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Snippet #2821676

located in Oor Cavern, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Oor Cavern

A cavern with a mysterious energy field towards the southern wall. What is that?


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Inside the cavern where the portal itself resided, the massive gear shaped door stood imposing, just immediately on the other side of the portal itself which was imperceptible, appearing only as a small doorway into a second, larger cavern where a concrete wall, and massive gear shaped blast door resided. This was all constructed on the Taiyou side of the portal, since the proximity interfered with Technology. The door itself was fourteen feet, and ten inches across, shaped like a massive gear inset into smooth reinforced concrete wall. There was a single light that illuminated the door, and cast a soft orange glow inside the cavern itself.

Ubbe, Rulav, and his group of warriors would happen across this large door, which stood imposing inside the cavern, bearing some unusual symbols on the door facing. There was a silence coming from it, aside from the buzz of the high pressure sodium light bulb, there was an oppressive silence, with every wall of the cavern lined with reinforced concrete, or massive stone boulders.

Inside the facility, the sounds did not go unnoticed, as dozens of Technicians poured over the video feeds, seeing them round the corner. One of them tapped his monitor, and leaned forward, before he called his sergeant over.

"Karera wa modotte kimashita!" He called out, waving the older man over, whom which quickly focused his attention on the monitor, hunching over the young technician.

General Hama stood behind a large bullet proof glass window overlooking the main reception hall, while dozens of Taiyou soldiers filed in behind concrete redoubts, where 12.7mm HMGs were positioned, and focused on the door, each of them racked their weapons, checked, and lubricated them with a spritz of CLP, before focusing on the large gear shaped door in front of them.

General Hama quietly lit a cigar, focusing his attention on the door. So the Praetorians had returned. He rolled the thick cigar in his mouth, savoring the taste of it, while focusing on the vault door before them. A dozen men kept their weapons pointed forward, as a loud buzzer klaxxoned, yellow lights flashed all through the room, and the men narrowed their eyes.

Back in the Command room, a lieutenant approached General Hama, and offered him a brisk salute.

"Karera wa modotte kite, shūjin ga imasu."

Hama offered a nod, they could interrogate the prisoners, and learn about the other side. This would provide a unique opportunity. Hama nodded, and looked out as the alarms continued to blare.

Metal on metal screeched throughout both caverns, the audible clunk of locks disengaging, latches retracting, and the mechanical clicks of disarming countermeasures echoed throughout both chambers, while sweat accumulated on the brows of each heavily dug in soldier, who was instructed to open fire the moment something was amiss.

With the grating of metal on metal, the gear shaped door retracted, and then moved off to the side with a series of audible clunks, echoing, and reverberating through the interior of the caverns before the door rested to the side with a massive clunk, exposing the Taiyou within, who stood with their weapons ready, while General Hama waited, and watched closely.

A small platform extended across the doorway, while a Taiyou soldier tightened his grip on his Sumitomo HMG. Each one was clad head to toe in thick clothing, armor, and a gas mask so that not even an inch of skin was exposed, and they kept their weapons, mostly Seburop C30 Assault rifles, chambered in the 5.56x45mm Caliber, utilizing High Velocity ammunition, which hit like a train, and was an excellent all around close combat munition.

Quietly they waited, to see what the "Argosians" were going to do next, they had all heard from the scout ship about the fires, so perhaps the Argosian soldiers had emerged victorious, and taken prisoners? Only the next few moments would tell.