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located in Atlas, a part of The Aegis Program, one of the many universes on RPG.




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The sensation that filled the air was enough to set anyone on edge, at least for those that knew what tonight truly was. But, from an outsider's perspective, it was the annual dinner-party thrown at Atlas' very own Hale Enterprises company building. The guest-list itself was an accomplishment, seeing as how nearly every business owner, CEO, actor, model, and public influencer had been invited. If you were someone of note, chances of you being invited were high. Stereotypical, orchestral music played throughout the main dining hall that the event was being held.

Forty-Six, large circular tables were aligned, as eight chairs were seated with each that outlined the center of the room that held what could be considered a dancing floor, with an orchestra band stationed at the stage that ran alongside the large staircase that led to the room. Anyone who made their way upstairs, would be able to look down the old stone railing, looking down would see what would be notable as an indoor courtyard, of sorts. And down below, all of the tables and guests could be seen with little to no issue. It was a perfect placement for watchmen. And of course, this wouldn't be one of Xavier Hale's own parties, if personal guardsmen weren't spotted along the room. All in pristine, black suit and ties, accompanied with a hearing ear piece in their right or left ear.

The night was a buzz with energy, as guests had made their way inside already. Whether sitting at one of the many tables, speaking with other pristine guests, or sitting at a table. Waiters had made their way out of the ground-floor's kitchen, all with trays carrying an assortment of champayne, wine, and of course the finest samples of snacks that would be present all throughout the night. To the common eye, or well, Upper-City celebraties, were concerned, it was one of the finer parties anyone could and would attend. Whether to hear the latest gossip, and trade secrets, to being the first ones to hear whatever news Xavier Hale himself would reveal before the general public got word.

But tonight, it was anything but casual affairs. The Upper-Class party was simply a facade to help cover what was truly going on this night. Aegis had been alerted that a few of the pristine guests that would be invited tonight, could very possibly have some tie-ins with members of who they called The Order, and Aegis wanted whatever answers they could get from them. Assuming they'd be successful of course. At least tonight they couldn't accept failure...


Unsurprisingly, one of the many faces that would be present alongside Xavier Hale, would be one of his interns, Mikey Santo. She had become a notable face amongst the company and many other notable faces amongst Atlas. People's opinions on her had always been mixed, but people knew well enough to never speak ill of her when in the presence of those who belonged to Hale Enterprises, especially considering the blatant favoritism Xavier had shown towards her. She was someone many considered his right hand; wherever he was, she was right next to him. And this night was no different. Mikey had arrived to the party hours ahead of time. Helping reinforce security measures, keeping tabs of who was security, etc. As well as her focal duties of the night, which entailed making sure some of the bigger industry members ended up making deals with Hale Enterprises.

At least that was her role for the night on the outside. While in reality, Mikey was head of security, in plane sight. She would report to Xavier immediately if anything was out of the ordinary. And act on her role as a hero secondarily. As much as she wanted to play Hero tonight, she had her normal responsibilities to attend to tonight. Which is exactly why a team of Aegis members were also in attendance this evening. As more faces made their presence known, Mikey was able to spot a few in the crowd from where she was up on the balcony to the right that alongside the large staircase in the main room.

Bella was down below, keeping her eyes scoped out on the main floor. Leo and Paladin were somewhere else keeping watch. It didn't exactly take long for Mikey to spot the two Titans in the crowd. Looking over a few more, she could make out the all too distinguishable red hair of a tall and slim woman, with a male who stood by her side. He had darker but short hair, and rather clean shaven. They were both dressed up to the nines, brandishing some of the higher tech and jewelry Atlas had to offer. Their was no mistaking who these two individuals were. Iliana and Conroy Mikaelson. Two of the bigger names of notable faces in Atlas. As well as the very parents of Emeris Mikaelson, who was the bar-owner of Envy, as well as former hookup of Mikey. Those were two people she didn't want to see this evening, but not shocking that they'd be there tonight, all things considered. One face she was surprised she didn't see in the crowd, was Emeris themself. But she assumed they had better things to do than attend a party like this, even though they were invited, for all too obvious reasons. Even their own siblings, Sarah and Saoirse were around as well. Chatting with some A-List actors. Mikey gave a small sigh, and one last proper scan over the room, and Mikey had turned on her heels and began to make her way out of the main room, excusing herself before the main event of the night would would begin.

She raised her right hand to her ear, activating the cloaked ear piece by her ear, "Everything's looking good on the ground floor. How's out-side lookin'?" she questioned. A few short moments later another voice spoke up in the comms that were connected to all of those who belonged to Aegis, "All clear out here, boss. Will keep you up to date if-" the familiar voice of Shiloh crackled through the mic. Mikey raised her eyebrow, "Say that again? Your comm acted up-" silence fell over the comms for a moment. "I said I'd update you if we saw anything?" Shiloh repeated herself.

Mikey nodded to herself, "Alright, and make sure you check in with Sparky later. Your comms' fucked again." the blond retorted before making her way up a staircase off to the side. There was an exit door to the left, quickly punching in the six digit code, Mikey made her way through the door. It closing with an air-lock whoosh behind her as she stepped out into the cold air. Mikey's eyes trailed alongside the metal railing that kept anyone from falling off the edge, before turning to look ahead of her as she made her way alongside the outer perimeter. It was part of the route she needed to scout every few hours, just on the off chance anything happened. Xavier was being a paranoid bastard, she thought to herself. That was until she stopped walking for a moment, listened and then continued on ahead. Mikey can't believe she had been so careless, just in time as she turned on her heel and moved to the right, completely side stepping out of the way as someone's fist had been aimed right for her head.

Turning on her heel once more, Mikey saw a figure standing opposite her. They were wearing attire made entirely of black, that itself wasn't the odd part. What stood out, was the mask they wore. Half of it was black, the other was a dark orange. Mikey had only ever seen this figure once before, and it sent a shiver down her spine. The two locked eyes for just a moment, before they charged at her, and she was able to just barely step aside and out of the way. Pushing herself up against the cold stone of the wall. Her skin practically sticking to it, due to how far up they were, it was next to freezing. Her breath came out in deep puffs of white as she looked at the masked individual. Mikey cocked her head to the side, and the figure did the same.

With barely a moment's notice, the figure lurched forward once more, knocking Mikey nearly over the railing, but she was able to catch herself. "Could really use some help up here-" she was cut off mid sentence as the figure grabbed her forcefully by the side of her head, managing to take the comm by her ear and crushed it in their hand with all too much ease. "You fucker-" the figure took a few steps backwards, the railing stopping them for a moment. Mikey raised her eyebrow once more, only to see the figure look behind them once then back at Mikey, before raising their hand and retrieving two small daggers from their back. Just as another figure, dressed exactly the same way joined them by their side. Unsheathing their own weapons as well.

Mikey let out a defeated sigh, "So much for Plan A." she muttered to herself. Not only was Mikey now on her own, but outnumbered and without a way of communicating with the rest of her team. She just hoped they got the message in time...


Image Image Image

Meanwhile across the otherside of Upper-City Atlas, the energy that filled the air was entirely in stark contrast. The air was silent and filled with tension as figures were spread out in various locations, hidden amongst the shadows that cascaded over the museum like a blanket. Aegis had been alerted of a supposed plan that would take place tonight. The goal? A group of individuals would be attempting to steal countless variables and artifacts. For what purpose? The heads of Aegis weren't exactly sure yet, but whatever it was, they weren't going to risk it. Alerting the police would have done nothing but cause even more tension and possibly alert the would be thieves if they so much as got wind of the police involvement.

But tonight, it just so happened that a famous artist was showing off some of their most recent and famous artwork at the local gallery that the museum had allowed new and upcoming artists to show off their work, as well as hold an auction afterwards for the art-pieces. It was a perfect occasion for a potentially robbery, but even more so, it allowed undercover Aegis members to sneak in. Whether posing as faux security, or even event attendees. It was all too perfect. Amongst the people attending the auction, there were notable faces in the crowd, from actors, public infuencers, and even some politicians that were interested in the art-show.

Throughout the rooftop of the Museum, there were three figures that were all in line of each other's sight. Two of them were stationed across the rooftop, making eye-contact with the one figure who was hidden off by themself in a perched position. They would have been entirely undetectable, if it hadn't been for the slight glint of the moonlight that bounced off of the jet-black metal of the sniper rifle in their hands, balanced perfectly behind a small border. The figure had been looking through the scope of the gun, the sight aimed through the glass pain window that filtered moonlight through into the ceiling. As the figure moved their head back from the rifle, they lifted up their right hand in a hand gun gesture, and silently motioned as if they made a shot. The lights of the LED mask lit up with a content expression as they did so.

"Isimir, quit fuckin' around and fuckin' focus." a deep and gruff voice crackled through the comms. The figure gave an over dramatic shrug across the way before speaking up, "Well someone is grumpy today, now huh? And for your information, I am focusing, Reaper. So well in fact, I know exactly what they're doin' down there!" the masked hero retorted back in return. The semi-robotic voice coming through the comms.

Reaper simply shook his head as he brought a hand up to face palm the skull painted mask, which was partially obstructed by the hood of his cloak. "Then what are they doing down there, if you're so damn cocky?" he questioned back.

Silence filled both the air and the comms for a moment, before static crackled to life throughout the comms before a voice spoke up, "Well, if you must know, my dear friend! They're currently laughing with an obnoxious, clearly fake laugh as they drink some stupid champayne with their rich friends. What else do rich people do anyways? Except counting coins and being selfish assholes?" Isimir retorted sarcastically.

A rough sounding scoff was returned for a moment, "Got me there, kid." Reaper responded before continuing:

"Well, if you see anything out of the ordinary, you know what to do-"

"What do you mean by that? Why are you sounding like you're leaving-"

"Well if you'd just-"

"You know how ansty I get whenever you leave me alone, especially when you leave me alone with him!" gesturing at Drake. Who clearly didn't look pleased with that comment.

"Well if you'd just shut the fuck up, you'd know why." Reaper grunted with an annoyed tone.

"Well don't need to sound so upset. But please go on. I like to hear your thoughts-"

An annoyed and tired sigh could be heard in response over the comms before it went entirely silent for a full minute before crackling back to life. "I'm going to go in and personally scope things out."

Silence filled the air before a small chuckle could be heard, "Oh I bet you are-" was all that was said before it was clear that Reaper shut his comm off.

Isimir just looked across the way at Drake who was still in the shadows and gave another dramatic shrug in his direction. Looking back through the scope of the rifle they had in their hands, "Oh sweet jesus fuckin' christ, fuck me uuppp-" Isimir mumbled into their comm that was built into the headset that was inside their mask.

"Drakey...I think you're gonna wanna take a look at this..." Isimir started back on the comms again, peering through the scope once more, "Mommy...Sorry...Mommy...Sorry, I mean Mommy, sorry-" they continued mumbling, as their eyes locked on to one figure in specific.

It was a tall, slender and curvy woman with an entirely black dress. It hung snuggly to her body as she walked with a sense of purpose, effortlessly making her way through the doors and into the main room where the art exhibit was taking place. Isimir tracked the female with the use of the scope on the rifle, watching as the woman marched her way over to another woman before coming to a stop. Isimir couldn't tell what they were saying from this distance, but they were smart enough to have put the pieces together. "Oh fuck me..."

"What now???" Reaper's voice broke through the comms once more.

"Uh...Daddy-I mean Reaper...You've got company-" An annoyed groan escaped Reaper.

"Be more specific." he demanded. Entirely ignoring what he was called seconds prior.

"I mean two very sexy and badass women to your left, less than a hundred feet away from you. Way too sexy to be simple party goers..." Isimir answered. Even with the distortion affect on their mic, the sign of clear worry could be detected in the tone they used.

"...Do you mean-"

"Femme Fetale? Yes! That is exactly what I mean, Reaper. Plus...I'd notice those asses anywhere from chasing them all over the god damn city...We got trouble, my good bitches."

A heavy sigh came from Reaper's end of the comms once more. Realizing just how serious his young side kick was being, in their weird, Isimir way, of course. "Everyone got that? We're not alone here. And if Isimir is correct...We got more problems than we initially thought. Keep your eyes out for them. The first sign of anything at play? We light them up. Minimal citizen casualties, as always. Fan out and keep your eyes peeled. Shit goes down, we go dark."