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Snippet #2821755

located in Short Stories From the Abyss, a part of The Abyssal Paradox, one of the many universes on RPG.

Short Stories From the Abyss

Into the Abyss; another world of strangeness beneath the plates of Titan's Fall.


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Mere moments after the burst of mana reached for the skies did the skies answer, a solitary raven swooped down low over the man before landing on a nearby lamppost. "What you want intruder?" It Screaked at the man swiftly followed by a cacophony of other ravens echoing 'intruder' as the dropped down from the skies landing on the rooftops, awnings balconies and other such perches overlooking the man until nearly every ridge had turned black with ravens.

The man clearly taken aback by the welcome he had received spoke up while trying to regain composure "I... I have to speak with your boss, Fre-" More could not leave his mouth before a deafening cawing of obvious displeasure interrupted the man.

"Never speak her name, caw. We will listen...We will answer." the one on the lamppost continued with the others parroting 'listen' and 'answer' in a discordant mess. At this point a couple curious wolves joined in to look at what had stirred the ravens, as if wondering when and how to strike at the weasel-man in front of them they began circling close around the man.

The man continued to press with frustration building in his voice. "I was specifically instructed to meet..." A malicious chuckle from one of the wolves robbed the man of his voice. "Heh heh, meat, heh heh." It growled visibly licking it's razor sharp teeth as it circled uncomfortably close. "Speak human!" The other commanded in a growl.

Perhaps reconsidering his position the man didn't attempt to press further. "I whaas.. Ehrm, I was asked b-... By my boss to request your... Your masters help finding a missing subject-." He spoke slowly feeling a proverbial knife on the throat in the form of the wolf currently still licking his teeth while humming "meat, meat, meat, how I'd love to eat." with that malicious grin on it's face and it's eyes trained straight on the man's jugular. With the ravens parroting 'master' 'help' and 'subject', this time in an almost mocking tone.

"A... A shapeshifter of sorts, appears, eh... Kind of like a roiling... Mass of ink." The man hesitantly continued looking around to check there were no others listening in on the conversation, only to see the streets empty other than the masses of birds looking straight at him and the two wolves circling at his feet. "We know... We have seen." The ravens screaked in unison then repeating those words loudly and discordantly like a mad cult. Upon hearing this the man jolted towards it trying to avoid touching the wolves in the process. "That's fantastic can you tell me where you saw it?" The man said with a voice sweet enough to rot ones teeth straight out of their mouth and a customer service smile so fake it would leave one to recoil from disgust.

"No, bring us shinies... Then we speak." The Raven on the lamppost commanded silencing the chorus of ravens momentarily before a discordant chant of 'shinies' broke free among them. Quick to react the man grabbed some broken pieces of glass and some shiny pebbles from the floor and help them up to the one on the lamppost. "Here, here, now tell me whe-..." Before the man could finish speaking the chorus of crows cawed once more in displeasure and screaked "No" from the tops of their lungs. "You bring what is worth, we tell what is truth." The one on the lamppost screaked before flying up.

With the one on the lamppost gone the others flew up as well, but not without grabbing little pebbles and hard nuts with which they began to pelt the man from above. After feeling the first pebble hit their head the man knew what rain was to come and began to run away from the Stoneworks as fast as his feet could carry. Though that wasn't all his worries as with the sound of panting behind him cold sweat flowed down his back realizing the wolves hadn't left him yet. One of them jumped forwards and snapped at the man's legs tearing a hole in his pants before coming to a full stop with the other one stopping next to him. "Nice to meat you. Heh, heh." It growled fabric stuck between his teeth and a malicious grin plastered on it's face.