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Snippet #2823047

located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Character Portrait: Lucian Mitchell Character Portrait: Markus "Shadowfaux" Vasco Character Portrait: Erin Monaghan
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the villain - 2d2a2f - outfit
xxsome people watch, some people pray
xxbut even lights can fade away
xxsome people hope, some people pay
xxbut why'd we have to stay?

Luc was the first to reach the basement. And he didn't like that. Waiting meant that he was alone. Alone meant that he was far more vulnerable; and it also meant that he had time to thing and to worry. The plan was for them to stay going, no matter what. Luc didn't know how long he should wait, but eventually, the silence and the sheer lack of people got to him. He probably hadn't waited long enough, but he physically couldn't wait any longer. He pulled out one of his knives and stuck it into the wall, a sign that he had been there and was still in the area, before opening the door as quietly as he could, and beginning to creep through the deserted halls.

As he walked, he kept close to the walls and to the shadows, knowing that there was a strong chance that he was walking into trouble. He checked the first door he found, and was relieved to find it open. The room was in almost-darkness, lit only by the light of several computer monitors. It was too small for anyone to be lurking in the shadows, so he sank into the computer chair and began to study the computer screens. His stomach dropped as he realised what he was seeing, to the point it left him feeling nauseous.

They were holding people in what looked like cells. No, not people. Kids. Teenagers. Looking at every single one of them was like looking at his teenage self. They were all a little too thin, scruffy, unkempt. They were kids from the streets or from homes where they wouldn’t be missed. Even through the screen, he could see the too-familiar emptiness in those eyes. He finally managed to look away from the cameras, and realised that they weren’t just being watched. There were documents open on the screen. It just referred to numbers, numbers that seemed to correspond to a person. But each entry spoke about the kid like they were nothing more than an object, or at best, a lab animal. Anger surged through Lucian. His first reaction was just to smash the whole computer. But he caught himself, taking a deep breath. And instead, he began to type, corrupting the files beyond recovery. He scanned through the files, saving anything that looked promising onto a USB stick. He’d hoped that he might find plans of the floor or just something that might give some idea of where they were keeping the kids, but it seemed they were smart enough to store them somewhere else.

When he was sure that he’d gotten everything that he could, he left the room again. He was moving with a new purpose now. He’d forgotten that he should probably be keeping an eye and an ear out for the others. The only thing on his mind was getting these kids free. He tried door after door, finding dead end after dead end, and a disturbing lack of security.

He was beginning to wonder if they were being held in a different facility altogether when he opened a door, and immediately received a torrent of abuse. The abuse abruptly cut off, and the occupant of the room and Lucian stared at each other. It was a teenage girl, one of the ones Lucian had seen on the screen. Her red hair was loose and messy, but there was a defiance and an anger in her that he hadn’t been able to see over the camera.

“You’re not a guard,” she said.
“I’m not,” he said, smiling a little. “I’m Maelstrom. I’m here to help. What’s your name?”
“... Charlie,” she said. “How do I know this isn’t a trick?” She asked. Lucian’s half smile became a full blown smirk at that comment.
“You’re a smart kid,” he said. He tossed one of his knives up in the air, then held it there with his powers. “I’m like you,” he said, snatching it from the air again. He could see some of the tension easing out of her shoulders at his demonstration.To further prove his point, he reached out, and the shackles on her feet and ankles broke. She looked down at her hands, before getting to her feet.
“I’ve heard of you,” she said, glancing away for a second. “I used to think the villains were the bad guys,” she said. “Then… I learned you guys aren’t the worst evil out there.” He sighed.
“Yeah. I used to also think we were the bad guys but… somebody had to outdo us,” he said with a shrug. He stepped aside to let her out first. “Are there others here?” He asked.
“I think so,” she said. “I think I’ve seen others but… they keep us separate.” He nodded.
“Okay. I’m going to go look for the others. Go straight back down that way, keep going. If you see a man with short, dark hair or a woman with long dark hair who also don’t look like guards, tell them that I’m looking for the others and send them back down here. But mostly, just get the hell out, okay?” He ordered. She looked a little bewildered, but nodded, breaking into a run as she went down the hall. Lucian turned and continued down into the hall, the relief of having helped at least one person keeping him going.