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Snippet #2820988

located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Shiori Kitogawa Character Portrait: Kazuki Miyamoto Character Portrait: Devone Kim
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    2021-07-19 08:57:12 by Stiles
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"Haha, how charming. It looks like I've hit the jackpot."

If Kazuki was a jackpot… it would be one of misfortune rather than luck in her opinion, which she could tell her company would agree on. Smiling back at Devone, Shiori pressed her lips together to hold back her laughter. They were still in public and Kazuki attracted enough attention on his own. She didn’t want to draw in any additional sets of eyes on the three of them. The onlookers were growing alarmingly high as it stood, “I would toss that ticket in the trash, I can’t imagine anyone other than Tsukiko that would cash that in.” Shiori added, teeth pressing into her lower lip to contain her amusement. It was the first time that someone had joined her in one of her verbal assaults. It… was actually kind of nice to have an ally.

"Now, now, Mi-ya-mo-to-san~"

Devone coming to her aid was surprisingly… nice. They shared similar misunderstandings regarding their outward personalities, especially at school, that was becoming clearer. Devone could have easily left her to deal with Kazuki on her own, and yet she stayed. Violet eyes lit up a bit, touched by her classmate’s choice to stand by her and come to her defense.

“I think you should quit now while you're ahead.” “She is rejecting you, just in case you didn't know. Any further and it'll be assault, police, and a, "Don't let him get away with this, officer." from me." "Are we clear?"

However true shock claimed Shiori’s expression when Devone mentioned police. The cameras would support their claim, and she was incredibly touched. Until now she had felt so incredibly alone, but Devone… Rhys… even Aeon had come to her aid when she truly needed a helping hand. Perhaps… extending her heart and lowering her guard was a step in the right direction after all, “Kim-San…” Shiori whispered under her breath without even realizing it. The conviction in Devone’s eyes had Shiori convinced that she meant every word that she’d threatened Kazuki with. Despite her current situation, in Kazuki’s grasp, she felt incredibly lucky to have bumped into Devone. Sure… it would take some work, a lot of work, but it felt like she was witnessing the start of her first female friendship.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" "You two can find employment as a comedic duo."

And the heartwarming moment was ruined by the hellion of Airdalen Acamdey’s voice bellowing in laughter, of course. This made the raven haired heiress sigh, a weary expression crossing her features as she gathered up the energy to resist, pulling hard on her claimed wrist just as he seemed to have decided to tighten his grip. It didn’t budge, the girl fragile like a porcelain doll, “No one cares about your opinion. Laugh all you want.” She rolled her eyes up at him, fuming, her lips curling into a pout as she failed to pry herself free from him.

"Miss Sea B*tch Obaa-San seems to misunderstand me." "When did I ever care about that?" "Well, I look forward to it."

Blinking as he referred to Devone in such a derogatory way, Shiori used her free hand to do something surprising. Instead of remaining on the defense she used it to shove at his chest, even to pound her fist against it, “This is why I don’t like you at all! You’re so vulgar!” She snapped, raising her voice this time. He had gone too far. Regardless of Devone’s moniker as Ursula, calling her a… it was deplorable. Low grade name calling was one thing, but he had crossed the line by using a demeaning word like that to address her, “A man wouldn’t speak to a woman that way. Calling her Ursula would be one thing, but you went out of your way to be utterly vile. I hate guys like you!” Her glare had become a violent storm of emotion, staring straight into his predatory eyes with concentrated disdain.

"Call them. The chase will excite me more. But you are coming with me either way. Miss Pipsqueak."

Despite her attempts to pummel him with her fists, Shiori had little choice in where she went. Height difference as well as their individual builds all worked against her. She didn’t weigh anything in comparison! Hitting him, thrashing, and even kicking, Shiori found herself quite literally snatched up in the middle of the mall.

"As for rabies, let's go mad together then. After all, we already shared saliva."

“D-Don’t say that like I even had a say in it! You attacked me!” She snapped at him, flush returning to her face as that was not something she wanted to become public knowledge. Mistletoe and a sudden kiss… it had simultaneously flustered the icy class president and broken her secretly hopeless romantic little heart all at once. It was not at all how she imagined her first kiss going!

"Hey everyone! I am kidnapping this girl for a date! Call the police okay?"

“Are you a psychopath!?” Shiori snapped louder than she even thought possible of herself. The attention he was drawing, especially given her family reputation was not good for her. Even if someone called the police, while the public would likely side with the Kitogawa heiress given her pristine history… her mother would be a different story, she would be forced to move back to the Kitogawa family estate… which was not an option. Going backwards… she couldn’t let that happen, “Just put me down! I don’t want to go on a date with you! You idiot!”

"You plague rat as described by your friend here." "Go f*ck yourself since that is the only way you can ever get laid by anyone seriously."

Pounding her fist into Kazuki’s back as he insulted Devone further, Shiori was trembling with rage. Never before had anyone handled her so carelessly and with such groundless familiarity aside from her school bully Takumi, Kyo.

"This will be fun." "Why not get HIM involved? He is your dog isn't he?""Then again, you probably can't handle that right, plague rat b*tch?"

Who was Kazuki talking about? There were a few guesses in Shiori’ ahead, but she hadn’t really paid a lot of attention to Devone’s comings and goings at school. She had been swept away by her own interactions for once, Akira, Rhys, Cassiopeia, Sora and Aeon… bit by bit she felt a little closer to them all. It wasn’t a lot of progress especially with Cassiopeia and Aeon, but her world was expanding slowly but surely. Devone was always a passing curiosity of hers, but she had just recently made it beyond Shiori’s walls. She… earned a spot as one of the people she decided she cared about. That she would make an effort toward.

"Now, let's finish this date."

Was he serious!? Did he truly believe they could have any fun after what occurred between them to this point? If anything she was his hostage not a date! How could he smile like that after every cruel thing she had said? If he had known her role in Devone smacking that girl… would he still smile at her like that? Certainly not… but she didn’t want to find out how things would change when he was taking her further and further away from Devone, “We weren’t even on a date to begin with! I was just trying to buy you your present for the Kris Kringle event at school!” She protested. It was almost, almost admirable how insults seemed to roll off him as if he were impervious to being upset by the opinions of others. She… wasn’t like that at all. Perhaps it was a good thing to not have Kazuki’s level of self assurance… but she felt that having a teaspoon of his devil-may-care point of view wouldn’t be the worst. At least she wouldn’t be working herself up into a frenzy over the way others perceived her all the time. Still… it was Miyamoto, Kazuki… the first kiss thief!

Notoriety: +1 to Kazuki

Popularity: +1 Devone