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located in New York, a part of the last of the real ones, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York

The city of dreams and destruction.


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Character Portrait: Soren Bowers Character Portrait: Robyn Miller
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soren bowers
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Soren was pointedly trying to avoid Lauren as best he could, and was doing pretty damn well. He was making a beeline back towards the kitchen to replenish his drink without catching her attention, and her wrath, when he heard the unmistakable sounds of somebody getting slapped from across the room. He turned to see Robyn, of all people, screaming at Lauren. Her outburst was something he never would have expected from her, but he couldn’t say that he wasn’t glad to see it. It was worth it for the look on Lauren’s face. He continued his beeline to the kitchen, but grabbed another drink while he was there.

Lauren was nowhere to be seen when he returned to the main room, so he felt safe enough making his way to Robyn, holding out the second drink to her. “Do I want to know what bullshit Lauren was spewing this time?” He asked as he did so.

Robyn had only taken a few steps away and leaned against a wall to try to compose herself. It wasn’t like her to blow up like that at someone. As she looked up she was startled a bit and flinched back seeing someone come up to her, as she was still on edge. “Oh. Sorry. Hey Soren.” She spoke quickly, then taking another deep breath and taking the drink from Soren, figuring out what to say exactly. Robyn obviously didn’t want to tell the secret of her and Lauren getting together and cheating on Nathan. “Yeah. Just, some things she said about Nathan got to me…” She trailed off, rubbing her arm with her free hand, and taking a deep drink. “Thanks for this.”

Soren just nodded, shrugging a little as she explained. “She’s a pro at getting under your skin and figuring out the best way of tormenting you. Try not to let her get into your head, that’s giving her what she wants,” he advised. “Trust me, took me long enough to get her out of mine.” He shrugged again as she thanked him for the drink. “No worries. It’s great to see you again. I’m… sorry I couldn’t get home for the funeral. I was in Australia and we had back to back shows booked, I just… couldn’t get around them,” he said. “How are you doing? Feel free to feed me some bullshit about how you’re fine or tell me to just fuck off, I won’t mind,” he said with an awkward laugh.

She nodded in agreement with Soren about Lauren getting into her head and how she was such a good tormentor. Luckily she didn’t have to deal with that often since they were mostly on mutual terms. Is this what it was like for everyone trying to deal with Lauren during high school while Robyn ignored most of it so she wouldn’t feel Lauren’s wrath. The thought sent a shiver through Robyn before focusing back on Soren and their conversation. She kept her gaze to the side as he apologized for not being able to make it to the funeral.

“It’s fine Soren. I know you were busy, Nathan would always give me updates about you and Beautiful Strangers. Plus it wasn’t that big of a ceremony, it was small and simple, something that Nathan would’ve wanted you know?” Robyn quickly downed the drink and set it down. “I still go see him just about every week. He has a beautiful headstone.” She continued to speak, able to see the headstone, crystal clear in her mind as she just visited yesterday and told Nate about the party. A pair of angel wings at the top above words; Husband to one, Friend to all.

Robyn let out a small sniff and composed herself before she would start tearing up. “But that wasn’t your question. I’m doing alright. It differs from day to day. I thought coming here would help, but so far it sucks. Haven't even seen Simon since I arrived with him.”

He nodded as Robyn spoke about Nathan. Her love for him was clear, even now. Nathan had always been an amazing guy, the type of person it was impossible to hate, no matter how hard you tried. Not that he’d ever even given Soren any reason to hate him. They’d been friends through most of high school, and after the accident, Nathan had been known to randomly drop in on Soren to make sure he was doing okay, both in the hospital and when he was discharged. It was weird to think he was actually dead and not just… gone away to work for some charity or something.

Soren reached out and took Robyn’s hand, giving it a brief squeeze. “Sorry the party sucks. I promise it would have been fun, if Voldemort herself hadn’t shown up,” he said, tilting his head in the vague direction of where Lauren was. “And oh shit, I was talking to Simon earlier. If I see him again, I’ll tell him to come find you,” He promised.

As soon as Soren apologized about the party Robyn regretted her choice of words, even though he said it was Lauren’s fault. “Oh! No no! Sorry. The party is fun, I just meant in general and thinking I would be fine with it in general. Shocker, but I’m not so sure I’m over Nate completely, and everyone and everything here is just a reminder of him, of us. Going to your or Cam’s little garage practices. Hanging out with Julian after games. Or just any of the parties back then. It’s hard to think of a time when I wasn’t with him.” She spoke, taking a moment looking at Soren, realizing she’s dumping a lot. “Sorry, but it’s nice to talk to someone else besides the lord about this.” Robyn quickly gave Soren a hug.

“It is a good party Soren. I swear. You and Erin are excellent hosts. Where is she anyways, haven’t seen much of her. Sort of wanted a tour of the apartment.” Robyn rubbed the side of her neck with her left hand as she looked around for a moment.

Soren laughed, shaking his head. “It’s fine, Robyn. I know you didn’t mean it quite like that.” He said. He just smiled gently and nodded as she explained how everything reminded her of Nate. He squeezed her hand again. “Nobody expects you to be over him yet, Robyn. You take as long as you need to, okay?” He said, softly, before leaning into the hug.

At the question of where Erin was, he just shrugged, looking around. “Last time I saw her she was dancing with Evie so maybe they’re- no, there’s Evie, but no Erin, that’s a shame. I can give you a tour though?” He asked, looking back at her. It was then that he noticed something. “Hey, Robyn, where’s your engagement ring? You used to wear it all the time, right?” He said, wondering if she’d lost it somewhere in the apartment.

It made sense that Erin was dancing with Evie, Robyn always thought the two of them were cute back then, and still are, she had a suspicion of something between them. She was about to accept the offer of a tour, it was something that would take her mind off of what had happened, and possibly lead to seeing some of the others, but then Soren pointed out something. Her ring. “Huh?” Robyn looked down at her hand and immediately noticed it was gone. “Oh my god!” She freaked out for a second, trying to figure out if she ever took it off or left it somewhere. But then she froze and remembered she had it while talking to Lauren, she pointed it out. And while they were talking, while Robyn was vulnerable, Lauren held her hands. “Lauren.” Robyn mumbled out loud. “I’m going to kill her. She took it.” Robyn said to Soren, before walking off without saying much of a bye to him.