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Snippet #2819722

located in Treasure Planet Universe, a part of Regulus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Treasure Planet Universe



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Character Portrait: Nym Paleth Character Portrait: Wesley Aloysius Character Portrait: Farris Thea-Joren Character Portrait: Xavi Facilier Character Portrait: Dieter Baros Character Portrait: Rosia Hienrik
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Nym didn’t pay much mind to Rosia as she entered- Rosia and Nym had become fast friends when Nym came aboard the ship. Rosia was friendly and Nym was eager to have some sense of camaraderie, so it fell into place naturally enough. But the suggestion that she go out onto the deck in a storm, Nym wasn’t having any of that. She didn’t have to reply, Dieter let his disapproval of the idea be known.

Then Wes was talking, gave her shoulder a gentle shake and said, “How about it, Nym - you want us to tie you up so you can go get a look at the stars?”

Nym gave Wes the dirtiest look she could muster, given the queasiness she felt. She’d learned better than to smart off, at least in front of the crew; Wes would somehow find her an extra mountain of chores to do, and he'd smile as he did so.

Ferris didn’t mind Rosia’s interruption. He wasn’t so engrossed with his reading that a simple question would upset him. He looked to the side as another member of the crew yelled at her not to interrupt, but Ferris just shook his head, ”I don’t mind,”

He held the cover of the book and smiled, ”It’s actually a collection of papers about a kind of bioluminescent algae found in the Tuilia Sector that-” All at once he seemed to realize that this wasn’t exactly a thrilling conversation, ”Sorry,” He chuckled lightly, ”Not the most thrilling topic.” He opened his mouth to say something else when a fight broke out among the crew. He cast a sideways glance at Rosia, as if to gage her reaction. He would be staying put; he could probably hold his own in a fight if he needed to, but he wasn’t the sort to go looking for one.

As the fight broke out, Nym found herself reaching out to clutch her bucket to her chest. Wes had left for some reason, no doubt trusting she’d stay out of the brawl. Even if she had it within her to join the fray, she’d just get knocked on her backside, and in that case he’d just laugh at her. As it were, she was more concerned with not letting anyone kick over the bucket than the actual fight. Sailors, even the respectable sort, tended to get a little riled up from time to time, so Nym just scooted out of the way, tried not to spill the contents of her stomach across the floor, and ignored the commotion the best she could. She was at the bottom of the pecking order on the ship, and she’d been repeatedly reminded that it was better to keep her nose in her own business. Safer, too.

Dieter broke things up quickly enough, though, and Wes was back not too long after that, and upon catching him walking up, Nym piper in with, "You missed all the excitement." But then Wes was handing Nym some ginger root to calm her stomach. ”Thank you,” She said, taking the ginger and glancing at it almost suspiciously. Wesley was meant to protect her and she was very grateful for everything he was doing, even if she didn’t always appreciate his methods. Nym rolled her eyes when Wes said he needed her back on her feet by breakfast, ”Oh, absolutely, sir. Wouldn’t do to miss a day of my many important duties.” She popped the ginger under her tongue and hung her head, closing her eyes to try to block out the world for a moment, ”You ever miss home?” She asked, almost a whisper, even though she was fairly sure Wesley wouldn’t indulge her question for what it was; he never did. She hadn’t seen her home in years, and she’d not wanted to leave in the first place, but the homesickness didn’t normally hit her until some other kind of sickness came bearing its teeth.