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Snippet #2821747

located in New York, a part of the last of the real ones, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York

The city of dreams and destruction.


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Character Portrait: Lauren Clark Character Portrait: Dean Sun
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This party was bogus. Dean wasn’t having nearly enough fun for this to have even been worth attending. So he was slinking around, talking to people, drinking, you know how it goes. He didn’t really feel like he was super wanted here, and he considered leaving, but then he caught a glimpse of someone he just had to speak with across the room.

So he made a beeline for Lauren, cutting her off with a hand firmly planted to the wall near her. Hopefully she wouldn’t try to worm her way past him. “Laur,” He said, with nothing but love and friendly adoration in his voice, “I didn’t expect to see you here. You look great. Having fun?” He, of course, wasn’t really that interested in how much fun she was having at the party. If there was one thing Dean knew about Lauren, it was that she was certainly enjoying herself if she could get under someone’s skin.

“How’re things going with Soren?” He asked (before she could finish telling him all about how she was ruining people’s lives), with a bit more venom in his tone than strictly necessary.

Lauren had known that Dean was somewhere around, but truth be told, she hadn’t really cared enough to go find him just yet. She wasn’t quite that bored just yet. She made no attempt to escape him when he arrived in front of her, however, simply managed a smile.

“Dean, wonderful to see you. And speak for yourself, it’s such a nice change to see you all dressed up,” she said, matching the warmth in his tone. She decided to dodge the question about whether or not she was having fun; but evidently, Dean didn’t really care about that either.

At the mention of Soren, she dropped her nice act, rolling her eyes and scoffing. “He’s still up on his high horse, thinks that he’s too good for me now. So, I’m just gonna have to drag him back down. Time for the internet to find out he’s hooked on painkillers and god knows what else,” she said, phrasing the last part with over dramatic fake shock. “You might want to warn that brother of yours. If he gets involved with Soren, he’ll probably have to endure begging for prescriptions for oxy and morphine.” She phrases it as though it’s legitimate advice for a genuine risk, and not just the beginning of the smear campaign against her ex.

“He is too good for you,” Dean offered, simply. “You should give it up.” That was something he’d been telling Lauren for a while. Not that she wasn’t good enough for Soren, but that it was a waste of her time. He’d moved on, would want nothing to do with her now. She couldn’t bully her way back into someone’s heart, try as she might. Dean would know.

Dean shrugged, “I’m not worried about Declan. They make good decisions.” This was, of course, completely ignoring the years of work Dean had put into driving a wedge between Soren and Dec. That was for purely selfish reasons, completely separate from Declan’s ability to choose a suitable partner.

“Actually, Lauren, I was thinking that it’s high time you moved on to someone else.” He, of course, meant himself, “And I think I can convince you.”

Lauren just rolled her eyes as Dean told her, yet again, to give up on Soren. He was probably right, of course, but Lauren hated admitting defeat. His comment about Declan, however, took her slightly more by surprise. She had heard about Dean’s attempts to keep Soren away from Declan, and by all accounts, he’d made it his life goal to make sure nothing ever happened. So when he ignored the information she’d given him, information that could keep Declan away for a while, if not for good, she was surprised.

That was, until he changed the subject. Of course that was what was on his mind. She laughed, raising an eyebrow. “Oh, really?” She asked. “How do you intend on doing that?” She took a step towards him as he spoke, as if to playfully challenge him.

Dean shrugged, feigning indifference. “A little birdy told me that you’ve been siphoning money from daddy’s business accounts for yourself.” That “little birdy” had been Dean, snooping around Lauren’s apartment the last time he’d been over. He really was just trying to see if she had anything laying around that she wouldn’t miss that he could sell for a bit of cash, but this had been a real find.

“As it stands, my morals tell me I simply have to let your father know. But a dutiful boyfriend may be convinced to keep your little secret,” It was only partially about the money he might be able to get his hands on if they were together. Something about Lauren was electric, captivating. He couldn’t let go of her. “Provided, of course, he gets to benefit from it as well.”

Lauren had been expecting him to flirt with her, perhaps make a move, and she had intended on letting him do so. She had to give him a little something every now and then to keep him hanging on. But what he actually said took Lauren aback. It was exactly the game she’d been playing with everyone else all evening, and she hadn’t expected to have it turned back on herself.

For a moment, she considered telling Dean exactly where to go and turning the little favour that Declan had done for her back on Dean. And then she realised that she could use him. She needed an accomplice, and if it meant sharing some of her funds, so be it. Besides, there was something oddly attractive about the manner in which he’d managed to turn her own tactics against her.

“You drive a hard bargain, Mr Sun,” she said. “How could I refuse?” She added, as if all he had done was flirt with her, and not threaten to expose her to her parents and ruin all of her carefully orchestrated plans.

Dean had been expecting Lauren to fight him more than she had. A part of him had to wonder what she had up her sleeve for him, or how quickly she would grow bored of him and move on. Either way, he’d won for now, and he would always have that blackmail to fall back on if he needed it.

He smirked, and leaned in to plant a quick, chaste kiss on her lips. “Of course, I expect a nice instagram post about the relationship soon enough. I won’t be satisfied being hidden away in the background.” He was hoping this would force Lauren to give up the Soren thing. She would probably still expose all his dirty secrets. Dean didn’t give a shit. He just wanted her to focus on him.

Lauren grinned, making it appear as though she was just delighted to be dating the man who was actually trying to blackmail her, and not that she was relieved to finally have somebody to rope in on all of her plans. She’d been wondering how to pull it off, and Dean had just handed her that opportunity. Maybe they’d even be able to use Declan as well.

At his comment about Instagram, she laughed. “Of course, darling, I would never hide you away.” She pulled him in for another kiss, but this time also pulled out her phone and snapped a picture of them kissing. “This will do nicely,” she said. Posting it would probably break Jade’s heart, and that just made Lauren all the more delighted with her plan. “I’ll be sure to post it later with a suitably sappy caption.”

Dean craned his neck to look at the picture, “Perfect. you got my good side.” He grinned, genuinely not having felt quite this elated since… He didn’t know when.

“Lauren,” He started, voice encompassing a tenderness not many have ever heard from him, “I want you to know how-“ He stopped abruptly, having spotted something out of the corner of his eye that made his blood run cold. He turned slightly, to get a better look, and all his fears were confirmed. Fucking Soren was talking to his brother again.

“Hey,” He said, sounding already like he was a million miles away, “I’m gonna have to hold that thought. I’ll find you later.” He reached out and gave Lauren’s hand a squeeze before going to intervene in what could possibly be the worst thing that could happen tonight.