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Snippet #2822937

located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Character Portrait: Lucian Mitchell Character Portrait: Markus "Shadowfaux" Vasco Character Portrait: Erin Monaghan
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Markus Vasco
Hero | Shadowfaux | #800000

The warning they had been given by Erin, hadn't done anything to lessen the already palpable tension they were all feeling. If anything, it only made Markus feel even worse. Somehow. But, he knew that if Erin out of all people was being this serious, he needed to take it for all its worth. And he did. If there was anyone he trusted more, especially if lives were on the line, it was her. For all the sporadic and chaotic energy she had, Markus knew she meant well. Especially when it came down to others. Markus was able to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat, gave the others a nod and made his way into the building as well.

As soon as he was alone, Markus wanted to run back to the others and stick together. Something about all of this just didn't sit right with him. It all felt off, and he couldn't explain it. But they were in too deep now, and they couldn't stop now. They didn't come this far to only come this far, and he'd be damned if they gave up now. Mustering together whatever sense of bravery he could, Markus pushed on and made his way through the designated rooms he was assigned to. He just hoped the others had just as much luck and could get it all done as fast as they could, but he knew if they rushed things, mistakes would be more likely happen. And that was something he wasn't going to allow.

Much to Markus' surprise, he hadn't run into many guards, which on one hand was a relief, but on the other hand, it didn't help but cause him to grow more anxious. No way this place is this empty...Right?, he couldn't help but think to himself. Markus had cleared out three of the five rooms, seeing as how they had been entirely empty. Which, he thought was overly odd. There were only rooms that he assumed were for information holding than anything else. The countless filing cabinets and shelving were evident enough. If he had to admit, he was a bit curious, and deciding to take a moment, Markus thumbed through a few files at complete random. There wasn't much that he found than what he expected. Lists of names, adresses, ages, powers, weaknesses, etc. Everything he knew they'd have on file. It was only the last file that had him pause for a moment.

Markus' eyebrows furrowed together as he scanned over the file in hand. It seemed to be a rather old file, that had been filled out as time went on. Newer additions added to it the longer he read it. He nearly chose to move on before something caught his eye. A small pit forming in his stomach as he read one of the last lines on the paper, "A child had been created through mostly forceful and scientific means. Ensuing tests would follow through as we search for answers." is what the file read. His throat grew dry, and his chest began to ache as he re-read the line over and over again. He hoped he wasn't right, but if this Aegis Corporation was as bad as Erin made out well, then he was probably correct.

Giving the paper one more look over, he quickly shoved it into the pocket of his coat, before turning to leave. Stopping as there were two guards standing in the doorway. Guns pointed at him. Markus gave a small, silent smile, his eyes stayed on them before quickly dispatching them as shadows appeared out of nowhere, and incapacitated both within seconds. Markus made his way out of the room and back into the hallway, taking a moment to peer into the other room he hadn't checked yet. He only felt his stomach drop as his eyes scanned the room. Security Room, they were being watched this whole time..Which only meant- He needed to get back to the other two as soon as he could. Markus took off down the hallway like a bat out of hell. He needed to get to the others before it was too late...