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located in Oor Cavern, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Oor Cavern

A cavern with a mysterious energy field towards the southern wall. What is that?


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Character Portrait: Iskjerne Vikings Character Portrait: Hoargraskr Character Portrait: Masaharu Hama Character Portrait: Ubbe Ragnarsson Character Portrait: Iskjerne Ulfhednar Character Portrait: Halfdan Ragnarsson Character Portrait: Prince Rurik Character Portrait: Oleg the Seer
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Halfdan Ragnarsson, better known as Hvitserk, the son of Aslaug the Seeress, being also the brother of Ivar the Boneless and half-brother of Bjorn Ironside and Ubbe Ragnarsson, entered the Rikkisopi Caves after aiding his brothers, and helping King Harald Fairhair to extinguish the Norman Ellarian heretics from Iskjerne Bay, reclaiming the northern territory beyond the mountains and restoring it to the natives. Hvitserk never really had a relationship with his father, but he wanted to make his brothers proud by walking in their footsteps. He led a small group of 100 warriors into the cave tunnels, when all of a sudden he began experiencing visions or hallucinations. Being the product of incest and the son of a powerful seeress, Hvitserk had inherited certain distinct qualities which messed with his mind and sometimes drove him nuts. He began to see visions of the future, as though through intuition, and peered forward in time to the events leading to his own death. Retaliating against the Taiyou emperor Shimizu Takayama by invading Niihama sounded like total suicide, and Hvitserk envisioned many other atrocities and bright daylight mares and horrors, witnessing glimpses of mass murder and bloodshed right before his very eyes.

Hvitserk stumbled and leaned against the nearest cave wall, pressing his forehead against the hard cold stoney surface while cringing. Just then, his brother Ubbe Ragnarsson walked up behind him from out of the barely lit fork in the narrow black caverns and labyrinth of winding tunnels. Ubbe had ordered his leidang to retrieve the weapons of the fallen praetorians and bring them along, so that Ubbe was now dressed in the Argosian Praetorian uniform and armor that he had taken from the elite soldiers his Vikings had killed in Iskjerne Bay, with a specialized sword and shield which could withstand the force of a 50-cal sniper rifle. Ubbe placed his hand on Hvitserk's shoulder to comfort him, having no idea that Hvitserk had just experienced a series of premonitions and terrifying visions. Hvitserk nodded when Ubbe asked if he was okay, and followed Ubbe deeper into the narrow passages and into the first open cavern when Ubbe took the lead. Ubbe had an additional group of about 50 warriors with him, seven of which were also now dressed like Argosians, wearing praetorian armor, while Ubbe himself wore the uniform of the Decanus whom he had decapitated.

"Wait," his younger brother said as his visions became more clear. Hvitserk could see through his mind's eye what dangers lie ahead, waiting for them around the corner. "What is it Hvitserk?" Ubbe asked. Hvitserk paused for a moment, placing his hand on the cave wall. He could sense that something about the Oor Cavern had changed. Something was eerily different about the gateway to the other side. "We can't just walk in there like this. If we do, we will all die. Something's different about this place my brother. Very different. It's not like before," Hvitserk said, urging him to re-think his strategy. Ubbe stopped to consider his brother's warning, nodding quietly as he turned around to gaze at the army of 150 vikingr warriors who had followed them into the caves. Ubbe Ragnarsson was planning on just storming the gateway like the Iskjerne Vikings had done in the past. He had brought a larger force with him this time, his only regret being that he didn't have more warriors to spare. He would have brought even more if he could, but the Vikings no longer had strength in numbers and would have to be much more tactful now if they were going to stand a chance against their enemies. Ubbe started to formulate a plan.

He ordered the eight Vikings in Praetorian armor to step forward and asked if any of them knew how to speak the language of the foreigners. A few of the older Varangians had been privy enough to travel abroad in times past and had picked up a little bit of Latin on their adventures, but not very much. Takao had taught Sigurd Hring how to read and write in Taiyou, but that was generations ago and there were few Vikings in their time who could recall the old ways. Of all the 150 people in his army, only one of them spoke enough broken Latin and Taiyou to carry any meaningful conversation, a Rus viking named Rulav who could easily pass as one of the Argosians with his clean shaven face, auburn hair color and pale blue eyes. "Trade me your armor," Ubbe said, exchanging the Decanus' uniform with Rulav, and putting on the armor of one of the other lesser ranked praetorians. Ubbe then told some of the other Vikings to remove their shirts and armor and hand over their weapons. Using a long chain with shackles on it, Ubbe linked them all together as one, and told them to look as filthy and weary as possible as they began covering their bodies in ash and soot. Some of the mock prisoners even cut themselves intentionally, on their arms and chests, and above their eyebrows, doing their best to look as though they had been beaten and demoralized.

It was a ballsy move, but Ubbe and his Vikings were about to try a very old and simple tactic. It was a sort of Trojan Horse tactic. They were going to walk right into Oor Cavern, and pretend to be captured with hopes that the Taiyou would fall for it and let them pass right through without a fight. Rulav, Ubbe, Hvitserk and five other Vikings in Argosian Praetorian armor would escort a chain gang of 20 other Vikings dressed as captives, while the other 122 vikings stayed back in the darkness of Nyrman Pass and waited for the signal to advance. It was a shot in the dark and a very sensitive, extremely risky operation that required full community and cooperation among all of them as a whole. It was also going to require a lot of luck, even on top of all of their coercion and planning. One slip up, and every single one of them was sure to die before they ever reached the surface. Ubbe took the swords and axes handed over by the Vikings and wrapped them up in a wool blanket, handing it over to one of the servants. He left the shackles and cufflinks loose enough around their wrists and ankles to allow some freedom of mobility, so that the strongest ones among them could still break free if they had to. But without their weapons and armor, the large metal chain would be the only thing the Vikings had for which to defend themselves, and they would have to work together as one unit in order to use it effectively.

Ubbe Ragnarsson went over the plans with his army again, making sure that everyone involved knew exactly what they were supposed to do. Rulav went over some of the basic gestures and terminology that he felt the Argosians might use to communicate with their allies, but warned all of them never to make eye contact or to speak unless spoken to. "I'll be their leader, so you let me do all the talking. You just nod your heads and obey. If I give you an order, just raise your fists to your heart like so, and bow your head. Don't say anything. We only got one shot at this, so don't screw it up. Let's get in there and make our ancestors proud of us, alright?" Rulav looked over to Ubbe and nodded. Ubbe looked at Halfdan and Rulav before nodding back. "Alright, let's do this." Rulav said before going to the front of the line. With that, he looked over to the flag bearer who was holding the Argosian banner and gave him the signal. The flag bearer raised the horn trumpet and blew into it, loud enough so that the Taiyou could hear their approach coming from around the corner. The sound echoed throughout the cave system, and suddenly the high-security motion sensored cameras picked up on their movements as the Vikings began marching into Oor Cavern, approaching the bomb-sheltor or vault-styled Taiyou Gate which had been completely sealed off and reinforced to prevent anyone from getting through the portal.