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located in Camp Athens, a part of Camp Athens: The Second Year, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Athens

A training camp for Demigods.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Cherise Boyse Character Portrait: Rae Meadows Character Portrait: Trinity Wallace Character Portrait: Mason Hughson Character Portrait: Daniel Vadas Character Portrait: Vincent Moore
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R A E x M E A D O W S
o f x a r t e m i s
#ff0064 || Outfit || Arena

Rae couldn't help but chuckle at his response, "I also wouldn't be against the creation of some, as long as it's on the more fun and entertaining side and not the hazing and abusive side." He seemed to change his tune by placing the shoe of the hazed on another foot, "But if I weren't on the receiving end I wouldn't be opposed to the latter." Unfortunately, or not, for Vincent - Rae was not the bullying kind of gal. Sure, she had serious sexual addictions that may or may not have anything to do with voids that may or may not exist, but she was still a decent woman.

Her feet kicked a bit in the air; a simple idle animation that was otherwise meaningless. "Do I sense that I have a bad boy on my hands?" She masked the serious inquiry underneath the playfulness of her tone. Not that she'd mind. Hell, her first and last good lay here in Athens seemed like a troublemaker. Maybe she just attracted those types of guys.

If there were any emotions scrawled either on his features or in his body language, she didn't seem to pick up on them easily. Vincent didn't seem bothered, however, or she figured he might have left by now. Any man that didn't enjoy an extremely forward woman would have run for the hills. Maybe even just drowned themselves in the ocean. Her personality didn't mesh with very many people, especially those in the heavy testosterone department. Yet, Vincent appeared to respond to her with just as much flirtation, so she felt okay to proceed. Not that she wouldn't have if she knew he was uncomfortable. The gods did give him two working legs to get away.

I would say a solid seven, I'm much better with tea. I've never heard any complaints from those I've entertained or served but maybe they were satisfied with the other aspects of my 'hospitality'." By this time, he had unabashedly gotten right into her personal space. Hell, her intimate space. For a second there she had a momentary lapse in character and seemed surprised. She blinked once or twice too rapidly. Usually, she's the first one to get this close, but here he was - breaking rules.

"You are quite devious, aren't you?" She spared a moment to boldly reach out and run a finger or two across his chest; her eyes following the motion. It was then that the P.A. system could be heard far too loudly, disrupting the mood. Rae was getting there, too.

After he stood, as did she. Since he offered his jacket, and it was getting a bit nipply, she took it. "Seems like you won't have much more time to tan and it's getting a little chilly." She watched him gather the rest of his belongings, looking very much like a sad puppy. "I haven't had the pleasure of receiving your name. Are you going to tell me or wait until I finally ask you directly?"

With the daunting task of training being on the horizon, she hardly thought it was appropriate to ask Vincent to his cabin. Whatever was going to happen, she had no desire to be sore for it. "The gods are cruel," she mused in a disappointed sing-songy voice as she tugged the jacket over her shoulders.

Since he was adamant about getting her name, she finally entertained him with an introduction, "Rae, daughter of Artemis. A point that seems to be of interest to most of the Demigods here. Parentage. Do with that what you will," she shrugged once and started to head away from the beach and toward the cabins. She'd need to shower and get dressed.

She allowed herself to walk with him for only a short while before she stopped abruptly and turned toward him, "My cabin's the one with the raven knick-knack surrounded by the lunar cycle hanging on the door." She even pointed in that general direction, "If you want the jacket back, you'll have to come to get it." She smirked, twirled back around, and made off toward her cabin.

The moment her back turned away from him, all notes of friendliness faded from her features. Training. Rae didn't want to do anything like that right now. Sure, she did well enough with her abilities, but she didn't exactly have many things to do that didn't support others. Maybe she'd get lucky and it would be a team-building exercise. Then again...

... she already got lucky being blessed by a half-naked man on the beach, so there was likely no more luck to be had.

* * *

Of course, when she finally made it to the arena she would note that her luck did, in fact, run out. It was a sparring event. Not exactly anything original. It was made worse by the fact that the pairings would be made at random by drawing a token. The redhead brushed some hair behind an ear, her eyes venturing about to seek out which meathead she could possibly be paired up with. Even a gal as comfortable and confident as she had her own self-doubt when it came to certain things. Sex? Sure. Advice about life? Great! Need a gal pal or a wing woman? She's right there. Put her in an arena with anyone here, and she might be put on her ass. Or worse - someone was going to ruin her precious face and body.

When it was her turn to take a token, she reached into the bag and snatched up a black one. She didn't even want to know who else had it. She sat down and went over the logistics of the arena and its magical property; running various scenarios through her head about how it might change for her. How much it might change for her opponent.

C H E R I S E x B O Y S E
o f x a p o l l o
#fa8072 || Outfit || Arena

"Yeah, they’re healing up nicely," Mason responded in a way that might offend most people, but Cherise could understand that he didn't exactly want to open up and stare at her or anything. Hey, a wall is as good as anything... she supposed.

It was around then that Andy took her seat and responded in a more social fashion, which certainly complimented the brooding asocial Demigod of Hades. "Still a little sore. But mostly just bruises. Thanks again for your help. I'm sure Daniel is grateful I'm not dead. I'm glad he has you for a friend." This got a bright smile from Cherise - as if it was that hard to get the sun child to brighten up anyway.

She gave off a little wave toward Trinity, but she didn't recall ever meeting the woman.

"Help yourself if you want," Mason's invitation surprised her a bit, as he seemed more content with the wall than an actual living being trying to talk to him.

Regardless, Cherise waved one of her hands toward him in a motion to decline his offer to join them. "Oh, I had no intention to join. I was just checking up, is all." Despite Mason's awkward nature, she still smiled his way, "I am going to eat outside."

With a swift departing wave toward the party of three, she turned and did just that - took some time to eat outside and enjoy the morning air. Until the announcement of training chimed over the loudspeakers anyway. She finished up her food, took back her empty dishware, and traveled back to her cabin with a nice leisurely stroll.

Along the way, Cherise saw a few people here and there, but she mostly minded her own business. She'd likely spend the rest of her remaining time figuring out what to wear, especially since the details on this training event left... much to be desired.

* * *

Cherise went with something sporty casual. It was an outfit that wouldn't get in the way, but she also wouldn't mind if it got ruined. In all likelihood, she was going to be destroyed depending on the type of training it was. She didn't bring anything else but herself since it was stated that everything else will be provided. On second thought, she should have brought her bow.

She ended up at the arena around the same time Rae had. Luckily, the redhead was close to Daniel so she could be near them both at once. Cherise didn't want there to be any sort of awkwardness between the three of them. Daniel is the guy she's interested in, but Rae is her bestie. There isn't a cute rhyming scheme like "bros before hos" for women, but the rule still applied.

When Nicholas explained the mechanics of the training, she sighed. Rae and Cherise seemed to look at each other at the same time, and they likely had the same thought about the matter. After the moon child got her black token, Cherise plucked out her own. Gold. Not black. At least she won't be pit against her best friend!

Ah, but anyone here could pulverize her.

After she sat back down, she was practically lifting her bum all the way out of her seat to sneak a peek at Daniel's own token. She's probably fall over if she leaned forward even just an inch more!