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Snippet #2821742

located in Rhindeval, a part of Fractured Kingdoms, one of the many universes on RPG.


Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress


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Character Portrait: Ivelda Evers Character Portrait: Niklaus Viel Eldiel Character Portrait: Meridian O'Donohue Character Portrait: Sibylla Costrantina Character Portrait: Silvia Siria Shwetz Character Portrait: Cynfael O'Donohue
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Ivelda Evers
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"Do you have favorites among your servants? Your favorites are my favorites so I want to know who I have to be kind to, to keep them especially loyal."

Ivelda knew all of her favorite servants were the princes she had control of because she loved molding each of them to best serve her. This also include Cyn. As long as she kept her hold over each of them, she knew they would remain loyal too her.

"You've already met most of them, Cyn, even the few trouble makers. They are my favorites because they each play a role in maintaining order in my kingdom and to make sure no one poses a threat to my rule. Adrian, the red head you saw, is one of my best spies, but also serves as an assassin when I need him to be. You'll be meeting him soon, but my #1 Assassin is Jai, but this must remain a secret between you and me for most don't know this. Adrian knows this ONLY because the two use to train together before they went on solo missions. Jai's known job is that of my Main Healer. He has his own medical ward. I plan on seeing him before we leave. The other one you haven't seen yet is my Primary Tormentor, Eike. He's very devious and loves his job and causing pain to others. I pretty much raised him myself since his parents died when he was 5, so he's not so much older then you. He hates coming out of the dungeon. When we go done there soon, I want you to mentally prepare yourself. I don't know if you're ready to see what's down in the dungeons yet, so I want to warn you. One of the most important of my servants is my advisor Ryder. He's basically my right hand man and takes care of things when I am not able. Like he'll be in charge of things while we're gone. You saw him dealing with Benedicto with those 2 children servants of mine. Benedicto is one of my Preachers and is the loyalist amongst them. Sometimes he takes his duty too seriously though and there have been times I worry he's pushing the people too hard into worshiping me. As for the rest of my favorite servants, there's the beast master, Tyann, who you saw with the huge wolf. I'll make sure he eventually finds a mount suited for you. You also saw my Captain of the Guards, Sir Thaddeus, who I ordered to start cleaning up the mess Korgan and Raiden made. He's in charge of my army here in Lostein. Korgan is an outrider who NORMALLY sails the waters of Rhindeval. Raiden is my primary hunter. He'll hunt down any creature I desire, sometimes kill them or alive, especially if I want an exotic mount. Cinder is a perfect example, Raiden got him while he was still in his egg. He was raised by Tyann though. Now as much as I love all of my servants, you my dear boy will always been my favorite no matter what since you're my special little prince."

Cyn's next question was an interesting one.

"I am assuming you're thinking of Tyann's assistant, Ari? He's from Serein I believe, which has been largely deserted. I prefer someone to be competent at their job though Cyn. If they're both that and beautiful though, that's just a bonus. Hehe, if I only allowed beautiful people to work for me, I'd've fired Korgan a long time ago." Ivelda said with a small life.

Ivelda was amused when when Cyn asked if he was ever going to kill anymore. She didn't realize he was starting to get a bit blood thirsty. With a smile, she patted his head and combed her fingers through it.

"Maybe soon. We'll see how you handle this trip first."

His last question did catch Ivelda off guard and she could tell Cyn was nervous to ask it. Did he want all of Rhindeval to know? That was something Ivelda wasn't sure was a good idea. Anyone who lived during the reign of the previous rulers would know that Cyn was NOT her biological son. Not to mention that none of her servants, especially the other princes knew of Cyn. He was her biggest secret after all. If Cyn ever found out she wasn't his real mother, he could possibly turn against her, and Ivelda couldn't risk that. She was going to have figure out and soon. She to keep Cyn loyal to her and she knew she had to appease him at times.

"I am going to have to think about that Cyn. But you are right about one think, I do want you to prove yourself. You must be able to defend yourself against any threat first. Like when I was your age, I was still in training myself. For now, let's focus on this trip okay?"

She feels a presence coming has Cyn return to his disguise. Soon the servant she sent off returned.

"Your majesty, I just got word that Sir Jai is currently tending to the boy that Sir Ryder brought in. Also, Sir Eike is in the medical ward. Seems he was hurt."

"Oh really? I do hope he's okay for he rarely leaves the dungeon. Come Cyn, let's see if we can find him and then find Sir Jai."

Leaving her quarters, Ivelda and Cyn head straight for the medical ward. Once they made it, staff there were quick to point where Eike was. Ivelda headed for the door only to see Eike come out of it, hauling a little girl right behind him.

"Oh Eike, I heard you were hurt so I personally came to check on you. Are you okay? From the looks of it, you're fine. If you're able, I need a few minutes of your time. I'd love to take you back to your domain, but since I need to see our Head Healer before I leave, would you mind if we talk in an empty room? Cyn, dearie, why don't you look after Eike's charge real quick in another spare room? This won't take long."

After finding two spare rooms in the medical ward, Ivelda made sure the room she was in with Eike was as dark as she could make it, without making it pitch black and she could still see Eike.

"Better? As you know, I am going on my trip over the kingdom. Is there anything you're going to need? I know Lostein doesn't have the best conditions to grow some of your special 'tools'."

Meridian O'Donohue

“Meridian, what the hell? You do not knock and then enter a room. It is rude, especially if you are bringing in a stranger. You should have waited until you were told to come in. We could have been naked. I didn’t take you as a peeping tom,” Silvia yelled at her, catching Meri a bit off guard.

Thinking about it, she guessed she should have waited, but patience was never really a virtue of hers. Still she should have made sure they were dressed. Before she could apologize though, Silvia and her faerie assistant left the room by exiting a window. Meri groaned, knowing she was going to have to make it up to Silvia soon for she didn't want to leave matters unsettled. Both of her sets of parents had told her to fix her mistakes when she could.

Soon though, Sibylla got up and spoke to her.

"She was right, you know. About the naked part. Not that we were naked together. I was naked. Like, if you had literally walked in two seconds earlier you would have- I mean, not that Silvia was looking but look, listen."

This earn a giggle out of Meri. Then Sibylla came up to her, placed a hand on her shoulder and asked her to not talk about what she just said. What did that mean? Of course Meri would keep her word, if she knew what she was talking about.

"Uhhh, sure I won't say anything, but I don't understand what you want me to keep quiet about. If it's about the fact that you were getting your measurements done and how I almost walked in on you being naked, then that's fine."

Fern groaned and decided to help the Meridian out.

"I think she means to not talk about Princess Silvia's small stature."

"Oh . . . . well I don't see why Silvia should be embarrassed, but my lips are sealed. Still, it's something that's bound to come out. I mean, we all are suppose to have magic within us. Heck, I think mine appeared just as we entered that portal that brought us here. I went flying through it! Aurora can dreamwalk and Sia has power over plants. Is Silvia scared she'll be stuck that way I guess? You faeries are going to help us with our powers right?"

"Well, I personally won't be since I'll be returning to the fae kingdom to help with that cure for the princes. But I know several here will be staying to help all of you."[/color]

"Oh good. By the way Sibylla, it's nice to see you still make puns. I could never manage to get one down. I think you would drive a few of the boys up the wall with them hehe. You're done taking your measurements right? Do you want to stay here or explore the house a bit?"