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located in Atlas, a part of The Aegis Program, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Mikey Santo Character Portrait: Emeris Mikaelson Character Portrait: Cameron Jensen Character Portrait: Ada Forrest Character Portrait: Leo Lambert Character Portrait: Bella Clayton Character Portrait: Kieran Gallagher
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Outfit The Druid Hex:#b54ea2

Ada slipped her phone back into her bag and rocked back and forth on her heels. Fancy dinners had never really been her thing, but this was Aegis. She couldn’t really say no, especially not when her parents were on the invite list as well. Ada took a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and took a sip. As much as she wanted to enjoy the night, she had to be alert. The Order had already come too close and now they were closing in even more. She released a sigh.

“Relax.” Ada nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Kye behind her.

“Jesus Christ Kye, can you not?”

The smile faded from Kye’s face for a moment. “What’s up with you?”

Her tongue felt heavy. Telling him would be the easiest thing in the world, but she couldn’t. Not with Xander making his views on supers so well known. She couldn’t dump that on Kye. “Just nervous I guess.”

She pretended to not see the glance down to her leg before Kye put his arm around her shoulder and swiped a canape with the other hand. “You’ll be fine.” He took a bite. “These things always play out the same. People schmooze and make golf plans or whatever, a few people have too much champagne and then split off to whichever White Castle has the smallest drive-thru queue because there wasn’t enough food.”

“White Castle? Really?”

“What’s wrong with White Castle?”

Ada shook her head. “Nothing. You’ve just absolutely destroyed the image I had of you in my head. You know, the one where you have taste?” Her jaw tensed when she heard the electric buzz in her ear. She wasn’t exactly a tech expert, but she knew that it wasn’t good. The voices coming through were garbled like they were filtered through water. She looked around the room. Through the pockets of people, she saw Leo weaving through to the exit. Ok, ok, that’s gonna be fine. “I’ll just be a minute,” she said to Kye and excused herself from the room. She might have perked up a few of the flower arrangements on her way, no one can prove anything.

Ada locked the bathroom door behind her and slid her earpiece out. The casing wasn’t cracked, she couldn’t see any loose wire hanging out. It looked the same as it always did. Maybe a storm was rolling in, the electricity in the air interfering with the signal. She rolled the earpiece between her hands and slid it back in place. She quickly checked beneath the door. No one else was here. Good. “Guys, what’s going on?” She still kept her voice low. You could never be too careful. “My comms are acting up.”

Outfit Variant Hex:#1a7572

At any given moment, Cameron could be in a hundred different places. Well, maybe not a hundred. He’d tried that once and the memory rush at the end had left him with a migraine lasting for nearly two weeks. The point is, pinning him down can be difficult. At this moment in time, Cameron is collecting a delivery for the Word Exchange. He’s also tuning a receiver to tap into police broadcasts. He’s also trying to not be distracted by the suit Charon is wearing. But we digress.

Isimir’s voice crackled through on the comms from their highpoint somewhere above. "Drakey...I think you're gonna wanna take a look at this..." There was static for a moment before Isimir’s voice came back. "Mommy…Sorry...Mommy...Sorry, I mean Mommy, sorry-"

Cameron bit the inside of his cheek to suppress a laugh. “Think Drakey’s spoken for Isimir, you trying to get him in trouble?” He leaned back against the wall, looking down to the lower floor. There was a stone bench a few paces away. He could sit down, but knowing his luck it would be a modern art installation and alarms would start blaring as soon as he looked at it. His survival plan at this point was ‘Don’t Get Chewed By Reaper’ and it was working pretty well. Setting off an alarm during a stakeout would end that perfect streak.

It wasn’t often that Cam felt like the new kid that he very much was on the team, but when they started talking about being on eleven and fours, he got lost. Why couldn’t they just say ‘heading towards X exhibit’? Would that be so hard? He rolled his neck and slipped away from himself. Variant pulled his mask into place and headed back over himself. “Copy, Variant One in position. There was a second and then Cameron heard himself over the comms. “Variant Two, I’m heading to the security hub.

Variant cracked his fingers one by one as he slipped away to the back of the art gallery. The forced laughter from the party faded. The neon street signs lit the world outside. He normally wasn’t one for the Upper City. It was too loud, too bright, and it got dialed all the way up when you were seeing it from six different points of view. Stay on task Cam… Variant slowed as he approached the security door. He prodded the door with his toe and it swung open and back again. Clearly whoever was in there had been sloppy. Variant opened the door and slid inside, making sure to close it behind him properly.

Finally, the security guard noticed him. “Who the hell are you?”

Variant rocked onto his toes and swung his arms awkwardly. “You probably don’t believe that I got lost looking for the bathroom, do you?”


“No...didn’t think you would. I don’t suppose you could just step aside and let me use the cameras? Would be a lot easier for both of us.”

Very carefully, the guard began to reach under his desk. Panic button? A gun? Either way, Variant didn’t want to know for certain. A second Variant lunged forward and pulled the guard’s hand back, spinning him around and into his clone’s fist. They hauled the guard up and slammed him headfirst into the wall, just for good measure. Variant high-fived himself and then there was only one. A shiver went down his spine as he remembered the fight from another point of view. He ducked down and searched the space the guard had reached for. There was an assortment of candy wrappers and a taser thrown in haphazardly, and a panic button attached to the underside. Variant pocketed the taser and took the guard's seat.

He looked over the screens, tracking the people inside, and followed the path to the two women they were targeting. “Oh…shit...” He tapped his comm. “Variant Two, security hub is secured. I have a taser, a panic button, and visual on the targets and would also like to note that Charon’s hair is looking especially good today.”