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Snippet #2821692

located in New York, a part of the last of the real ones, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York

The city of dreams and destruction.


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Character Portrait: Gabriella Montez Character Portrait: Damien Wolfe
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Jade’s voice sounded fainter the second time through the door. Gabriella took her first breath in a while, realizing she’d been holding her breath while listening. Her hand naturally brushed over where the inner pocket would be had it been exposed, almost protective in nature. She hated how comforting she found it just to know they were there. There was almost a sense of pride that she could just hold onto them and not take them, her addiction trying to convince herself that she was practicing willpower. The only thing that was keeping her from taking those pills here and now was spite, but that wouldn’t last long. Self-restraint had never been Gabriella’s strong suit. She much preferred the help of others to do the restraining.

Gabriella opened the door slowly, scanning for Jade as she stepped out. When her gaze landed on Damien she paused, any worry she might have been showing melting away. She didn’t have a chance to even say hi to him earlier, let alone notice the way his suit fit his frame. He was dressed in all black, not that it surprised her. He and his wolves often did.

Anyone who had been lingering around before had moved into either the kitchen or living room, leaving Gabriella and Damien alone in the dimly lit hallway. On a better day, Gabriella would go and find Declan or Evie, maybe go home. However right now the only thing keeping her from popping the little pill in her pocket was the thoughts Damien’s intense stare provoked.

“I didn’t realize you and Jade were so chummy.” Gabriella leaned against the wall beside Damien, one of her legs sliding over the other to brush against his.

Damien waited for Gabriella to emerge from the washroom after Jade had gone. He eyed her warily as she rested against the wall near him, crossing her long legs in front of her. Damien made an effort to ignore the fact that her leg had come into contact with his, which was now exposed due to the slit in her skirt. He was well aware of what she was up to. But he wasn't going to let her take him that easily.

Then Gabriella commented about Damien knowing Jade, which made him lift his eyes and smile at her. “I didn't think it mattered,” he said as he took a step closer to her, his hands stuffed into his pockets. “You aren't jealous, are you?” When he mentioned being jealous, his grin faded immediately, and he became solemn. He didn't believe there was any cause for her to feel jealous. Damien made sure that they were just fuck friends.

As he stepped in towards her, Gabriella bit back a smirk. Even his proximity was intoxicating. She rolled her eyes as if the notion amused her, ignoring the little voice that said he was right. Jealous of who, she wasn’t sure. She never felt she had any claim to Damien, nor wanted any claim of Jade - so what was there to be jealous of? Waving a hand dismissively, she crossed one arm across her torso.

“Hardly,” Gabriella coyly tilted her head, her lips resting in a natural pout. “I mean, I knew you had friends in low places - I just didn’t realize that included actual demons.”

Gabriella hadn’t sought opportunities to foul mouth Jade. In fact, only Declan knew about the circumstances of their split. However, the very thing that drove Gabriella into Damien’s arms had been that she was running from Jade. It’s not like she thought they were strangers, they all knew each other somehow - but Jade’s familiarity just put Gabriella ill at ease. Damien drew a breath, simultaneously bringing a hand to his chest.

“Ouch,” he drawled, his chest clenched, “Friends in low places? You can’t be so cruel, Gabs.”

It was a simple tease for dramatic effects. Whether or not she actually meant what she had said about him and his associations, he didn’t pay any attention. He knew he had a long list of people who were considered criminals; however, they made for great allies when he needed a certain job done and “messes” to clean. They became the same friends that Damien knew he could count on to be there armed and ready to fire whenever he needed them to be. Still, Damien couldn’t hide his amusement at hearing Gabriella compare his allies to literal demons.

The mafia boss pressed both hands on the wall behind Gabriella on either side and leaned in towards her. She inhaled sharply, holding her breath. “And what does that make you to me?” He whispered, keeping his voice in a tone that was loud enough to hear, but low enough for Gabriella’s ears only. Damien eyed her lips, clenching his jaw while dubiously fighting back the urge to taste them.

It was difficult to think when he was this close, the rest of the party fading away for a moment. She looked up at him, his gaze transfixed on her pout. Usually, at this point, they’d already been tearing each other’s clothes off. Admittedly she preferred it that way. Damien had made it very clear to Gabriella where his priorities lie. She knew it was only setting herself up for failure when she began their affair. He and Dylan were endgame.

It wasn’t even that she wanted or needed Damien to herself. In fact, it was better that he wasn’t an option for the long run - that just meant there was more room to use him as a means of self-destruction. He seemed to use her for the same reason, though she imagined he framed it differently in his mind. There was a reason he came over more when he and Dylan were fighting.

“I think you’ve made it clear exactly what I am to you.” Gabriella smiled sweetly as her leg slid between Damien’s, her hips naturally lifting towards his. She tilted her head back to rest it against the wall behind her looking up at Damien. “As for what that makes me to you, I’m much more interested in all the ways and positions you can show me that.”

Damien's plans to keep Gabriella within arms reach had all but vanished the moment he felt her leg slip between his. He was battling each feeling one by one. First, she was sultry, staring him in the face with her beautiful figure. Then, just when he seemed to have triumphed, his next fight was her perfume's lovely fragrance. Finally, he had to deal with the uncomfortable sensation of skin-to-skin contact. After this epic struggle of his senses – which, of fact, lasted just a few seconds but seemed to last an eternity in his mind - he had to "adjust" himself by shifting his legs. She glanced down between them, smirking suggestively. He couldn't deny that she was driving him insane. With Gabriella, he was willing to violate any rules. He was already flirting with fire by keeping her so near to him when his wife might be anywhere. Nonetheless, he went on to accomplish what he did next.

Damien dropped his head toward Gabriella's luscious lips, licking them seductively with the tip of his tongue. “Why don't I show you exactly what you mean to me?” He groaned, his gaze fixed on her. He intended to leave her begging while selfishly taking what he wanted.

Gabriella inhaled sharply as his tongue ran across her lips, lifting her face towards his. She knew that she should have pushed him away; should have walked away instead of lingering. The truth was it was a bit exciting to know that they were one corner away from being entirely exposed. A part of her wanted Jade to see her, to see that Gabriella had moved on as well. The other part was completely powerless when Damien stood over her like this, leaving her without any choice but to stay there helpless under his stare.

“Damien,” Gabriella rested her hand on his chest, sighing with measured restraint as she felt his firm muscles beneath her fingers. She looked down as she spread her fingers across the fine fibers of his button-down. After a moment, she glanced back to Damien, her lips now upturned in a devilish smirk. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Damien couldn't stand it any longer when Gabriella uttered those words. He smirked, a dare he was ready to accept. The sexual tension was overwhelming for him; usually, he could keep his guard up but Gabriella was someone he knew he shouldn't have, which only made him want to pursue her even more.

Pushing himself away from the wall he slipped his hand into Gabriella’s without saying so much as another word. He led her along the corridor past the bodies of inebriated strangers. Even holding Gabriella's hand was dangerous when someone they knew could see them and inform Dylan, or worse, Dylan would catch them. However, he was prepared to accept the chance. Gabriella was lethal. She fueled Damien's need to make poor choices, regardless of whether they would kill him. Still, he kept his eyes peeled for any recognizable faces and blended seamlessly with the crowd.

Damien pushed the bedroom door on his left, closest to the bathroom, open. It was unlocked, much to his astonishment. He peered inside to make sure it was empty. Then he glanced behind him to make sure no one they knew saw them entering the bedroom together. Finally, he took a step inside, gently dragging Gabriella along with him, and closed the door behind her. As the bedroom door slammed shut, he pressed himself against her and kissed her passionately. At that moment, Damien controlled Gabriella, leaving her with nothing but the pleasure of their connection.

She inhaled sharply as Damien leaned in, her breath cut short by his kiss. Her head was spinning so fast, all she could do was react. Arching her back, Gabriella slid off her jacket tilting her hips toward Damien. That little green pill was a distant memory, only Damien consuming her thoughts now. It was wrong, but it was the only thing keeping her from spiraling.

A part of her thought Damien wanted to get caught. He was getting riskier and riskier. They’d both be lying if they said the prospect wasn’t a bit exciting, as shameful as it might be. She knew that this was a way for him to get back at his wife when they were fighting, or at least that’s how it started. Now it was a craving, a hunger - she could taste it on his lips.

“Please,” Gabriella moaned against his lips, already begging.

Damien would normally tease her a bit longer just to watch her plead, but he was already aroused. He wanted Gabriella as much as she craved him, as shown by the gentle moans that escaped her lips. So, like any gentleman, he pulled her off her feet and carried her to the bed to fulfill her wish.