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Snippet #2821501

located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Character Portrait: Lucian Mitchell Character Portrait: Markus "Shadowfaux" Vasco Character Portrait: Erin Monaghan
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the villain - 2d2a2f - outfit
xxsome people watch, some people pray
xxbut even lights can fade away
xxsome people hope, some people pay
xxbut why'd we have to stay?

If the atmosphere among the three of them wasn’t already tense, Erin’s warning served to heighten the tension. It was an even more stark warning coming from her. None of her quirky, hyperactive demeanour was there. She was deathly serious, and it was almost unnerving. He knew she wasn’t messing around or exaggerating, and so, he took her warning strictly to heart. The instructions were clear, the same as the plan that they had agreed back in the apartment. They took a moment to agree what floors they’d take, before heading in. He managed a grin to match Markus’ forced chuckle, but it didn’t last as they made their way into the building and to their respective floors.

Usually, he never minded working alone. In fact, until relatively recently, that was the only way he had ever worked. Working with others should have been a stranger experience to him. But as he made his way onto his floor, he suddenly wished that he had someone by his side. Hell, he wished that they’d agreed to stick together. He had a feeling that something was going to go wrong. He didn’t know if that was a result of Erin’s warning outside, or if it was the paranoia of being alone, but he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling at the back of his head that they needed to be especially careful to avoid disaster.

It didn’t take long for Luc to encounter some staff. Security, as expected. He had them thrown across the floor before they even knew what happened to them, their guns flying out of their hands and into Lucian’s outstretched hands. The butt of the gun to the temple took out both of them, and they sank to the floor like a sack of stones. He tucked the guns into his pockets, and stole a bulletproof vest from one of them, pulling it on. And then he continued his search of the floor, with both a knife and a gun within reach.

The silence was definitely getting to him. He’d done this so many times now that his body automatically defaulted to stealth. His own footsteps barely made a sound on the ground, his breathing was quiet, and that meant that the silence of the floor wasn’t disrupted. It allowed him to hear when people were approaching from a significant distance away, but having that much notice and having to wait that long for them to reach you was sometimes worse than them just jumping out on you.

The next set of guards put up a little bit more of a fight. They didn’t hang around, drawing their guns and firing almost immediately. But as he threw up a force field around himself, the bullets ricocheted off of it, before turning and ploughing into the foreheads of the people who had released those bullets only moments ago. He stepped over them and kept going.

The sound of the gunshots seemed to be echoing around the walls, or maybe just his head. Things were just too quiet. The slightest little sound had him reaching for a weapon and pulling a forcefield up around himself, freezing in readiness for attack; but half of the time, it was just one of those nothing sounds that happened in too-quiet buildings. He’d release a silent breath, and keep moving. Forward, forward, use the silence to your advantage, and don’t make a sound.

Some of the guards seemed to be expecting a fight, and some of them even managed to put up a fight. There was a squadron of armoured guards who approached him, guns drawn. Knowing that weapons, even their own weapons would be useless against them, instead used the guards themselves as weapons, throwing one against another with enough force to break their necks, their heavy armour and helmets only acting to aid in that. Some of those guards tried to run, but they were dispatched in the same way.

He couldn’t say this was an easy job. It wasn’t easy by a long shot. Some of the guards he’d taken down had managed to get punches and kicks in at Luc, and one of them had even managed to get a gunshot in at him in a half second where his force field was down. While the kevlar vest stopped it from doing any real damage, it still hurt, and he knew he was bound to have some nasty bruising. But something still felt… off. It was more than just the silence now, he swore that much. Something was weird, and he didn’t like it.

Another sweep of the floor confirmed that he’d taken care of all of the staff. It felt a little odd, just leaving all of the bodies in various states of consciousness, some left alive but not a threat, some dead, scattered around the place, but he didn’t need to cover his tracks here, or hide what had happened. So, after one more final sweep, making sure that they were all dealt with, he made his way down to the basement, hoping that the others had dealt with their lot easily enough.