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located in Gravity Falls, Maine, a part of Gravity Falls: Awakening, one of the many universes on RPG.

Gravity Falls, Maine



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Character Portrait: Eden Ackerman Character Portrait: Elliot Fox Character Portrait: Eva Conrad Character Portrait: Venus Matthews
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elliot fox
the outcast. outfit. #96909c.
they're better off without you,
cause a scene like you're supposed to
they'll fall asleep without you
you're lucky if your memory remains

If he was being completely honest, Elliot would have rather not been in town on that day of all days. Being home was going to be hard enough as it was without being there on the anniversary. But the way everything had shaped up, it was the only day he could arrive. His parents weren't around either. It was Steve and his mom's fifth anniversary, and they'd had a non-refundable cruise booked. It did at least mean he had his childhood home to himself, but he wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

Town had hardly changed since the last time he'd been home. Hell, it had hardly changed since he'd left. He was sure that it was a comfort to some, but it just left him feeling uneasy. Things were supposed to change. His neighborhood on the outskirts of LA seemed to change every time he left for a tour. But here he was, home for the longest time in seven and a half years, and nothing had changed. Except him, he reminded himself. He didn't have to be the same person he'd been back then. He wouldn't be that person.

He'd never been able to sleep on planes, and even though his flight was an overnight one, that didn't change. He'd rented a car and driven up himself, so he knew he should have been exhausted by the time he was dumping his bags on his bed. He should have been ready to pass out. But instead, he felt wide awake, too anxious to even think about sleeping. Was this a good idea? Had any of this been a good idea? He tried lying down on the bed in the hope his body would win out over his brain, but after ten minutes of staring at the ceiling, sleep feeling as far away as ever, he figured it was futile. So, instead, he decided to go for breakfast.

The diner had always been the best place in town to get breakfast after a long night, and while the unchanging nature of Gravity Falls freaked him out a little, that was the one thing he hoped hadn't changed. As he approached the diner, he spotted a familiar figure a short distance away. Somebody he'd only seen over screens for the past year and a half, since he'd managed to avoid coming home last Christmas. He grinned and began making his way over to them. They hadn't spotted him yet, by the looks of things. He had some witty comment in his head, ready to say to catch their attention, when, at the last moment, he spotted the animal they had on their leash.

"Is that a freaking otter?" he said as he reached Eden, almost without realising it. Then he grinned at them. "Hi."

eva conrad
the journalist. outfit. #ebb13a.
she's a killer queen
gunpowder, gelatine
dynamite with a laser beam
guaranteed to blow your mind

"On the surface, Gravity Falls seems just like any other town this far out in the woods. It's... quirky. But not in a bad way. The people are pleasant. A little... strange, perhaps, but pleasant. Truth be told, for most people, it's hard to tell if they're genuinely strange, or if it's an act that they're putting on. Gravity Falls' only tourist attractions is the lake and a charming establishment known as... the Mystery Shack. Gravity Falls' brand is that of the weird and the mysterious, so it makes sense that the people would be the same. But there's an undercurrent of... something else. Something... darker. I met a detective this week investigating a cold case from twenty years ago. His name is Detective Mason Cartwright, and I spoke with him yesterday about why he's here."

Eva clicked the stop button and groaned, stretching. The first episode of Orbiting was supposed to be coming out the next day, and Eva was still trying to get everything recorded and edited. Because she had plenty of experience in editing and putting shows together, she'd volunteered to do the bulk of the editing as well, with her producer doing any final tweaks and touch-ups. It had possibly been a little too much work to take on, but she wasn't backing down now. It just meant several early mornings and late nights. She, at least, had all of the interviews she needed recorded, it was just scripting and recording her own thoughts.

She'd already been at her desk recording takes for almost forty minutes, and she needed food. Being told, she didn't entirely trust the bed and breakfast's breakfast offerings, so instead, she sent a text to Vi.

To: Vi
wanted: recommendations for the best breakfast in town. reward: i buy you breakfast in return.

She'd been so glad when she'd arrived into town to discover Vi was also around. Knowing just one person in town made it so much easier to settle in and start to find out information. It meant that she got all the best insider knowledge and gossip, as well as having someone to grab a few drinks with in the evenings. Her phone buzzed with a reply from Vi.

From: Vi
“Best breakfast is a place that doesn't normally sell it! La Cocina de Serrano, I will meet you at the front door, I have connections ;)”

Eva grinned, grabbing her bag and slinging it onto her shoulder, before heading out to meet Vi.