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located in Rhindeval, a part of Fractured Kingdoms, one of the many universes on RPG.


Continent that was once peaceful, but taken over by an evil enchantress


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Character Portrait: Justice Chastain Character Portrait: Kinera Laibon
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Kinera Laibon:: Dark Orchid
Justice Chastain:: LightSlateGray


To have Justice offer to ‘freshen up’ together, in a manner that most decidedly WASN’T an offer, was… Well, it was appreciated. The girl wasn’t necessarily cruel, Kinera assumed, but rather… Spoiled. Used to getting her way, one might say.

Either way, her gaze followed Justice’s outstretched finger. To the river or to the cabin… The river. Water was… Deeply missed, honestly. Kinera could vaguely, distantly, remember home. Remember how it felt to bathe in the rivers of Liornas… Hm.
The river then, shall we…? I feel like it’d be… Better, either way, no?
She waited then, for Justice’s response, and her opinion at that.

”Great~! I’ve got bath bombs, bubble bars… think you can do something about the water temperature?” She didn’t want to freeze to death and Kinera was useful. Justice had still yet to try the gift oil but was excited to. ”And the fairies can be our… clothes hangers and towel holders.” She suggested, trying to find a use for them since they were likely to hang around anyway.

The blue-haired girl tilted her head to place her hands together to the side of her cheek with a smile as a not so bad arrangement was coming together. A good bath could be the start of a semblance of sanity.

Kinera’s head tilted, and she spent a moment thinking about how one would locally affect the water temperature of a river—
She had it. Like an old memory snapping into place after years of being forgotten, she had it. “Lily-pad, charcoal, loam. Steep it for length, boil it for intensity… Low influx of magic…
She glanced down at Zan, smiling at the fairy on her lapel, the ball of light that had otherwise indistinguishable features. A finger came up, she nudged him, and received a mildly grumpy grumble as he woke from his nap.

Then he was off on a mission as Kinera and Justice stood by the river bank. Justice’s luggage was lined up with beauty and bath products as she browsed her selection. Kinera taking a bit of time to warn Justice about going too far. “Zan is retrieving me some small supplies, or just my bag in general… But either way. Don’t go too far into the river, please. The undercurrent can be far more dangerous than it appears, and the … Ah… Bathbombs won’t do you much good, unfortunately…? The water will take the chemicals away, and might also give our position, if we’re hiding, away.

So many words for a princess who otherwise didn’t speak too much! … Aside from before their trip, when she chastised too many people… Oops. Anyways! Other things to focus on!
Zan’s little self was returning with her bag. Surprisingly strong, was the little faerie.

Justice waved away Kinera’s lecture. ”Yeah, yeah. You sound a bit like Silvia… She muttered the latter under her breath. In the middle of kicking her shoes off, ”Are we hiding?” she asked, turning around with a raised brow wondering if Kinera was body shy. Justice surely wasn’t as she began to undress piece by piece, tossing each article of clothing in the air. ”I just don’t want to share filth. We’re all already sharing far too much.”

In just her underwear with pouty lips, she weighed a bath bomb in her hands. She heard Kinera and begrudgingly agreed it wouldn’t be as effective but… ”Just… just one.” she said, hugging the bath bomb of Angelite color resemblance against her chest. ”Anyway! Hurry up before I freeze!” Justice cried out before stripping to nude and ready to charge into the water.

Then she froze, a levitating measuring tape blocking her. She almost forgot. ”I don’t NEED to be measured. I KNOW my measurements. I’m-” Justice was ready to recite the list, looking around for her pesky fairy... The tape wrapped around her shoulders and down the rest of her like a coiled snake. Once her measurements were taken, the tape flew back and rolled neatly in the palm of its owner’s hand. Tovenaar was leaning against a tree nearby in his human-size. His task was completed but he remained and looked the other way.

”I DID NOT CONSENT!” Snapped back to her senses, Justice was ready to throw a tantrum and her bath bomb at his annoying little face! She wasn't bothered as much about being seen... why would she be when she was beautiful? The issue was she wasn't being heard!

Luckily for Justice, perhaps if only because of a last moment glance at the beginnings of her tantrum, Kinera had been paying attention. Her eyebrows shot up, taking in Justice’s appearance with a clinical appreciation. ‘Not my type…’ she thought.

Then Justice forgetting she still had one foot in the water was beginning to stumble, and Kinera found herself moving as fast as she could. Which, luckily, was just barely fast enough. Her hand lashed out, fingers coming to grip Justice’s bicep. Her other arm raced out right after, a wide stance taking residence in Kinera’s reflexes, as she wrapped that one around the small of Justice’s back.

Justice shrieked, both at the touch and in preparation for a slippery fall. Then Kinera yanked the spoiled princess back onto dry land, before quickly stepping back and raising her hands to show a lack of wanting to touch Justice further. “Ah— Careful. … I apologize for touching you. … The ah, potion is done…?
Kinera’s ears were burning, with preemptive guilt mind you, dear reader, and with the expectancy of Justice to lose her mind over being touched, again. She stepped out of the way to expose the now faintly glowing glass bottle, filled with a dark green liquid with the consistency of honey.
Maybe that would win Justice over…?

Justice's expression was strong but her body the opposite as she shivered at all the unexpected touch that happened in a short amount of time. ”Fine.. At least, you know better.” she grumpily let Kinera off the hook before plopping her bottom carefully in the water before anyone or anything else could stop her.

The water was really, really cold but soothing. She watched the bath bomb dissolve in her hands with a childlike interest, wondering if the potion’s green would change the color of the water too… ”Well, get over here! Try that potion out!” she demanded, turning to look back over her shoulder impatiently.

And with that, Kinera heaved a sigh of relief, stepped forward with the potion in hand, and rather unceremoniously began pouring it in. Upstream from Justice.
And much like warm water beginning to filter into a bath, the now faintly green tinted water spread a gentle warmth through the current. Kinera smiled to herself as she watched the changes wrought, and elected to join Justice. Away went her hopefully still dry clothes, and into the warmed water did Kinera step.

She gave nary a blink as Zan zipped about and quickly took her measurements, producing a length of measuring tape from… Somewhere? Huh.