’ll never let her live it down.” Theo chuckled, grabbing Amy’s hand with his own and the two went on a search for their friend, wherever the hell she had gotten herself holled away to.