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Snippet #2823412

located in Loyalist HQ, a part of Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth, one of the many universes on RPG.

Loyalist HQ

Base of the Loyalist Insurgency.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Nova Character Portrait: Durandel Character Portrait: Mydnyte Character Portrait: Fang Hunter Character Portrait: Chaz
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Durandel, Mydnyte, Fang Hunter, and Chaz

"Well Durandel, I know you've been dying to get me back for our prisoners' gambit back at the Onatahs, this could be your chance,"

Durandel laughs. "I remember. That one Dimitrios she-wolf was really into you. I would think you would be in a rush to get back to her and have some cubs." Durandel teases Nova. "Still we did get out of there so I guess it wasn't THAT bad of a plan, but let's not do that ever again." Mydnyte and Fang take an inquisitive look at Durandel and Nova. "Nova has an admirer? What?" Fang questions. "How come I haven't heard about this before?" Fang speaks sounding almost disappointed that Nova or Durandel didn't share earlier. "What was she like?" He asks Nova. "Is talking about she-wolves really the priority right now?" Mydnyte grumbles. "I suppose not. I was just curious is all, but I'm not surprised. What's more surprising is that Nova here isn't fending off more potential mates with a stick." Fang laughs.

Durandel joins in the laughter. "Well, this isn't the first time I'll tell you. I remember there being a 'certain' Avira that Nova made some 'questionable' looks at before." Durandel snickers. "Oh really? Now I'm even more curious." Fang spoke. "Guys! Remember we have a comrade in danger or did you two forget?" Mydnyte scolds. "Sorry, just having a bit of fun. We've been serious all of this time and I don't see another opportunity for some levity any time soon." Fang explains. "That assumption will most likely be correct. I would just rather have us think about our next moves for Summanus's sake." Mydnyte admits.

"No doubt they know who we are by now, but didn't that other Tenneth say something about being a guard or something? Having him haul us in would at least get us close."

Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang look over to the unassuming Tenneth. They hadn't even known his name and had in fact forgotten all about him. The suggestion sounded an awful lot like that other plan of Nova's. Still perhaps it could be worth a try. "I guess we could ask?" Durandel said with a shrug as he walks up to Chaz. "Hey there, we have a question to ask you?" Durandel said as he walks right up to Chaz. Chaz whips around and screams in Durandel's face. "AIEEEEEE!!!" Chaz then shakes and shudders. "It was'nt me! Chaz swears! Chaz was just think about spiced peppercake!!!" He cries. Durandel was understandably taken off-guard. ", wait what?" Durandel says horribly confused. "PLEASE!! Please don't beat up Chaz!!! Chaz will share! Honest!!" His continued hysterics began to annoy Mydnyte. The threatening Kamarian then stomps up to the pair and demands, "Hey! We don't have time for your foolishness! My comrade just wanted to ask you a question!" Spoke Mydnyte being short with Chaz. This action made things even worse.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! HE'S GONNA KILL CHAZ!!!!" He cries as he turns and runs away with tears in his eyes. "Why do these things always happen to Chaz!?!?" He pleads up into the heavens. Yet Chaz wasn't watching where he was going when suddenly runs into a random Insurgent. The Insurgent barely noticing he was bumped. Looked to see Chaz there on his rump. "Hey, watch where you're going." He spoke. Chaz then screams again. "BWAH!!! Another Wolf upset with Chaz!!" Chaz then turns and runs back towards Durandel and Mydnyte. The Insurgent was incredibly confused. Chaz then notices this time he was runing back towards the scary Kamarian."NOOOOO!!!!" Chaz then turns away again only to see that scary looking Insurgent still standing with a dumbfounded look on his face. "WHY!?!? THERE'S NO ESCAPE!!!" Chaz without any other options just runs around in circles, tears streaming down his face. Around and around and around again he runs bawling his eyes out. It was then Chaz stops suddenly to scratch his ear with his back paw. Chaz then gives a satisfying sigh of relief. Then he resumes running around in circles like a madman.

Durandel's never seen such a nervous wreck of a Wolf. At this point he began to feel embarrassed that he's a cousin of his. Mydnyte was also equally astonished. The Kamarian could do nothing but shake his head and groan. Durandel turns to Nova and says, "Are you hearing this? Are you sure we can't do better than this guy?" Durandel asks hoping Nova would agree. "There has to be someone else," Mydnyte speaks up, "This idiot will get us all captured too." Mydnyte said sounding embarassaed himself.