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Snippet #2820801

located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Rhys Browning Character Portrait: Akira Blake Character Portrait: Kaito Miyuu Character Portrait: Kaori Himewari
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"If I was a real show off, I'd say why aren't you scouting me for the team?"

A small frown formed on her lips as he mentioned the basketball team, “Don’t I already see your face enough?” Akira jabbed lightheartedly, grinning afterwards. They were hanging out outside of school, a mutual choice, so she didn’t mean it. Part of the reason she never considered to ask was because she didn’t know the Basketball captain too well… but the other half was pretty obvious, “Is that your way of saying that being captain of the swim team isn’t challenging? I mean you do just swim around in a pool…” Their dynamic didn’t seem that it changed all that much, so far. They were still making the same jabs at each other, all in good fun. Unlike some guys that she played basketball with, Rhys didn’t seem to be a bad sport either, a welcome change of pace.

"Shit!" "Shot too soon. Give me a sec."

While she didn’t mean to, Akira couldn’t help giggling when he cursed, “Sorry, sorry! I didn’t mean to laugh at you.” She waved her hand dismissively. As he headed for his phone, she laced her fingers behind her head and took on a more relaxed stance, “It’s just for fun after all, don’t worry about it.” She responded as he checked his phone. Her own had vibrated in her jacket, but she didn’t really have anyone that she cared to hear from, so it ended up ignored.

"Hey, you might want to take a look at this."

Approaching curiously, a pale hand accepted the phone, the other having the basketball tucked beneath it. Unlike Rhys, Akira recognized both in the video before even pressing play, “Himewari-Chan?” She inquired before clicking on the video, pale blue eyes locked on the screen as the scene played out.

"Should we step in, boss?"

Boss? It made her feel a bit like a Yakuza to be addressed that way… so Akira shook her head with a laugh. Returning his phone to his hand, she scratched her head pondering on the next course of action. What should they do…? Getting involved seemed to be a good idea… but their basketball game would be left unfinished. The whole idea of hanging out and shooting hoops was meant to blow off steam, drama from school, not to jump head first into more, “This weekend was supposed to be relaxing…” Akira lamented over their game. As a class president… if she didn’t do something it would reflect poorly on her, right? Especially since it was pretty obvious that she was related to Kaito in…some way. He shared her birth father’s last name after all. How they were related exactly, she wasn’t sure yet. Cousins, maybe? Did her father have any siblings? She hasn’t looked into his life enough to know, “Jeez rich kid schools… it never ends, does it?”
A sigh escaped her lips before sitting down on the bench, letting her head tilt back against the chain link fence not far behind it.

“I only know where Himewari-Chan lives… I can’t say I’ve been to any amusement parks since moving to Japan either…” Akira began looking up amusement parks in the surrounding area, finding three, but two were quite a bit farther than the first. She also nonchalantly revealed that she had been to Kaori’s house, as a boy, within her first week of knowing her, “My bet would be on the closest one, what do you think? Even so… I didn’t really come here prepared to taxi across town… would we make it before they leave if we take the train?” She inquired as she tried to do some math. The drive time was listed, but nothing for the train travel. It reminded her of the dreaded paragraph math problems about train A and train B. Suddenly, she found herself wanting to kill Kaito in spite of her vow to become a less violent individual than the Akira that had left Britain, “Dammit! I hate math!” she snapped, messing her ivory hair up with her hands in frustration.

While she could guess that it had to do with a certain brunet male, one that as far as Akira could tell, Kaori was dating. It seemed like a fair assumption after having lunch with Kei and the pair. She could still remember the intimidation shot in her direction by him, “Is he mental? Who even does something like this?” The situation in class where Rocco had pulled his seat out from under him as well as Rocco’s own admittance that they didn’t get along… it made it clear that Kaito was trying to piss him off… but how childish could he be!? Why did he have to bring Kaori into their drama, “I kind of want to kick his ass myself. You don’t just kiss someone to hurt someone else. He’s disgusting.”

Standing up, Akira made sure that she had everything of hers. Phone. Jacket. Basketball. All good, “You were having enough stress at school Friday… you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I can’t ask that of you too.” Akira tilted her head upward, making sure that he could see that she was serious, not secretly hoping he would feel guilted into lending her a hand. Kaito was her family mystery to solve and to get under control. She was all out of understanding and favors with revealing that she was a girl. It felt that secret took up enough bandwidth in their friendship. She couldn’t ask him to extend himself to her any further than she already had. It would be much too selfish for friends that had only just met less than a week ago. Still… if she got her hands on Kaito she was going to beat him to a pulp… part of her didn’t want Rhys to see the side of her that was the entire reason she had to leave Britain. Her temper, when flared was pretty bad, and it was a side she wasn’t proud of. She had become a bit of a pacifist since a casual accident almost killed someone. Life… it was fragile. Humans were fragile and fighting… it terrified her ever since.