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located in Rhindeval, a part of Fractured Kingdoms, one of the many universes on RPG.


Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress


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Character Portrait: Aurora Givens Character Portrait: Aurora Givens Character Portrait: Artemisia Evergreen
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”Out of intense complexities,
Intense simplicities emerge.”
~Winston Churchill

Hex Code ~ #0B610B
Aura ~ #FFBF00

Aurora’s response seemed to voice her thoughts well, and Artemisia listened with piqued interest in turn, her head tilted slightly to the side as she gazed up at the girl inquisitively as though studying her. When the other princess had finished speaking and Iris piped up, Sia drummed her fingers along the sketchbook thoughtfully, clearly deep in her own ponderings. Meanwhile, Auravale busied herself. Without so much as a word in warning, having noticed her charge’s obvious distraction, she had flitted out of the window and off to visit her Queen to deliver the Emerald Isles’ Princess’s measurements. It did not take her long and soon the small blond fairy returned, ever the personification of Tinkerbell if there were to be one. She scampered a bit as she landed in the room, that mischievous half-smile still flitted across her pink lips, and her rosy cheeks added a subtle glow to her features. The fairy quickly found her ward once more, still situated on the chair, but at this point Artemisia had moved to tuck the drawing of her brother within the sketchbook, clearly preparing to head to the library to work.

Planning to work where the maps were on both the portraits and the map copies, Artemisia tucked the sketch of Appy back inside of her sketchbook, but not without casting one last look that could only be described as a mixture of sorrow and longing at the young man’s hard, handsome features. With a sigh, she pushed herself to her feet, gathering her things as she rose in a fluid motion.

”I am not brave; simply dense and awkward,” she said easily, as though that statement explained it all. After another moment of her seeming to mull over what Aurora had said, Artemisia spoke again, seemingly choosing her words carefully, ”I … Do not do people well. Reading people - observing people - that I can do. Speaking to people-” she cut off with a little laugh but it came out a bit forced, betraying the girls’ discomfort. ”-I am not good with people. I keep trying to help, but everything I do simply …” Artemisia feigned an explosion with her hands, making a small sound of one as she did so. ”But I really am trying, vous savez*? Everyone else seems to think the worst of me, but I am trying my hardest.” Her hands slowly lowered at this statement, her eyes fixated on her fingers. Another soft sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head before raising her gaze to meet Aurora’s. ”I will try to look at the group with a bit more positivité**, as you have. Perhaps I have been looking at it with too much of a glass-half-empty outlook, and need to adjust my approcher***.”

With that said, Artemisia turned to Iris, a small polite smile once more on her face. ”If you are ready, madame****, I would appreciate your guidance to the library and assistance with the portraits, s'il te plaît*****,” she said as she picked up her sketchbook and pouch, clutching them to her chest in ever the nerd fashion. Auravale continued to observe near the window, present if necessary yet not one to interject unless needed.
vous savez* ~ you know
Positivité** ~ positivity
Approcher*** ~ approach
Madame**** ~ ma’am
s'il te plaît***** ~ please