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located in Atlas, a part of The Aegis Program, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Mikey Santo Character Portrait: Ada Forrest Character Portrait: Leo Lambert Character Portrait: Bella Clayton Character Portrait: Kit Cassidy
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xxxxxx[ The Monkey Dork ]

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Organized chaos. Kit zipped around his lab frantically but at the same time his calm aura made it appear completely controlled. Hence why he would be best described as in a constant state of organized chaos whenever it pertained to him in his lab. Truthfully, he should be attending the party and making small talk with investors about his latest creations but why would he ever want to waste his time on something like that? Socializing was already nerve wracking enough but it seemed like such a waste of his time. He’s much more useful in his lab after all.

Currently he is finishing up the prototype models of a new communications system he wanted the team to use. He figured it’d be more beneficial to the archaic system Aegis had them using tonight. During this time, he was also flipping through security cameras at the party and listening into conversations. Seemed like a better way to know what happened without the pain of human interaction. He stopped for a moment for a couple of bong rips because why not while he was here.

It was at this moment he became fully distracted when the camera landed on Bella. And it continued to be panned on Bella for far too long as Kit neglected what he was working on and just stared at his screen with the worlds goofiest look one could come up with. Wow, she looks so incredible. I should go down and talk to her. He zoomed the camera in a bit further before he rested his cheek into his palm and continued being the world's biggest creep. As much as he wanted to go down and talk to her. There’s no way he could. What would he even say? He can barely speak a cohesive sentence to people he despises. With her it’s even worse. He attempts but instead ends up running away if they aren’t sparring or that one time she snuck into his car but that was completely different circumstances.

Suddenly the screens tuned into the cameras started to act strangely. He’d barely heard Mikey’s comms go down but it wasn’t like he was entirely paying attention to where she even was given his current distraction. Instead it was seeing Bella leave in a panic that sent him on high alert and scanning the screens to find everyone’s locations before every screen of his that was connected to the security camera suddenly went blank in unison. Well that’s not good…

Just then, a hand came crashing down to the back of his head as a slap deserving of being on one of the anime’s he had queued up on one of his many screens. “Stop being a stalker, nerd.” Seven…

“Stop being such a jerk, jerk.” Kit retorted back as he rubbed the back of his head. Seven simply laughed at him. “Good one.” God she was so annoying. Why did he get stuck with her as a mentor again anyway?

“Comms are down. Not sure if you noticed while you were drooling all over your monitors. But somethings up and Mikey’s disappeared.”

“Thank you captain obvious. I had no idea.”

“Didn’t seem like it from where I was standing.”

“Whatever. Just hand me that screwdriver and quit wasting my time.” Kit rolled his eyes as he stuck out his hand. Seven complied but not without more added sass to give. “Not sure how building toys solves the missing team member issue...”

“Neither does arguing with someone old enough to be your child.” The fact that Seven didn’t slap him was more surprising than the fact that he even had the balls to make a comment on her age. Must be the weed. “Done. You go grab Ada from the party and anyone else if they turn up. I know where Mikey is and I need to get this to her. If this much of our system crashes I'm gonna need to get communications up fast before I can figure out who got into our system.”

Seven saluted him while he rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say ‘oh fearless leader’. I never realized how handsome you can be when you’re not an annoying ball of anxiety.” With that, she was gone and heading straight for Ada to clue her in on everything that was happening. She may not want to admit that Kit was right to be worried but why should she worry when she has luck on her side?

Kit b-lined it to Mikey’s location. He came running down with his favored bo staff in hand and his new invention tucked into his jacket. When he made it to the door he decided it would be a genius idea to use his bio electric powers to help him bust open the door and send it flying (if anyone is behind that door... he’s sorry) before jumping through the entrance twirling his no staff around and yelling out, “There’s no need to fear! Spark-Plug is here!” And grinning like the childish idiot he probably is. He looked at everyone and then came to the realization that Bella was right there and now any bit of confidence he may have had in that moment has now sunk down to the depths of hell where they belong. “I-I uh made this thing. It-It’s to boost your tel-t-telepathy p-powers so we ca-can all be mind l-linked.” His gaze met his feet as he presented her the silver band and then handed the ear pieces to everyone else. God I’m so stupid…