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Snippet #2821715

located in Rhindeval, a part of Fractured Kingdoms, one of the many universes on RPG.


Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress


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Character Portrait: Ivelda Evers Character Portrait: Garland Greywind Novax Character Portrait: Tempeste Ponce Character Portrait: Cynfael O'Donohue
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"Remember the first rule of magic, never overexert your magic, it'll drain you out. Even I have my limit."
Cynfael burst into flames as he changed back to his normal self. "Yes, mother." He answered dully, having a good stretch before falling backward onto the bed and staring up at the ceiling. He had gotten so used to staring up at the same ceiling day after day that staring at this one was view enough.

"Do you have favorites among your servants?" he asked, after a great deal of thinking. "Your favorites are my favorites so I want to know who I have to be kind to, to keep them especially loyal." Cynfael thought aloud, trying to wrap his head around what Ivelda was trying to teach him during the incident between Benedicto and Ryder.

He rolled to lay on his stomach, propped up an elbow, and rested his chin in the hand as he watched her pack."People are always beautiful in the books unless they're poor or unimportant but that stable hand wasn't ugly at all." He spoke an observation, puzzled by it. "Do you only let beautiful people serve you, mother?" He asked his second question, ruffling his hair as the only ugly servant was the cursed pigman so far. "Will I get servants too?" Third question, as she was giving him a mount of his own and he was used to being spoiled in the tower. He wondered what other gifts he would receive.

With the made-up story of being Ivelda's sworn protector, the boy also wanted to ask, "Do I get to kill anyone? I've never killed a person before and that might make me look weak." He thought aloud, almost certain that the older servant boys had at least killed one person in their line of work. Probably more than that though like... hundreds! He was so envious.

"I have one more question, just one more!" he pleaded, bringing both his hands together with puppy eyes. Cynfael was full of curiosity but didn't want to be a bother. The final question he left for last intentionally as it was the hardest to ask. He was already grateful for his freedom but there was an uncertain future ahead of him. Voice quieter as he hung his arms over the bed's edge, "When I prove myself... will they learn I'm your son?"

Hex Code: #ff0789 "I've got friends that will run through walls." - The Script

Tempeste paid close attention to every thought and image that passed through Korgan to her own mind. She knew there was a chance he didn't kidnap Ari but did not expect him to have a lewd fantasy of her! Her skin flushed immediately, from her face down to her collarbone. I don't...that's not... I- Tempeste could barely form a coherent thought. She shook her head side to side repeatedly until she was dizzy, trying to shake it off literally which helped some.

"Would you be so kind to release... me?" She asked, managing to get stability back into her voice but failing without contest to look him in the eyes. So embarrassing. So embarrassing! Please let me go! Her thoughts pleaded, hoping to put some distance between them. She wriggled her trapped hand and scrunched her eyes. I DON'T DRESS LIKE THAT! She mentally protested, feeling so exposed to someone she just met.

Then her eyes lowered to the floor in defeat as she dangled in his grasp. "I'm sorry, sir.” She apologized. She had intruded upon his past memories and his private thoughts but he turned out to be innocent after all. "I would have gone to the stables to look for him if I could but the last time I left my post for the kitchens, I got into trouble.” I thought you might know why he never comes. Ari, why? Her mind recalled waiting for Ari every day but before it could reveal too much like Carter and their association, she purposefully bit her tongue to bring her back to the present and it cut off his face.

"I'd appreciate the help.” Tempeste accepted his offer, with a grateful smile even, in spite of the precarious situation. Finding Ari was a priority. I just want to know he's okay-- that it's not my fault. Tempeste had been carrying that weight and worry on her shoulders alone all this time but something about sharing that weight and worry with someone else made it more emotional. Although the sadness was stirring within, she denied it from leaking.

She was still on duty and had a job to do. "I'll help you first. May I see your wounds, s-sir?” She stuck by her intention to attend to his healing but it was not going to be easy. Her pink-purple hues danced everywhere except towards Korgan, still much embarrassed. And I'm leaving the...'trick' in case of any funny business. Tempeste concluded, dearly hoping there wasn't going to be any but wanting the warning if there would be.