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Snippet #2822781

located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Erin Monaghan
Antihero | Isimir | #575772

The moment that the three had broken away after they stepped into the building and went their separate ways to their designated floors, the usual smile that Erin wore on her face entirely faded away. Leaving a blank expression on her face afterwards. The air around her was silent, eerily so. If it wasn’t for the sound of her own breathing and the beating of her heart in her chest that filled her ears, Erin could have heard a pin drop otherwise. After she took a moment to shake her head and shove off some last moment nerves, Erin began to walk down one of the corridors of the third floor.

Her footsteps were slow and methodical, but held a sense of purpose. She knew where she was going. Even though it had been years since she last stepped foot in this building, she remembered everything about it. From the exact layout, how many rooms, and where the majority of people would be. At least that was years ago. Now, now was a different story entirely.

The longer she walked, the more Erin realized she was walking to the rhythm of her heartbeat. Which, she wasn’t sure was making herself any less anxious, yet here she was. However though, it hadn’t taken her very long to run into the first group of people. Less than a minute. They stopped what they were doing to only look up, and see a figure standing in the doorway. The first figure dressed in a white lab-cloak put some file on the table in front of them, slowly raising a hand to allow themself to speak, only to watch as the figure in the doorway slowly unsheathed two of the short katana’s from their back. Keeping their eyes locked of them.

The four scientists took a step back, in an attempt to make distance between them and the figure, but it use futile. It took barely even thirty seconds to dispatch of the four. Puddles of darkened crimson soon covered the floor, as blood splatters and gore covered the walls wherever the bodies fell. Some entirely slumped over onto the floor, while one had been flipped over one of the desks, and was left strewn about it limply. The last however, had been impaled onto the wall by one of the katana’s Erin had used. Nothing could be heard other than heavy, labored breathing before she slowly pulled the weapon to her, removing it from the body as it fell to the floor. Erin silently walked over the fresh corps, and after taking a moment to scan over the room, she pulled out a zippo lighter from her pocket; casting a glance around the room before she tossed it and onto the desk with papers. Not even bothering to watch it catch light.

Erin not too long after exited the room, and turned down the hallway, kicking in doors as she made her way towards the door at the end of the long hallway. Only to see three more figures step out at the other end. Cutting her off. Erin let out a tired sigh as she looked at the guards.

”Not here to play, are ya?” she spoke with a low, deep voice. But it held a somewhat playful tone. The guard in the middle raised an eyebrow, before he raised a gun in his hand to take aim at her. Erin grinned as she outstretched both of her arms on either side of her, ”Take your best shot-” the sound of a gun rang out through the otherwise silent room. A smug grin formed on Erin’s face after she glanced down to see a bullet now lodged in her chest. ”My turn-” she hummed softly. In only a few strides, Erin managed to make her way down the hallway, retrieving a knife from the open pocket along the left-side of her leg. In a few swift motions, Erin unsheathed the blade and just as quickly took a few upper slashes into the guard on her left. Bringing him down into the floor as she did so. Having used her weight and momentum to take him down.

The other two guards had taken aim, but using her placement against them, she swung her right leg, and caught one of them by surprise and pulled him down as well. Just in time to use his upper torso as a human shield as the third took aim with three blind shots. Using the third guard’s mistake to her advantage, Erin got back to her feet just in time as he reloaded his gun, bringing her fist into his chin as she went for an upper-cut. Spinning around on her heel, Erin caught the second hand’s hand in her’s. Looking down as she saw she had caught the guard’s knife by the blade, ”Oh, shiny-” Erin joked, as she tightened her grip and only pulled the guard forwards in her direction. As he lurched forwards, she used the speed and momentum of his weight, side stepped, and pushed him, but not before grabbing him by the arm and shoulder. Hearing a heavy crunch as his shoulder was dislocated before letting him fall to the ground.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, Erin glanced about the room, seeing how the three of them were slowly getting to their feet, even the one she had managed to get a few slices and stabs against. ”Looks like you got some fight left if you three, huh?” she bellowed. The larger guard, who was about a full head and shoulders taller than her craned his neck, “You’re...You’re the kid, aren’t you?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. Erin let out a scoff, before her glared hardened. ”Something like that.” she swiftly replied, ”But how about you come and find out?” she egged them on as she gestured for them to go for another round.

The much larger guard took a step forward before pulling out another hand-gun, aiming both at her. ”Oh two? Now that’s cute-” four shots rang out. Before two more, and another three followed before silence fell about the room again. The three guards looked on in horror as Erin stood, mostly unfazed as multiple wounds now littered her body. Shaking her shoulders, as four bullets were forced out of her body, clattering to the floor as the wounds were just as quickly healed as they were inflicted. ”My turn.” she said in a low voice, before raising her right hand that held a hand gun. Erin took aim and fired, the lights above flickered before entirely going dark. Casting the entire room in darkness before the emergency generators kicked in, lighting the room in a hellish-red glow.

Erin took a step forwards, and then another before she dropped the hand-gun and unsheathed both of her own weapons once again. What happened next was a flurry of consecutive motions, that left only one figure standing. By the figures feet were the remains of two figures. Both bisected in the midsection. Gore and a puddle of blood spilled across the floor and walls. Erin slowly glanced down at the bodies, a blank expression was on her face as she looked up to meet the eyes of the third figure. Who was pinned against the wall. Katana having since been lodged into his side. Keeping him pinned to the wall.

”Please….” the guard whimpered out, trying to remove the blade. Erin grinned as she took a step forward, only further pushing it in, a pained cry escaping the man. Her glare remained as cold as ever. ”Why should I, when I ever asked and was met with silence? More pain? By you people??” her glare remained, the man slowly looked up to meet her eyes. ”I...I have a family. A kid...A daughter, I-” Erin tightened her grip against the blade of the weapon, lowering her head to meet the man’s eyes with her own, ”-So do I.” before she quickly retrieved her other katana and made one clean slash across his neck, looking away as she heard something hit the floor. Silently, Erin cleaned off both of the weapons on her pants, before sheathing them on her back. Taking a moment to look around at the massacre that she left.

Without another word, Erin took one last look before making her way into the room after kicking the door nearly off its hinges, taking a look inside to see nothing was in the room. Knowing she cleared the entire floor, Erin began to make her way down to the lower floors, knowing the others would more than likely be done by this point. Only stopping before she saw the other two near one of the lifts. Erin looked down as she placed her hand onto her side, grimacing for a moment before looking down at her hand. Blood, she noted. Why wasn’t she-, Erin shook her head, before continuing on. She had just a little longer to go, she’d be fine…