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Snippet #2820803

located in Never Land, a part of Return To Never Land: The Hidden Truth, one of the many universes on RPG.

Never Land



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Character Portrait: Deirdre Galloway Character Portrait: Serenity Minua Character Portrait: Xaria 'Xary' Hellier Character Portrait: Lilian Galbraith Character Portrait: Ciaran MacLeod Character Portrait: Gisele Character Portrait: Wendy Darling
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Captain Hook
Xaria Hellierx|x#420b22

Most nights the moon dominated the sky. It could never appear so large in the mundane realm as if this place sat isolated somewhere in the expanse of space. It waxed and waned but it did so on its own schedule, never the same. Time was different in Neverland. The only thing that could be counted on was when it disappeared to a tiny sliver of light, the Jolly Roger would be going on a run for more children.

By choice once, now they were compelled to go by the magic of the vindictive fairies of the island. At first, they thought it was punishment for stealing children from their beds to use the island’s magic to change them into pawns for the Captain’s thirst for money and power, just to toss them away when it didn’t work. They quickly realized, if that had been true, why would they be sent to continue the deed? No, the fairies were not altruistic. They didn’t care about the children. Their punishment was because these foreigners had invaded their realm and bastardized the magic within it. Their punishment: being caught in an endless loop of their deeds. When the moon waned down to but a shine, the crew boarded their ship, compelled by magic, and departed for their home realm, nay to return until they’ve stolen a girl child and her two siblings. This night was no different.

Captain Xaria Hellier, called Hook by some, stood on the quarterdeck of the Jolly Roger as it sailed through the waters they once dominated. She turned a couple of orbs or water in her palm like Chinese stress balls, anticipating their arrival back to the island filled with enemies. In the distance was that shimmer she once thought was her salvation. Now it was her damnation. “More wind, MacLeod! Me body be feelin’ the lack of magic and I don’t much like it! Our bones be turnin’ ta dust! Get us back!”

Ciaran stood at the helm, guiding the ship back to Neverland. The power the island had granted him was aerokenisis, allowing him to push the ship through waters at unnatural speeds. The rest of the crew moved about the deck, fulfilling their assigned roles ensuring lines were secure and the cannon were ready.

Hook yelled across the deck to a young girl, “Castiella! Get yer nimble arse up them ratlines and inta the nest!” She turned and yelled to the rest of those on board, “We’ll be passin’ through the veil soon. Keep yer eyes open and yer wits about ya. Can’t let them forest rats get the drop on us."

As they passed through the portal, the sound of the wind and waves suddenly went silent. Everything was silent. No crickets, no birds, no creatures at all. Xaria watched the cliffs as they neared their makeshift port. “The guns ready, Gates?”

The Mastergunner stood by the small, rail-mounted cannons, easy to point and shoot at the cliffs. “Aye, Captain. Primed and ready.”

“Douse canvas! Bring us in easy.” The next part she muttered to herself, “There be eyes everywhere..”

She turned and walked down the stairs to the main deck. She made her way to the hatch and yelled down into the hold. “Mai! Gisele! Dun't bring up the girl or the others 'til we know the coast be clear.”

She gave one last shout over the deck, “And if any of you hear tickin'... Shoot it.”