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located in New York, a part of the last of the real ones, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York

The city of dreams and destruction.


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Olivia Eriksen
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Erin Monaghan
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Livvy barely registered his words but felt his button down go around her. Cinnamon filled her nostrils and she found it actually helped. She reached up to flush, but didn’t trust the strength of her legs enough to stand up. Instead, she pushed herself backwards, scooting on her butt until she reached the wall behind her. Her head still swam whether from panic or the alcohol, she wasn’t sure. She knew it wasn’t the drugs though. Those wouldn’t have had enough time to dissolve into her system. A shame really… she had been looking forward to the high.

She curled into a ball, her arms on her knees and her forehead resting on her arms. She closed her eyes and let the smell of Cinnamon ground her here. She would need to thank Dean for his shirt when she saw him next. Knowing him, he likely wouldn’t be back. He wasn’t good with this sort of thing. It was part of why they didn’t work. There was so much fire between them, but when the high ended and she needed tenderness… there wasn’t often much of it to share with her. Though… the glimpses of it, when he really tried, those memories she still savored. Maybe he was a good match for Jade. Tenderness didn’t seem to be her thing either from what Gabriella had told her.

She felt the shirt sliding back, exposing her shoulders and made her shiver. She slid the shirt on instead and savored the warmth. Placing her head back on her forearms, she sat, waiting.

Time passed without Livvy noticing until there was someone talking to her. Someone was in front of her. She lifted her head and found a familiar pair of hazel eyes. Erin.

Erin had made her way towards the hallway that led to the bathroom and bedrooms, after Dean had found her and informed her of what happened. God dammit...That fucking bitch-, Erin thought to herself as her eyes were anchored ahead of her. She needed to go check up on Livvy. That was where her priorities were, and always had been. Checking up on those who needed help, before succumbing to her own emotions. After she made it past the crowds of people and into that small hallway, Erin passed by a few stragglers before standing in front of the bathroom door. At first she gave a gentle knock to alert her presence, and then called out softly to see if she was allowed in.

Assuming the music must have drowned her voice out, Erin took a deep breath, cleared her throat and slowly opened the bathroom door, quickly slipping inside as she closed the door behind her. In front of her was Livvy, curled up in the corner. Erin's chest immediately tightened as she could feel her blood begin to boil. Lauren would get what's coming to her later, she reminded herself. Even though it wasn't said with words, Erin could tell by how Dean acted, it was enough. Plus, with what Erin knew about Livvy’s past, it was enough for her to piece together.

Carefully, Erin made her way over to Livvy, slowly crouching down in front of her, "Dean uhm...Dean found me and..." Erin paused for a moment, taking another heavy breath before she repositioned herself, so that she was sitting next to her friend this time; but giving her enough space. She knew what kind of state Olivia was in, and the last thing she needed to do was make it even worse than it already was.
With a gentle and soft voice she spoke back up again, "...He just said I needed to come check up on you..." Erin side eyed her friend for a moment, "If...If you don't wanna go into detail, you don't have you...But I am here for you, okay? And...You're safe, I promise." Erin gave her friend a small, but genuine smile as she spoke. Erin meant it all, she wouldn't pry if Livvy didn't want her to, and she sure as hell wasn't going to let anything else happen to her or anyone else tonight if she could help it.

Livvy blinked a few times, coming back to herself and the situation she found herself in. ”Oh I…” She looked around, realizing she was still in the bathroom and amazed that no one else had come to drag her from the room. What with the line that she assumed was still outside. How much time had passed. ”Dean. Right.” She remembered what they were doing before… what happened and she felt heat creep into her face.

”Uh… Lauren.” She ran a hand through her hair, frustrated by how difficult it was to form words, how slow they were. ”My- He’s back.” She hoped, based on her state, Erin would know who she was talking about. She tapped on her temple. ”In here.” She wrapped her arms around herself again. ”Messed me up.”

Erin sat there patiently with her back up against the wall as silence filled the room. She had anticipated waiting forever if that's what it took. She had promised Livvy she'd be safe, and she'd wait for god knows how long it would take for her friend to be okay. So Erin was a bit surprised when Livvy already spoke up after a few minutes. Staggering to explain what happened.

But considering from the look on her face alone, Erin had pretty much figured what happened. Her own chest tightened as some of her own memories from a past abusive relationship of her own came back. Erin hadn't ever really told anyone about it, other than Soren. But that was only because he ended up driving to the emergency room after Erin called him and explained how she fucked up and did something stupid. Jaimie got in her head time and time again. And all it took was one final push and she nearly went over the edge and it almost cost Erin her life.

Silence had fallen over the room again for a moment. Erin tried thinking of something to say. Anything at all to keep Livvy from feeling like she shouldn't have mentioned it. Erin swallowed hard before she looked back over at her friend, "I Uhm...I never really told anyone but...Well..Soren knew but, only because I did something stupid." there was a small chuckle to Erin's voice. More so out of awkwardness than finding the subject matter funny. "I don't know if you remember him but...Jaimie? Jaimie Blackburn?" Erin took a deep breath, her hands shook for a moment before she fumbled with them in her lap as she continued, "Turned out he was a major dick...I just didn't realize until I was too deep in some shit and...I dunno. I guess I'm just trying to say that I know that some men can be complete and utter shit. And I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that..." Erin vaguely gestured at nothing as she spoke.

Erin took another deep breath, "I guess...I just know what it's like to...To have someone else's voice and words echo in your head. Sure they're gone but...the trauma they caused isn't. It's still gonna fucking hurt and creep up on you when you least expect it." Erin took a moment to look back at Livvy, gauging how she was doing. "But what they did...what he did to you, and what Jaimie did to me...It wasn't either of our faults. Those damn pesky voices will always try telling us the opposite but, no one deserves to be treated like shit. Especially by people who should love them..." Erin lifted her hand for a moment, wanting to give Livvy a hug, but stopped herself short. "You just gotta remind yourself, that he can't hurt you anymore. And that you are one hell of a badass bitch, no matter what anyone else says." she flashed Liv a small, gentle smile before looking back out at the rest of the bathroom. Her head leaning back against the cold stone tile that adorned the bathroom walls.

Livvy listened intently, nodding as Erin shared her story. She vaguely remembered Jaimie Blackburn. She tried to remember her first impression of him, but everything was fuzzy. Coming back into focus slowly like a polaroid. Only, she was sure if she started shaking herself like one of those pictures, Erin would have an aneurism. But maybe they’d both laugh and chase the shadows of their pasts away together like they usually did. Though, Livvy didn’t feel like she could remember laughter right now so maybe not.

She reached out, gently touching Erin’s hand, pausing once she made contact with her skin and then slowly placed her hand into her friend’s. She was trying to comfort her friend without words, though she wasn’t entirely certain it worked.

She felt moisture in her eyes as she listened to Erin talk about how she was a badass bitch and everything. A part of her wanted to laugh because it was such an Erin thing to say. She watched Erin’s arm come up, hesitantly, but it didn’t come down around her like she had expected. She scooted a little closer to her and laid her head on her shoulder. It seemed everything was coming back to the way things smelled. Wine on Lauren’s breath, cinnamon on Dean’s shirt, and the smell of jasmine and leather from Erin. Two of those things were familiar and comforting. She found herself closing her eyes, feeling like she could sleep for days. ”Dean ok?” She found herself asking. Though she was sure Erin was going to say something like ”The big baby is fine. Don’t worry about him.” She wasn’t a fan of him. Then she said, ”You ok?” Mostly referring to what had happened to her years back and not finding Livvy the way she was.

A small smile had formed on Erin's face when she felt Liv's hand intertwine with her's. That was the only confirmation she needed to know that Liv was doing better, relaxing into the contact as Livvy placed her head on Erin's shoulder. There were a few more minutes of silence until Erin heard her ask about Dean, and then herself. A small smirk formed on Erin's face again, "Dean? Yeah. He was in a rush, bit anxious but...He'll be fine." Erin gave a small nod for a moment.

Erin gave a small shrug of her shoulders, "I dunno…" she answered softly, knowing exactly what Livvy was implying. "I'm doing better, I guess? I...I don't really know how to explain it." Erin gave a brief shrug, before looking back over at Liv, "But how are you doing..?" a genuine look of concern was etched across Erin's face, as well as a certain tone in her voice was clearly showing she was worried about Liv.

Livvy thought for a moment then said, ”Don’t know.” It wasn’t that she wasn’t ok. It had been the first attack in a long time and she was drunk. It heightened some things and dulled others. So she gave her own shrug justling her friend a little with the movement since she was leaning on her. She gave Erin’s hand a reassuring squeeze and added, ”Will be.”

She sat in silence for a moment, eyes closed and just… being present. She remembered when they used to do this in high school after long days. It was one of the only times Erin ever really sat still. It was hard to get her to do that when she was using her as a model for one of her art pieces. But when one of them was struggling they would just…sit. Usually by an open window or door to the outside for a nice breeze. And then life would catch up again and they would be moving.

”We should go.” she said, hearing the crowd on the other side of the door get even roudier. ”You’ll lose the door.”

Erin gave a small nod when Livvy said she wasn't but, but that she would be, and that's all Erin could ask for. As long as Livvy would be okay, that's what was important. She gently nudged Liv back in return, with a small wink added in. The two sat in silence for a moment, just letting life happen for a moment. It was small moments like this that Erin missed. When she could just be, without any everyday life stresses and concerns. The calm before the storm.

It was only when Livvy said that they should get going, that Erin opened her own eyes. Nodding slowly, "Yeah well, they do that, they'll owe me a new fucking door." she quipped back with a small chuckle. After a moment, Erin realized what kind of shape Livvy truly was in. She'd have a hard time walking, and Erin sure as hell wasn't going to make her try. Not after the bullshit she just went through. Slowly getting to her feet, Erin turned back to face Liv. Gently crouching down in front of the blond, "Alright...This is gonna be a bit weird but, I'm gonna have to carry you, okay?" she asked with raised eyebrows, looking over her shoulder for a moment. "I don't wanna sound like a jackass but, right now? You'd be like a newborn fawn on a hardwood floor..."

Livvy couldn’t help but smile. And she definitely couldn’t argue. She wouldn’t trust her legs either right now. So, uncurling herself even further, she reached out to wrap her arms around Erin’s neck, careful not to hold too tightly. Then she slid forward so her chest was flush against Erin’s back. When she was ready she said, ”Ok.”

Erin patiently watched as Livvy slowly got to her feet as well as she could, offering some assistance if she needed any. Erin had turned around to offer her back, it was unconventional yes, but it'd be the easiest way of carrying Livvy without making things too awkward. Last thing they'd need is people getting the wrong idea, even if they did, so what. it was none of their concern. Erin waited and kept herself grounded firmly as she felt Livvy wrap her arms around Erin's neck, Erin nodded and carefully looped her arms around Livvy's legs to help support her, and held on a bit tight as she slowly rose to her full height. Turning her head slightly to look at Liv, "You doing alright back there, Spider-Monkey?" she offered with a grin. This oddly reminded Erin of the time back in highschool when Liv messed up her ankle and needed to be carried. They did the exact thing back then, and got plenty of odd looks then, doubt it'd be any different this time. Oh well, people could mind their damned business.

Livvy’s response was a swift peck on Erin’s cheek as she turned her face towards her. Well as much as she could with Livvy being on her back. ”Thanks.” Then she settled against Erin’s back feeling safe and cared for and for the first time that day she thought, Fuck you, Eustis. I am wanted, but people who aren’t selfish disgusting shit lords like you. She closed her eyes, letting her hair cover her face so she wouldn’t be seen. She didn’t care if the people she cared about saw her like this but a whole crowd made her feel panicked.

Erin couldn't help but blush ever so slightly when she felt Livvy plant a small kiss on her cheek. Clearing her throat, Erin took a deep breath, "Don't mention it. For you? You know I'd do just about anything, so...No need to thank me, hun." she said with a small smile before turning back to face the bathroom door. "Alright fuckers.." she muttered, before opening the door. There was a group of at least six people waiting outside in the hallway, all of which gave the two an odd look. "Yeah well mind your fucking business, alright? Or fuck off." she bit back.

Hearing Erin telling the horde outside the bathroom to fuck off, Livvy bit her lip, hiding the beginnings of a smile. She brushed her thumb against where Erin’s skin was at her neck in approval. A sign she was becoming herself again.

At the sudden sensation on the back of her neck, Erin immediately straightened up some, clearing her throat once more. God dammit..., she thought to herself. Just like that, Liv managed to get back into her head, of course she did. She always did. But now wasn't the time for that. Erin was brought back to reality when she caught sight of motion in front of her.

The group made way for Erin, who gave them a small nod and began to make her way out from the hallway and into the main room. Looking for a place for Livvy to sit, allow herself to breathe again and be left the fuck alone. There was the den, but it seemed busy with people still playing pool and the other games available. Her eyes scanned the room, before landing on one of the couches, thankfully they were entirely unoccupied. Erin passed through the mass of dancing folk, and people who were standing and talking.

Managing to sidestep and walk around others, even with Livvy still on her back, Erin managed to finesse her way through the crowd. Ignoring the looks she received. It was only when they finally arrived to the couch, that Erin finally turned back around and let Livvy down. When she felt her grip loosen and finally slip away, Erin turned back on her heels. Giving the blond a small wink, "I'm gonna get you some water and, you just sit tight, okay?" Erin quickly disappeared for barely a minute, quickly returning with an unopened bottle of water. She took a seat next to Livvy for a moment, opening the bottle of water and finally handing it to her, "That should help." she said with a small smile. Looking around the room for a moment, looking back at Livvy, "You sure you're going to be okay? I don't...I don't wanna leave you alone if you're not feeling entirely fine to be on your own.." the look on her face was genuine and sympathetic, and she'd be damned if anything else happened to Liv during this party. Or Erin would actually throw hands with someone.

Once Erin stopped moving, Livvy could sense a large, comfy object behind her and with about as much grace as a belly flop diver, she released herself from Erin’s back and dropped onto the cushions. She pushed herself back until she was leaning against the back of the couch and waited for Erin to return with the bottle of water. When she did, she gladly took it from her, savoring the cold beneath her finger tips before she downed almost the whole thing. When Erin asked her if she was going to be ok if left alone, she nearly found herself asking Erin to stay… But this was her party. There were people to see and things to do. She couldn’t hog her friend all night so instead, she gave her another peck on the cheek and said, ”I’ll be fine. Thanks to you.” Then she nudged her friend on the arm and said, ”Go. I’m sure Evie would like another dance.” Just like in high school when their period of stillness was over, life was calling them back.

Erin gave a small nod when Livvy said she could go, and how she'd be fine. But Erin knew enough that she was simply saying it put her mind at ease. A small chuckle escaped her lips, "Oh please. Like anyone in their right mind would want to dance with me again. Cuz I totally know how to dance." she mused. With a small shake of her head, Erin sighed. Looking back at Liv, she gave the blond a small smile and leaned down.

Gently placing a gentle kiss on her forehead before pulling back away. "I'll come check up on you in just a bit, okay? You're priority number one." Erin said as she gently squeezed Liv's hand before turning back out to face the crowd. She had far too many things to keep track of, and attend to. And god damn if she knew what she was going to get out of the way first.