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Snippet #2821760

located in New York, a part of the last of the real ones, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York

The city of dreams and destruction.


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Character Portrait: Gabriella Montez Character Portrait: Dean Sun
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ImageImageGabriella looked around as she walked back into the party, giving awkward stiff smiles to unfamiliar faces. She wondered if Lauren had already chased off the rest of her friends, checking her phone for any texts and seeing none. It wasn’t like any of them to disappear without warning so they had to be around here somewhere. If she could just find Declan or Robyn, maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad. She wanted a drink but didn’t trust herself with one right now. The only way she was going to make it through tonight was by convincing herself that she had some measure of self-restraint.

Then of course there was Dean. It was like he had an innate ability to show up when Gabriella was at a breaking point. The image of Jade’s lips against his flashed in her mind, sending a shudder down her spine. It wasn’t just jealousy, though she’d be lying if she said that wasn’t a part of it. Something about it was just wrong.

“Hey.” She grabbed ahold of his shoulder, turning Dean to face her. “You seen Dec?”

Her tone was obviously annoyed, giving Dean a look that she clearly did not want to be talking to him. Truthfully she didn’t have much to say to him, it’s not like he knew any better. That’s just how he was, how he always was. Really she was just mad at herself for not seeing it coming, Jade always would find a way to fuck up every thing in Gabriella’s life.

Dean had run away from Declan with his tail between his legs. There were very few people on planet earth that made him feel vulnerable, and Declan was one of them. Why couldn’t they seem to see that he was trying? He didn’t try to hide the sullen, frustrated expression on his face as he skulked about the room. He saw Gabriella, and initially was going to let her go about her evening, but she grabbed onto his shoulder, so it would only be polite to hear her out.

He audibly sighed when she asked about Declan. Why was he all anyone cared about? ”No,” Dean lied, despite how he could easily tell Gabriella exactly where Declan was. Dean was upset with Declan, and intended not to do anything to help them or anyone looking for them, ”I haven’t seen them since we got here.”

Usually, Dean tried to at least fake a pleasant face for people, but he didn’t bother with Gabriella. He wasn’t in the mood. ”Look for Soren, he’s bound to be there making googly eyes.” Dean rolled his eyes, clearly disgusted by the very thought.

“Jesus fucking christ, don’t be a child.” Gabriella rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. “Like you’re one to talk.”

Dean shook his head, “Dec deserves someone who has time for him, and won’t drag him down with their own issues.” And who Dean didn’t so deeply and personally hate. As some sort of cover up for that all too real admission, he added “You look like shit.”

Gabriella couldn’t help but laugh. One at the idea of Dean micromanaging Dec’s love life, two at his weak jab at her appearance. She ran her hand through her hair, nodding her head in agreement with him. “You got me there, I’ll give you that.”

As annoyed as she still was with Dean, it was more like one would be with a child or a pet. You can’t really stay mad because they don’t really know better. Their friendship was rooted in encouraging one another’s worst impulses, chaos was just a byproduct of it all. Despite it all, Gabriella did believe Dean had a soft spot for others - though he had a funny way of showing it. Regardless, she wasn’t going to just let him make himself into the victim or the good guy just looking out for his brother.

“I think you need to care a little bit less about who Declan fucks, Dean.” Gabriella pointed towards Dean to emphasize her words, then clasping them together to keep herself from gesticulating wildly as she spoke. “If it doesn’t affect your life then you need to leave it be. You know, unlike you fucking my ex without telling me for god knows how long. You know, like how that could affect me - you know from like contact fucking my ex.

Dean crossed his arms as Gabriella said he needed to care less. He didn’t care, so long as it wasn’t Soren. He wouldn’t pretend to internalize her point, though. He knew she wouldn’t expect him to, either.

But when she brought up Jade, he winced, just barely, but likely enough for her to notice. ”Yeah, that…” That broke some major codes, he knew it wasn’t cool. ”She came to me, you know.” He shrugged, ”Who was I to say no?” He offered Gabriella a weak smile; he knew she’d understand it. Jade offered a lot. Well, she offered some of what he needed, anyway.

”That’s over, anyway. I’ve got… Bigger things lining up for me.” He wouldn’t apologize for what he’d done, because, really, he’d not done anything so bad that it warranted an apology. ”You can do whatever,”

“Yeah, I know that.” Gabriella’s head bobbed with each word, her smile tense. “Could have her with or without your grace, she was literally throwing herself at me earlier tonight. She was just using you to make me jealous, or mess with Lauren - or whatever fucked up shit she has planned.”

Gabriella made no attempt to censor the truth, Dean wasn’t someone who was going to get his feelings hurt - and obviously he wasn’t very invested in the relationship anyways. Still, the fact that he used her coming to him as an excuse as if that made it any better knowing damn well that’s exactly how Jade operates. He might be emotionally stunted but he wasn’t dumb.

“I don’t even care, because I don’t even want her.” Gabriella added, be it to reassure herself or Dean she wasn’t sure. “Are you going to dump her publicly though, and if yes can I film it?”

”She knows I’m just Lauren’s little pet,” He said, with a shrug. He knew it was true, and so did everyone else. There was no point in hiding it. ”You shouldn’t let her get to you. It’s all mind games around here,” He tapped his temple to drive his point forward, ”The best thing to do is learn to play along, or finally block her number like Declan keeps telling you to do.”

Dean cared about her. He did. He was shit at expressing it, but he was shit at just about anything that involved emotions.

He laughed when she asked if he was going to dump her publicly, ”We aren’t even dating. I’m just gonna text her. I’ll let you know before I do if you really wanna film her reaction though. She won’t care that much.”

Gabriella rolled her eyes again at the implication she should just block Jade. If even Dean was saying it now, what the hell did that mean? He was right about one thing at least, it was all mind games around here. Before she could just check out, playing her role of pawn very well. Dean knew how to make the game work for him, always had. As much as anyone would hate to admit it, he was smarter than he let on.

“Ugh, that’s no fun.” She pouted at the idea of him just dumping her over text. The prospect of Jade being publicly humiliated was enough to get her salivating, though Dean wouldn’t want to piss of Jade that much. He had to make sure to cover his bases and she understood that, she had to start doing the same. She thought about mentioning Lauren but figured Dean had already ran into her, then remembered his earlier statement. The gears turned in her mind, a look of realization dawning on her face as she put it together.

“So I take that to mean you already ran into Lauren?” Gabriella asked, her expression a mix of amusement and bewilderment.

Dean shrugged apologetically when Gabriella said texting Jade to break things off wasn’t any fun. If things went south with Lauren, and he knew they eventually would, he would need someone else around that could fund his bad habits. Having a rich spouse was the goal, one way or the other.

When Gabriella asked if he’d run into Lauren already, Dean tapped the side of his nose. “Dig deep enough, you’ll eventually find treasure.” He smiled, some pride showing in his face, “Don't expect wedding bells or anything. We all know it’ll end badly, but I have to leverage the dirt I’ve got while I’ve got it.”

Gabriella raised a brow, mildly impressed. Of course anyone who wanted to keep up with Lauren had to play her game but it was rare anyone got the leg up on her. The part of her that wanted to watch Lauren fail was itching for more information but she knew Dean wouldn’t hand over his leverage.

“Wouldn’t be Dean Sun if you didn’t, I guess.” She joked, shaking her head. “Pretty satisfying to know that Lauren is getting a dose of her own medicine, though.”

“I learned from the best.” Dean hadn’t spent years following Lauren around like a lost puppy for nothing. To her he was just a pawn, but he picked up a few tricks along the way.

Then it struck him that Gabriella may have had a less than excellent interaction with Lauren over the course of the evening. “I know she’s sometimes, uhh, less than pleasant but…” Dean was fond of Lauren for reasons he couldn’t really explain, and even if he could there was no way most anyone at this party would understand. He shrugged, mumbled a quick, “Oh, hold still,” As he picked some cat hair stuck to Gabriella’s top, and then said, “We all have our vices, huh?”

He winked at her, then. He knew something about the way he was living life was going to kill him one day, and it would probably be Lauren. Gabriella belatedly swatted at Dean’s hand as he picked the cat hair from her top, then batting at the fabric of her clothes when noticing other hairs had stuck to her. It didn’t matter that he was helping her, or that he had touched her many times before - even though she wouldn’t hold anything against him she was still annoyed.

“At least my vices get you high while they ruin your life.” She said absently, looking around the room once more. “I’m going to grab a drink - do you need one?” Dean snorted, as if he didn’t share some of those vices as well. He waved off her offer to get him a drink with a noncommittal grunt. He was a big boy, he could get his own when he wanted one.

”Catch you later,” He said, maybe a little too confidently. Gabriella gave him a weak wave, making her way back towards the kitchen.