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located in New York, a part of the last of the real ones, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York

The city of dreams and destruction.


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Character Portrait: Gabriella Montez
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!!CW!! There are heavy themes of drug use, substance abuse and addiction in this post. Anything related to plot will be later referred to in less detail, if these subjects bother you please allow yourself to skip to next post. x

Gabriella didn’t really smoke, at least not cigarettes. It had become a habit during her recovery, an errand to occupy her mind and hopefully prolong the inevitable bad decisions. She wasn’t sure where she’d get some, but in New York there was always a bodega nearby. When she exited Erin’s, Gabriella turned in a random direction and just started walking.She wasn’t sure how long it was until she found a bodega, buying the first pack of cigarettes she pointed to and a lighter.

“Can I use your bathroom?” She asked, the cashier giving her a once over. “I have to change my menstrual cup, I don’t want to bleed out onto the sidewalk.”

Obviously not wanting any more details, they handed over the key to her. Gabriella took it a little more forcefully than she intended, her jacket swinging out as she turned swishing like a cape. Immediately locking the door behind her, fishing around her purse for the little baggie. Some of the contents had spilled on the inside of her bag. She dumped the contents of her purse into the sink, batting at the fabric to get out the powder to the best of her ability.

The baggie sat near the faucet, staring back at Gabriella as she placed her things back into her purse. Her hand ran over the fabric that covered her inner pocket again, causing Gabriella to pause. She sighed roughly, that knot tangling in her chest. Her fingers twitched, be it towards her phone or towards the pill she couldn’t tell.

If she did what she was supposed to, Gabriella would dial her sponsor now or at the very least Declan, Evie or Robyn. Gabriella had left the party telling herself she just needed to get some fresh air, but if she was being honest she knew she’d end up here. This was the plan, to get herself alone in a room with her greatest temptation - the rest had just been distractions or delayment of this moment.

Some of the graffiti had spilled onto the mirror, only part of Gabriella reflecting back at her. She brought a hand to her face. Her fingers ran over her smudged lipstick before pausing over her neck, still hot from Damien’s touch. Sliding her hand into her jacket, she withdrew the pill from Jade then grabbing the baggie with the other.

Dark eyes staring back at her, taunting - telling her all the things she knew to be true. At the end of the day Gabriella had never been strong enough. She looked down at the drugs in her hands. If she had a bump of ketamine it might fade by the time she got back to the party - but ketamine was a hell of a drug. Gabriella couldn’t have herself going down another K-hole. It was never ‘just a bump’ with ketamine.

Bringing the little green pill at eye level, she inspected it closely. It was only inches from her lips. She resisted the compulsion to just toss it into her mouth, instead rotating it to read the identifying number imprinted on the side. She pulled out her phone, looking up the pill and its effects.

Of course Jade had given her the perfect cocktail. Pocketing the baggie to focus on the capsule in her fingers, she was weighing the pros and cons when there was a pounding on the door making her jump. The pill slipped from her fingers, nose diving down the sink Gabriella grasping at the air after it.

“Aye - you cooking up some meth in there?” Shouted the cashier through the door.

“Do I look like a fucking meth head to you?” Gabriella shouted back, obviously distraught enough to make him quiet down. She swore under her breath, shining her flashlight down the drain to see if she could spy the pill. With some gum and a bobby pin, if she could see it she might be able to fish it out, but the green capsule was nowhere in sight. She pulled the baggie out once more, looking down at it with desperation - she was stranded in the desert and it her oasis.

Just one bump - she could do just one bump? Right?

Gabriella looked back to her partial reflection, not recognizing which part was staring back. She had to decide who she was going to be.

Emerging a few moments later Gabriella went right to the cashier and bought the first pack of cigarettes she pointed to. She packed the cigarettes as she walked back onto the street, the bodega cat sitting on a stack of crates by the door. Scratching the long haired feline behind the ear, it pushed it’s face into her touch purring at her affections. Gabriella smiled softly. She stayed there a little while, finding comfort in petting the small animal. It was therapeutic. As much as Gabriella wanted to stay there longer, she’d have to face her friends again some time tonight. Going home now wasn’t an option, the only way out was through.

“See ya, ya stinker.” Gabriella said to the cat, giving it a final rub down before shaking it’s fur off her hand.

Erin’s place wasn’t that far so Gabriella took the long way back, sparking up a cigarette as she walked. She didn’t hit it that often, just enough to keep it lit. It helped just to have something to do with her hands. By the time she reached Erin’s she had calmed down enough, taking deep breaths as she approached the party.

She stood outside as she finished her cigarette, giving herself a pep talk. More than anyone they would understand the need for some space after coming face to face with Lauren, no one would question her absence. All she had to tell was the truth, minus one or two important details.

There was an empty can of beer on the stoop, Gabriella dropping her cigarette butt inside. She felt sorry for the poor drunk sucker that later would mistake it for their own beer and get a mouthful of backwash and ash, but the thought amused her too much to do anything to throw away or move the can. Pushing through those who lingered by the door, Gabriella made her way back into the party bracing herself for the worst.