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located in New York City, a part of scrapbooks and memories, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York City



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Character Portrait: Jeffrey Brooks Character Portrait: Evelina Klima
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Featuring Anne | Anne's Outfit

The two girls chatted for a moment, Evelina trying to relax and not be as anxious, though it was a bit hard with her current situation and outfit. Luckily Anne switched the topic to something she felt comfortable discussing and would have an easy time talking about-her hair. One of the few things Eve prided herself on. She shared a few of her tips on getting the max color out of hair dye, using mostly Manic Panic and adding a few other tricks to making it work, even jokingly offering to help dye Anne’s hair sometime.

It wasn’t long until Jeffrey finally came out, Eve flashed him a smile before taking a sip of her orange juice, nodding as he mentioned her meeting Anne. “I’m fine, got some juice. And it’s okay, we had a rough night.” She replied to his questions and his concern about him being a heavy sleeper.

Eve giggled as Jeff stumbled over his words as the two roommates talked, her just sitting on the stool drinking her orange juice until Anne offered the idea of Eve going with them to the movies. “Oh, uh. I would, but I only have the clothes from last night.” She started to say, before an idea came to Anne’s mind. “Oh! I have to go to the mall today, we could just get you something then, plus a little bit of other fun stuff! We could have a girls day out!” Anne said giggly. Eve let out a light chuckle, trying to think of an excuse to get out going on a girls day out,’ but Jeff quickly commented that it would be fun and Anne took that as Evelina agreeing to it. “I’ll finish getting ready, you grab your stuff and we will head out. Jeff, help her out of that thing.” She said with a stern look towards him, before turning around and heading back into her room.

Eve let out a bit of a sigh. “Well, you were right, she is a bit of a charact- ow.” She started to talk about Anne as she ran her hand through her hair, but the handcuff tapped her in the face. Jeff came over and made sure she was okay, ushered her back into his room, saying Anne would be ready before she knew it and to have fun. Evelina wanted to say something about not wanting to go, but just decided to just deal with it for now. How bad could it be just going to the mall? She does it all the time.

The two girls met in the kitchen after Eve took a quick shower, Eve giving Jeff a kiss which made Anne giggle and Jeff saying her to hush. “I’ll text you when we're done Jeffy.” Anne said after showing her phone to them and seeing the uber was here. Eve giving a small wave as they left for the mall

When they got to the mall, Anne spoke about her nail appointment and how they could probably fit a spot for Eve since Anne was a regular. Eve tried to nicely say no, but Anne just took it as her not wanting to be an inconvenience for the workers. “Come on, you’ll love it. They have these new acrylic nails too that I love.” Anne said, grabbing Evelina’s wrist and gently pulling Eve into the nail salon, and getting her set up with a mani-pedi, the same as her own. Eve took too long to pick a color so Anne just chose to match hers; Anne’s were done with all silver with sparkles and one pink nail, and Eve’s were the opposite with all pink and one silver with sparkles.

As Eve went to pay, already knowing it would be a big amount compared to how she normally paid, she couldn’t find her wallet and realized she must have left it in Jeff’s room and started freaking out. Anne just laughed and said it was fine, that today would be a treat on her and her dad’s card. Eve felt bad and embarrassed about it, but just smiled and said okay. She quickly pulled out her phone and texted Jeff, taking a bit longer than usual due to not being used to these types of nails.

heyyy! i mustof left my wallet in ur room. can u make sure and just set it aside 4 me,? thnxz

Eve sent the message, giving up towards the end of trying to fix any typos, and Anne quickly came out of the shop, seeing the name she had for Jeff in her phone. “You know, it’s not a wrong description of him.” She laughed before the two of the continued into the mall

Anne quickly saw a sephora and said they totally had to go inside, since Eve wasn’t able to do her make-up before they left. Eve had only been in a Sephora a few times since it was out of her price range. She drifted towards the cheaper area, just looking at more monotone colors, but Anne had talked one of the workers into doing Eve’s make up, the worker loving their plans for a girls day and then a movie with Eve’s pretty boy. The worker used colors Evelina hadn’t really used before, but was told they went well with her eyes and hair. Applying a gold ombre eyeshadow and an orange-red lipstick that she was told fused together well, as well as blending a rose blush onto her cheeks and bringing everything together. She usually focused more on eyeliner than other make-up when getting ready, so everything felt like a bit much, but Anne seemed to think it looked amazing so it couldn’t have been that much.

Anne talked about going to some shops, but knew they needed to find clothes before anything else. The two of them went into numerous stores, Forever 21, Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters. Evelina felt out of place in these stores she ever saw from the outside and maybe only liking half an outfit that would be on a mannequin, so Anne took charge in suggesting clothes and tossing clothes into the fitting room for her, and Jeffrey’s roommate was not against buying anything that Eve said looked remotely good. Eve tried getting some comments on what she usually wore, stuff usually with a tear in it or a bit rough. She eventually caved on an outfit that went along with some jeans that had some rips in them, though she wasn't a fan of the rhinestone jewels that were on the back of them. Eve quickly changed into the outfit after leaving the store, but had a few other bags from the stores they went into.

Anne kept complimenting Eve saying she looked amazing, but then paused and did a double take, and thinking. Something was off with Eve’s outfit. “Everything okay?” Eve asked. “Hmm. I think it's the choker, clashes with everything else.” Anne commented. This surprised Eve, she almost always wore a choker, part of her signature look. “Really? But…” She started talking before Anne interrupted her. “Yeah, trust me, it’ll be better with it off.” Eve sighed and pulled the choker off, stuffing it into the bags. “Perfect!”

Lastly they stopped by a hair stylist since Eve also didn’t have her stuff to style her hair before they left. Eve was adamant on not doing too much, using her colored hair as an excuse. They did a simple blow out of her hair, something she’d last did in high school for a dance. This one of the few things she liked that Anne paid for, as it brought out the different shades of pink in her hair. She was exhausted after all the walking and shopping, but Anne was still full of energy.

She was exhausted after all the walking and shopping, but Anne was still full of energy. But she did havve a bit of fun with all the trying on clothes and seeing stuff she normally wouldn’t have ever given a second look. “Let’s get some Starbucks real quick, and we will had back to my place and put down these bags and let Jeff have a look at you before the movies.” Anne said taking her phone out and texting Jeff. Eve simply nodded and said okay, just ordering whatever Anne got before heading back to Jeff’s and Anne’s apartment.

“We’re back Jeffy! Come take a look at your new model of a girlfriend!” Anne announced as they walked in, and put down half of the bags of stuff they bought from the mall, Eve carrying the other half. Evelina blushed as she walked around the wall in the hallway and looked at Jeff, giving a shy and a bit embarrassed wave. “Hey…” She said with a smile behind her blushing cheeks.