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Snippet #2823395

located in Loyalist HQ, a part of Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth, one of the many universes on RPG.

Loyalist HQ

Base of the Loyalist Insurgency.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: NPC Character Portrait: Nova Character Portrait: Durandel Character Portrait: Mydnyte Character Portrait: Fang Hunter
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Mydnyte, Fang Hunter, and Durandel

Standing around the round table with the Heads of the Rebellion were Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang. Each Wolf listened as the meeting discussed the latest intel and what strategies to apply. The big moment each was waiting for was the report of the Recon Team that went to spy on Prometheus's Speech. They had hoped to learn something about the fate of their friend they lost during the Raid. Durandel shifted about anxiously waiting for their return. Fang took notice of Durandel's anxiety and decided to place a paw on the Canicus. "Are you feeling alright, friend?" He asked in a voice loud enough for Durandel to hear, but quiet enough as to not distract from the meeting. Durandel looked towards Fang as he inquired about his emotions. Durandel shrugs. "I just, want to know if Summanus is okay?" Fang puts his paw to his side and nods, "I hear you. All we can do for now is just, hope for the best. Well...better than the worst." Durandel gave a sigh.

Then came the scratch at the door. "Enter." Spoke Ezekiel. The doors open to see the Recon Team has returned, and with shocking news! Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang were washed with a wave of swirling thoughts and emotions. To Mydnyte and Fang learning of the Kamaria Pack officially allying themselves with Prometheus; has all but confirmed that Rashid is somehow involved. Mydnyte had recognized the name 'Erebus' in particular. It has been some time, but he does recall once having that Kamarian as one of his underlings. Perhaps what's even more surprising to Mydnyte is that he actually survived their encounter. Durandel and Fang looked about the uproarious commotion over this new development. It is indeed demoralizing to hear that your enemies have only grown more powerful. Yet all of the complaints were annoying to Durandel. It's only natural for their foes to seek greater and greater power. That's why it's up to all of them to never back down despite the odds. Anything can change given enough time.

This is why Durandel is comforted by the fact Wolves like Castor and Ezekiel are the ones in charge. They realize the gravity of the situation but they won't allow that to disturb them. Especially Ezekiel's calm, collected, and positive attitude reminds him greatly of Ezra. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree after all. Yet another friend of his who has been captured by the Prometheans. It would be funny that two of his friends are now facing similar fates for their moral choices. These thoughts came to the forefront of his mind once the Recon Team disclosed the information about Summanus. Hearing about Summanus's execution occurring tomorrow gave a bittersweet feeling. On the one paw, Summanus still lives, but on the other, only until tomorrow. Mydnyte felt particularly at fault for Summanus's capture. He was one of the leaders of the Raid that evening. In spite of what would be good judgment, he allowed for Summanus to enter into that factory alone to disable their power. He should've sent someone as a backup in the event Summanus would fail or something along the lines of this occurring. The only reason he didn't was that he believed in Summanus's capabilities.

The Two-Tailed Borak is perhaps the most competent fighter they have. Not even he could say with confidence that he could defeat Summanus in a fight. It just goes to show how dangerous their foes really are, but they would have to be. If they were weak then they wouldn't even be able to imagine conquering all of Nigerius. It was then Ezekiel posed that difficult question to the Wolves in the room. Should they intervene and save Summanus or not? While the answer seemed easy it was the expressions from the other Commanders that Mydnyte felt concerned about. The room was dead silent. Some of the Commanders seem to shift about disturbed by the morally challenging choice. The next one to speak however would be the Ice Wolf, Nova. Mydnyte looked towards the recently, impaired Wolf as he provided his decision on the matter.

"Well, if it were me, I would say don't try to get yourselves killed saving me," "But since he ain't here to say that for himself, I don't think we can decide that for him. I say aye."

Hearing Nova's answer spurred Durandel to speak next. In a similar fashion to his friend, Durandel stepped forward and placed his paw down on the table as his claws clicked against the wood. Durandel stared at all in the room with fierceness and determination in his eyes. "I too say aye!" He emphatically declared. "Summanus is an ally and a dear friend of mine. We have been through many battles together and without him, I might not have survived any of them. It would shame my pride as a Canicus and as a warrior if I do not place my life on the line for his!" Durandel finished as he stepped from the table and stood by Nova's side in solidarity. Durandel's passionate words caused a noticeable shift among the Commanders in the room. There he was, their Cousin, displaying the very virtues they all claim to value. His words were spoken like a true proud Wolf of the Vulcans. Some felt ashamed of themselves as they seriously considered saying nay despite Summanus's brave sacrifice. If they were to truly respent the real Pride of the Tenneth then would they've been so hesitant? There are some that still feel that nay is the tactically reasonable decision. As much as it might wound some of their pride they still had a revolution to win. This operation could cost them that.

The room was conflicted that much could be seen. Taking upon this opportunity Fang spoke, "While I might not be able to speak about Canicus or Tenneth Pride, what I can say is that any choice involving life or death is hard to make. I'm not envious of the choice that anyone in this situation has to make. At least the choice is clear to me, and I choose to stand by these Wolves and by Summanus." Fang spoke as he stood by Durandel. The Commanders looked at these Wolves, most of them outsiders. Yet despite their differences, they are willing to die for one another. The Room then looks to Mydnyte almost expectantly for him to answer. "Is there anything else that needs to be said?" He rhetorically asked. "I've seen my fair share of battles with impossible odds, and I'll bet on us succeeding once again," Mydnyte said with firm certainty. It was then Commanders in the room began to say, Yay. This took about half of the Wolves here by surprise. "What!?" A more Vocal Wolf exclaimed. "We can't be seriously considering this operation?! Look, as much as I don't want to lose a comrade we have much more at stake than just one Wolf! We have a whole Pack to consider, or have you all forgotten why we're all here?!" He cried. This caused other Commanders to nod and even give a here, here.

"I for one don't want us to lose more of our Wolves and lose any advantages we may have against our enemy. For the future of the Tenneth I say, Nay!" He finished as he sat back down. This caused more than half of the room to say, Nay. Ezekiel solemnly nods, "The Nays have it." Ezekiel then looks at the group of Outsiders who have already done so much for them. "I apologize comrades but the Insurgency will not be supporting this operation." One could hear the disappointment in his voice. "Yet this does not mean you cannot go and try to save your friend. In fact, if left up to individual choice some here were prepared to fight alongside you. Do not think that we are no longer your allies, because I propose another option." Ezekiel then stood up as he looked all about the room. "I say that any within our organization if they so choose, have my permission to join these four in their rescue mission. Will that be satisfactory?" Ezekiel asked. The Commanders reluctantly nod in agreement. "There we have it. Take with you any who are brave or foolhardy enough to infiltrate the Palace and rescue your friend." Ezekiel said as he salutes Nova, Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang. "This meeting is adjourned." Ezekiel smacks his paw down on the table dismissing the room.

While it might not be the full support they might've hoped for, nevertheless, they at least have permission to try. Perhaps that is all that they could've hoped for. Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang exit the room. "Well, fellas do we have any bright ideas?" Fang casually asks. "Besides walking right up to the front gates and demanding Summanus back? Not really." Durandel responds half-jokingly. "We'll come up with something. I say for now we should muster our strength. If we're going to rescue Summanus it would be best to do it before tomorrow." Mydnyte spoke. "In order to avoid any unnecessary casualties among the civilians, huh?" Fang says as he nods in agreement. "How about you Nova? You got anything?" Durandel asks.