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Snippet #2820144

located in Treasure Planet Universe, a part of Regulus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Treasure Planet Universe



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Character Portrait: Zaelyandren Filaendrae Character Portrait: Nym Paleth Character Portrait: Vex Ratcher Character Portrait: Wesley Aloysius Character Portrait: Farris Thea-Joren Character Portrait: Xavi Facilier Character Portrait: Dieter Baros Character Portrait: Rosia Hienrik Character Portrait: Ismeria Valizar
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Wes looked over to Xavi as he inserted himself into the conversation. Any annoyance he might have felt was subsided by gratitude for not having to indulge Nym’s question. It was rare that his kind left their planet, duty often kept them bound to one another. He hadn’t come across his own for so long and while he did find comfort in it, there was a sour taste in his mouth whenever he tried to talk about it.

“I’m going to get some shut eye, keep up ‘till I come back.” Wes looked over to Nym sternly, “I need your eyes on me kitchen. Make sure no one tries to break the locks or nun’.”

He didn’t really think a wispy thing like her would be able to keep anyone out if they were determined enough, but he thought she’d like sometime a little closer to her age mentally. If she were to become a leader among their people, maybe if she learned the outside world wasn’t so bad she’d make their world more open to it. Plus he enjoyed seeing that glint in her eye at the hint of adventure, reminding him what it was like to be young and traveling through the cosmos for the first time.

The others were still drinking in full volume, but Wes had long mastered sleeping through the cacophony of the crew. Besides, the storm was still raging outside long enough that when he closed his eyes and focused on it’s sound the rest of the noise sort of melted away.

Zanzibar was the last major port on their path for weeks. This ultimate destination had been kept under wraps, though they knew they’d be going through the 36th quadrant. As they approached the floating city the clouds cleared. The current of passages in and out of the city kept the city surrounded in winds that kept it clear from the clouds.

It was one of the oldest cities in the galaxy, though it’s original structure laid in ruins below where the city now remained suspended by the giant large hot air balloons that were built around the entire structure keeping it afloat. It was massive enough from a distance but as the ship drew closer you could make out the depth of the passages that wound through the core of the city.

Regulus had acquired some minor injuries during the night, nothing they couldn’t fix up at port. Zae was one of the last to surface onto deck, having checked the machine room to make sure nothing busted during the storm. Her forehead already dripping with sweat, she wiped at it with the back of her hand as she walked up beside Vex.

“Reckon you already have some business on port?” Zae asked. She’d been trying to drag the cyborg to one of the brothels when they went into port. He had yet to have taken the bait, somehow always evading her efforts.

Wes had less give in his plans, every visit in port was a list of errands to stock up the Regulus and this one was more important than any other. They would be going past the reach, though there’d be some smaller ports along they way where they could pick up some essentials - but he preferred not to risk it. They were barely able to live on top of each other whilst drunk and well fed, take those away and it’d be carnage.

“Alright - you stay here. I need you to get that kitchen sparkling, I’ll be coming in with barrows of shit so I need every bit of space we have.” Wes directed Nym. He could’ve taken her along, he’d prefer to keep an eye on her - but he didn’t want her getting lost.

The sound of the door leading to the quarters captains flung open, Yael walking out with a stoic expression. Half of those on the deck just glanced over briefly. He never interacted much with the crew anyhow, better off leaving that to Dieter. He was much better at dealing with others than Yael ever was. He walked to port, eyes on the city as they approached. Signaling from the dock the workers guided them into an empty spot.

As they pulled in a ladder smacked along the side of the ship, two people pulling themselves on board. Yael handed over some paperwork, the three exchanging words briefly before stamping Yael’s paperwork and heading back to the dock. Nodding to Dieter to give him the go ahead that they were all processed, he turned his back to the crew returning to his quarters.

Zae had already morphed her shape into a rope like shape, throwing herself overboard before reforming back on the dock. She looked back to Vex, using her hand to block the sun from her eyes. Her nose crinkled, eyes squinting.

“Well if you get tired of your scheduled lay, I’ll be at the Red Fox.” Zae hollered up, making no attempt of discretion and giving him a big goofy smile before jogging off.

“Alright - here’s a list of all the shit I need done.” Wes handed Nym a piece of parchment, pulling a bag over his shoulder.