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Snippet #2821644

located in Titan's Fall, a part of The Abyssal Paradox, one of the many universes on RPG.

Titan's Fall

March, 2045. A dangerous murderer has struck again.


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It had been Alex’s suggestion to try and take any back alley and unmonitored routes to Freya’s. Though news that a Templar had fallen into the undercity would be some news, he preferred that they didn’t kick the hornets' nest and possibly send the various gangs and factions into a frenzy over a possible “crusade” coming down below. Though most of the others stayed out of rogue business as much as they could, keeping the woman “out of sight and out of mind” was the best way to go in the long term. Dean had hopped off the comms to see what he could figure out and try and play interference however he could. Because “The Horde will be the least of our problems if this blows up in the wrong ways.”

He unfortunately was forced to go back out and about when he expressed feeling a tad hungry. Most of the other rogues knew of appetite and Freya wasn’t all that willing to watch him clear out her pantry. He had been outside of the residential districts for a while now, leaving himself open for the local fauna. It was right around when Alex was thinking he was just gonna have to suck it up and go to a butchery that he heard a guy wrap roar.

The beast crashed through heaps of overgrown scrap as it charged him. A scuttling mound of chitin with a massive segmented mouth agape with dozens of nasty teeth. There were no visible eyes and for some reason there was a mound of tentacles writhing behind it. The thing was easily the size of a car. Alex let out a satisfied chuckle as the dumb beast closed in. ”Finally, meal time.” He took a step back and got into a ready position while bouncing on the balls of his feet, headless to the creature ready to try and devour him.

Right at the last moment before so much as a tooth even grazed his armor, Alex dashed to the side. Before the creature had time to correct its charge Alex had already pivoted with his hands raised, bringing them down along with the blade of an oversized sword of bright blue telekinetic light. The surprised squeal from the beast was literally cut off as it’s stubby head was lopped off in one swing. It’s stump of a neck seemingly not even bleeding while it’s body slumped to the ground. It’s head tried desperately to snap at the man that had easily slain it.
Alex was unimpressed. But he was just happy he had his free meal now. He proceeded to punt the dying head quite some distance before hefting the carcass. ”Don't know what you were, but I hope you taste like crab.”

As he was on his way back, he could feel his barriers holding the Templar in place straining and cracking. Not completely shattered though. The fact that his comms weren’t blaring with the others telling him she was escaping made him less worried. It was fine, probably . . . . Hopefully. He sped up a bit just to be safe.

He arrived from an entrance big enough for his “catch” to be brought in. There was no way he was preparing this outside to let vermin get any of the scraps. ”I'm back! And I got what I think is squid or octopus and crab or lobster. We’ll see.” he left the corpse to go check on everyone, eyes glowing with power ready to be released at a moment's notice. When he walked in to find everyone in one piece and the Templar up, he folded his arms o Te his chest and nodded his head at the restrained woman. ”Are we good to let her out?” he let the question hang as he took stock of everyone. Cyber Ninja’s mechanic was here so he was gonna keep his helmet on in the meantime. Finally he addressed the Templar directly. ”Sorry about the restraints, I kinda had to go overkill to be sure you didn’t try cracking anyone’s skulls there. How’s your head?”